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  1. S

    Check your throttle body vacuum plugs

    I've had the constant stumbling/surging at cruise since I bought the bike. Found this this morning.
  2. K

    Check the simple things.

    I have been having fuel issues for some time. First the bike would die when I hit around 150 kph. But would almost immediately start up again. A month later, the bike died on the way to work, a short 5 km ride at slow speeds. I would coast over, and cycle the reserve and pump would refill the...
  3. frank5079

    Check out this guy racing a 2nd gen Max...
  4. frank5079

    Check out this 4 year old...

  5. Fire-medic

    Redbone better check the heat system

    I just saw that the Upper Peninsula ("the UP") is getting a big load of snow, which is also impacting the state of MN as-well. The report: Snowfall totals from tonight through Sunday will pile up to 8" to 12" for the higher elevations of the Keweenaw Peninsula, Ontonagon and Gogebic...
  6. W

    Check your mfg date oval

    Word of caution to anyone who buys tires at online discount sites, or from private mechanics who install them. Always check the manufacturing date stamp in the little oval on the sidewall to make sure that the tires you bought are freshly made and not NOS. The gentleman I bought my '99 from in...
  7. Zeus36

    Rafik Kaissi - Check out the motorcycles this guy builds out of junk parts AND Bonus:
  8. H

    Check out my multimeter readings

    Primary coil resistance on all ignition coils is 3.1 which is in spec. Secondary coil resistance Front left coil 23.4k boot to coil Front my right coil to boot 22.5k 13.5k back left boot 13.3k back right boot Measurments across the leads that plug into the ignition...
  9. O

    Military & Veterans check in!

    Just curious who all here is military or a vet... I'm in the Army, 8 years now and counting with 1 tour in Afghanistan (2012)
  10. frank5079

    Check out this novice....

    trying to race a car and fail miserably.
  11. frank5079

    Check out this idiot trying to steal this guy's bike....
  12. frank5079

    Check your lids!!!

    I went to the local junkyard yesterday to get a part for my wife's van and I had parked my bike next to the building, laying my helmet on the right mirror. I was gone for about 30 minutes. When I got what I needed, I put my helmet back on and took off. Well about 20 minutes into my ride I feel...
  13. C

    Soloshot..... check this out really cool. Little expensive to just play with. But would be really cool. Might still be cheaper to...
  14. C

    Vmax for sale 1994 stock mint on ebay..I own it! Check it out!

    Looking to maybe get a 2010 for the right price stock.
  15. frank5079

    Check out this stretched Venture....

  16. VMAX1260

    check this out

    dont like such a big tyre,i love the exhaust headers.
  17. frank5079

    YIKES!!! Check out this accident!!! :Shocked::Shocked::Shocked:
  18. frank5079

    Always check your six....

    ....when coming to a stop, and make sure you have enough room to maneuver out of the way just in case!!
  19. chillcool68

    Hmmmmm,check this max
  20. CaptainKyle

    Check your tires

    For all you people that out there that bitch about cagers endangering your live's How about checking your tires ounce in a while as you are probably endangering your life all by your self because you wont take the extra few minutes to check your tires often . I will lay money that 90 % of the...