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  1. B

    Clutch engagement point changed

    When I drove in this am the clutch was engaging when the lever was barely pulled in. As I got close to work it started engaging closer to full clutch lever pull. Hoping I make it home. Any ideas? Thanks in advance.
  2. Barry barker

    Changed the spark plugs in my f150

    I am sure glad plugs these days last a long time. 130,000 miles on this set. The gap was .074 on the old plugs .054 is spec. I have an 06 with the 4.6 liter, while it's not the hardest job i have ever done, it is very involved. Makes working on the Vmax seem easy. I finally bought a neat...
  3. K

    Changed battery

    My bike was running ragged, wouldnt idle well, etc. Boost would come on and off at wrong rpms. I thought it was the Dynatek CDI or the jet kit that I had installed and was going to replace it with stock. But my battery died on me so had to find a new one, replaced it with a yuasa 20amp that we...
  4. rebeltaz83

    possible engine work?? or heads changed??

    owned my vmax for a year now, and just noticed the bottom half, and the valve covers are a shiny black great looking paint, and the heads seem to be dull with spots missing paint, is this common as the heads get the hottest, or is this a sign of some possible major engine work that has been done...
  5. Conman

    What exactly changed in '03?

    Hi, As my first official question on this forum I would like to ask what exactly changed with the 2003 VMAX's engine. Everywhere I look it says that "the engine block was slightly redesigned". Does this mean that they simply put matte paint on the block or did they change something more...
  6. BJ44V

    Changed oil now has oil light on

    This one confuses me. I have changed the oil on this bike twice prior to today and have not had a light issue. Today I change the oil and put in 10w40 instead of the 10w30 since it is getting warmer around here. With the 10w40 the oil light is on when I start the bike. I have checked and...
  7. KJShover

    The game has changed

    2050cc and 487lbs :biglaugh: and if the blower and turbo wasn't bad enough, there is also a charge of the sqeeze :punk: Even the head of World Yamaha and a rep from Star Yamaha Motor Company Ca, USA had to stop by and take a look.
  8. Y

    changed battery still wont start

    Just bought 85max from buddy he thought battery was shot he would push start it then ran fine I changed battery same thing it turns over very very slow (as if dead battery) is there a way I can bypass some wiring straight to starter or something to diagnos or what u think thanks for any...
  9. M

    Changed Stator Coil...Bike still hard starting

    Changed the Stator Coil the other day all went good I forgot to re-charge the battery. Was out riding the bike when the bike just quit running got it home pulled the battery out and noticed 4 cells were about half out of fluid so I added some distiled water then re-charged the bike. The next day...
  10. EvilD

    changed oil, missing spring/washer

    Never paid attention with the other oil changes but since Sean made a vid of how to properly assemble the early style filter, I paid attention. Changed my oil today and I dont' have a spring or washer. I'm guessing the issue will be how well the filter works, and the oil was pretty dirty with...

    Has the Buy/Sell section changed?

    I thought I read something about there is now a fee to post in the Buy/Sell section, can someone please let me know how it is set up now. Also If I create a website to sell my bike can I post a link in my ad in the Buy/Sell section that sends people off the site? The reason I...
  12. ghostntheshell

    Air and fuel filter changed out...

    I got around to swapping my fuel and air filter... Here are some pics just for fun... When I opened up the air box, I thought the filter looked OK. When I held it up to the light I could see how dirty it was..... The fuel filter looked old and dirty............... ________ motorcycle tires
  13. K

    Shimming stock needles changed lean spot rpm.

    :ummm: I would like to thank everyone for guiding me to this point, but I still need carb help. Have an 07 Max with 2K on the clock. Everything is stock except for the below listed mods. I noticed after I installed the exhaust and air filter that it seemed to be running lean around 4K or so...
  14. MBreinin

    Changed the clutch tonight....

    So, my PCW clutch kit came in today and I changed the clutch. It was a pretty seemless operation with the only part really giving me a hard time was removing that last steel washer deal behind the BS half friction disc. The clutch was SMOKED. I mean SMOKED. Every friction was worn smooth and...
  15. Buster Hymen

    DNS for VMaxForum has been changed

    Finally got hold of my craptacular old host and got the DNS changed. You should see in the URL bar of your browser. If you still see the IP, then the Name Server you are using hasn't updated yet. If your DNS server has a really slow update, then you won't even be able to read this...