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  1. TB99Max

    Drilled slides??

    Does someone have a picture of a drilled slide, or can you tell me where it would be drilled? Thanks!
  2. T

    Drilled out stock Exhaust carb issues

    Hello all. I am new to the Vmax and have a problem that is stumping me. I bought a 2005 with 7k miles, but the previous owner had removed the plates on the rear of the stock exhaust pipes (ground off the rivets), and drilled the holes out to about 1/2 inch - all five holes. Sounds pretty...
  3. fmcandrew

    Does anyone have a sound clip of the inner baffle drilled on the stock exhaust?

    Once I get over 50mph I can't hear anything but the wind...want to louden it up a bit, but not too much and for very little coin... Your thoughts are appreciated...
  4. rebar

    Any input on sound and performance with baffle drilled out?

    I found a stock exhaust to replace my dented stock exhaust but it has been modified. Owner says.. " by using and a 12" extenion and a 1" hole saw and sliped it up the exhaust outlet hole about 10" until he hit the deflector plate and i drilled a hole in it. The exhaust sounds just like the...
  5. F

    repair drilled out center baffle

    I am new to the forum, I recentley traded my 03 SV1000S for an 01 Vmax. Now I am trying to convince myself that I made theright choice. My SV was far from stock, I think I will be a little happier once I get the exhaust note closer to what I am looking for. I have a new OEM set of pipes and a...
  6. WVxNitemare

    Drilled Exhaust mod opinions

    Okay guys, I was thinking of doing the drilled exhaust mod (5 1/2 inch holes in between the rivets) and was wondering does it sound nice? Does anyone else have it done? Does it decrease power? Thanks,
  7. Shuriken

    Help - undoing/reversing drilled baffles

    If any of you are following my other thread, you know that I was going to get another exhaust but was snubbed. I'm not completely dead - it's only a flesh wound..... I have a decent set of muffs but they are drilled out and the baffle plates are removed. The muffs have 5 drill holes...
  8. S

    Drilled stock exhaust, k & N filter, T-boost on often??

    Hey guys, I have an 06 that's basically stock with the above changes, I'm wondering before I go an drill the caps to get at the A/F screws..Do you think I could be running a little rich with that setup?? IF so, would backing off the A/F screws lean it out throughout the throttle range or just...
  9. Reved

    Drilled slides being replaced with undrilled slides

    I have a Dyno jet stage 1 kit on my bike. I notice that one of the slides was drilled very sloppy. I bought a set of carbs off ebay with a set of stock slides. I want to put the undrilled slides back in the bike . What adjustment should I make for this change. Thanks guys.
  10. Robbarrie

    Drilled rotors ?

    Mine is a 93' with solid rotors. I want to know if anyone has drilled the cooling holes in them with any success. If so where did you get the drill pattern from ? Home job or did you send out ? Any tips would be appreciated for sure. I got them off right now so it would be a good time to...