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  1. C

    Barnett Spring Clutch replacement troubles

    Hello everyone! I am having some trouble fixing the slipping clutch on my 94 max. I purcahsed it from a guy for $1100 because it had trouble starting and needed "clutch lever adjusted." I fixed the starting issues with carb cleaning and new battery, and figured I would flush the clutch lever...
  2. capymotiv

    Ignition conversion

    Short history. 88, igeatech, cop's, drilled exhaust. Been battling an intermittent ignition drop on rear 2 cyl for some time now. Replace cdi with ignatech and have had it happen twice since. Purchased a used wiring harness last week to go through to install. Would there be any advantage to...
  3. Bill Seward

    5.75 Daymaker LED conversion.

    I've been thinking of putting one of the Amazon clones into the stock headlight bucket on my 85. Question is, will it fit with little or no modification to the light or bucket. I'm happy with the H4 I have in there, but like the look, and reliability of LED. Anyone do this, and how much of a...
  4. S

    320 conversion

    Picked up a used set of FJR rotors for dirt cheap. Planned to buy new but these were too good a deal to pass up. I ground down the top edge of the pads since the calipers ride slightly higher on the leading edge. I like the FJR rotors. Fewer buttons look cleaner, less cluttered. Using...
  5. rebeltaz83

    Vw single barrel carb conversion?? Wonder if it's...
  6. Peterbilt387X

    Barnett Conversion

    So I have been searching the forums and there is a lot of advice/opinions on which clutch option to choose. Basically, I've narrowed it down to these: 1. Barnett Conversion 2. PCW 3. DD I am pretty set on getting the Barnett conversion and the HD springs (90lbs). With that being said, should I...
  7. S

    Single shock conversion

    Just I have the 4-2-1 that will make the bikes rear quite wide...and having seen a few bikes with just a shock on one side I got thinking. :ummm: As I have the fjr1300 swingarm (monoshock, and therefore deisgned for only being supported at the front)..could I run a single heavy...
  8. rebeltaz83

    Diesel engine conversion for vmax

    Found some YouTube videos of diesel bikes. Accidentally by looking up if diesel oil is good for bikes. Anyways, does anybody know of a diesel conversion for the vmax??
  9. L

    Ignitech installed and did Coil On Plug conversion.

    Tore the old Venture completely apart. Install the Ignitech on top of the now empty coil rack. Perfect fit between mounting ears. Made conversion wired for coils. Set the box for short dwell and one revolution before spark. Fired it over and runs pretty nice. Box is set for you Vmax guys. Have...
  10. N

    Morley's Hayabusa conversion

    I wanted to let you guys know I did Sean's dual hyabusa brake upgrade with stainless lines and 320 mm rotors. Holy. Crap. This thing is awesome. Way more confidence inspiring and much better than stock. It's a 2000 so I already had the updated brakes. Damn, if you're thinking of upgrading, do...
  11. S

    Interesting Chain drive conversion
  12. E

    Who knows more about this conversion?

    I came across this picture of a Vmax that is probably done in Japan. There was a link to that has a similar Vmax on its website. Does anyone know more about this amazing conversion, and whether it is a one-off? The fender/saddle is awesome!
  13. adambweird

    Dual headlight conversion

    Question for the electrical gurus out there, im going to be running a dual headlight 50/50w 12v headlight setup and was wondering which way would be better to wire it, series or parallel? And what should i run for a fuse, stock or larger? Thanks for the input!
  14. V

    single seat conversion

    what is the name of this rear end and where to buy ? thx
  15. maxrom

    new cop conversion !!

  16. Irtron

    Diversion or just sabotage? Dodgy 17" wheel conversion

    I didn't have much knowledge about Vmax specific techs like 15" rim with massive bias tyre when I bought the bike. After reading much wheel/tyre discussion on this forum I discovered that the rear tyre on my Vmax is actually 150/70 ZR17 size that I considered a bonus which was never mentioned in...
  17. Y

    Diversion wheel conversion

    Any body buy the adapter off of ebay uk and a diversion wheel? Any feedback would be great!
  18. M

    LED Relay Mod - WIP

    This post started on another page, I am moving it here since it is different. Short story, my '07 Max was hit in a lot and the offender fled the scene. :( After browsing the forum pages on how to replace the ugly ass Mickey Mouse...
  19. N

    Finished custom Vmax (pics +vid) plus R1 front fork conversion Q's (All set to swap)

    Hey I just thought I'd drop by and post some pics, she's pretty much all done the way I 'm satisfied with! I did want to ask if anyone has any experiance with R1 parts on Vmax's- I have an 2008 R1, and I was thinking about doing a front fork swap, and maybe the brakes, wheel, hell the whole...
  20. MeanMax

    R6 front wheel conversion

    This is my 99 R6 front wheel conversion done by PCW. Gave them my forks, that needed rebuilding anyway, triple tree and front axle. the front forks are machined to clear the wider brake rotor location, as are the brake caliper mounts. Spacers are made to fit the Vmax axle to the R6 wheel. Only...