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  1. Bill Seward

    Independence Day

    Hoping all of our American brothers here are having a safe and sane Independence Day. And thanks to all of you that have served, or are serving our country.
  2. Kronx

    Sci-Fi getting more real every day....

    If this weapon does what it claims(I'm highly skeptical) then this is the start of a new era of ground warfare. As the U.S. prepares for war in space, China’s bringing the space war home. Its ZKZM-500 laser assault rifle is reportedly capable of hitting a target from a kilometer away...
  3. Zeus36

    May the Fourth be with you... Happy Star Wars Day!

  4. redneksoldier

    Track day

    Went to the track this weekend for test and tune. First time at the track in about 3 years. I went out to test my new mods and Ignitech tune. Overall, I'm pretty happy with the ET and MPH. My reaction time and 60ft left a lot on the table. I was running a conservative tune on the Ignitech and...
  5. redneksoldier

    Track day

    First test n tune of the year for my local track. Forecast looks good. 65-70 degrees and sunny. Little breezy, though. Ready to try out my new mods!
  6. Traumahawk

    Southwest Dyno Day

    Southwest Dyno Day Apr 14 2018 (Saturday) there will be a Vmax dyno day in Lawton OK, at Wind River Harley Davidson. The address is301 SE Interstate Dr, Lawton, OK 73501. Its right off of I-44, so VERY easy to get to. The dyno time will start at 8 am, and last...
  7. Bill Seward

    Great Day!

    My son Ian just got accepted for the fall semester at University at Buffalo Medical School! Seems like yesterday I was holding a one day old baby in my arms and promised him he's gonna do great in life. Today that promise came true.
  8. SpecOps13

    Happy Veterans Day

    To all of my Brother Warriors. God Bless you. Happy Veterans Day.......
  9. Bill Seward

    Bad day in Roadstarville..

    Riding the Roadie this afternoon, and the 5th gear turned into a neutral. The tranny made a little noise, and the gear was gone. The bike shifts into 5th, but won't drive. All other gears work fine. I'm thinking I'll be saving up over the winter for a transmission job. Good thing Godzilla is...
  10. cyclehoarder

    Garage cleaning and bike TLC day

    Pulled the all out today to clean the garage and make room for the new Mr Max and the recent baby Vmax, Productive day! Tomorrow off to a Vintage bike fest on the river in Madison IN weather is supposed to be awesome. Don't they look good together!!
  11. V-Four

    Happy fathers day!

    Like the title says..happy fathers day to all y'all fathers. (I didnt see a post saying this..but doesnt mean there aint one somewhere) ;) T $
  12. Kronx

    Memorial Day Weekend

    Thanks to all those on the boards who have served and/or who have family who have served and are serving their respective countries. I offer my sincere gratitude for those that have made the ultimate sacrifice for liberty. This weekend I will be spending the majority of it reflecting on the...

    And you think you had a bad day

    This could make you have a bad day.. it didn't even get hurt much.

    Today is a good day

    I took the cover off my Vmax, disconnected the Battery Tender Jr. and slide it out to the middle of my garage on the new improved motorcycle dolly I bought last summer. I wheeled the Vmax off the dolly and put one of my rear wheel stands on, now it sits waiting until tomorrow to get a good...
  15. V

    Out and about today... nice day

    A little wind but nothing to sneeze at. My oldest son came to visit for spring break. Took a couple of pics of his iron beast. It's a 2011 Nightster 1200. It's a lightweight.
  16. V

    Out and about today... nice day

    A little wind but nothing to sneeze at. My oldest son came to visit for spring break. Took a couple of pics of his iron beast. It's a 2011 Nightster 1200.
  17. tothemax93

    So you think you had a busy day.

    I wanted to tell you my "cannon Ball run" story. Yesterday, I got up at 3 am. Left for the Buffalo Airport at 4 am. Got on a plane at 5:20. Flew to JFK, switched planes, and flew to Raliegh/Durham airport, North Carolina, about 9:45 am. Got an Airport shuttle to Franklinton NC. Picked up 2004...
  18. SpecOps13

    Well, It's Moving Day!!!!

    Movin on out......
  19. maxcruiser

    Take 2 minutes to Remember on this Day

    Don't be that guy in the video Lest We Forget Mike
  20. Lotsokids

    Happy Veterans Day!

    I know there a a few here, so as a fellow veteran, thanks for your service!