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  1. speedcostsmoney

    Vmax Chain Drive Drivabilty Handling

    Hello would like to know how the Vmax handles with a chain drive conversion with stock front suspension and stock swing-arm length. does the front wheel stay on the ground or is it always up in the air on hard acceleration. if have a U.S.D. fork is the front wheel more glued to the ground or...
  2. Fire-medic

    engine eliminates camshaft drive

    Pretty-interesting: From the article: British company Camcon Automotive has built the first fully electronic engine valve system, uncoupled from the crankshaft, that offers unprecedented control over the combustion cycle...
  3. Bill Seward

    Solid State Hard Drive

    I just cloned my 500gb standard spinning disk hard drive to a 240gb Solid State Drive. The cloning took about 90 minutes, and another 10 minutes to swap the drives. Windows 7 previously took about 5 minutes to completely boot from off. The machine now takes about 35 seconds. Programs open...
  4. R

    2nd generation final drive assembly

    In the middle of a supercharger install, I decided to replace my drive unit with an Otec case. Many parts unavailable and on backorder. Been waiting since December. I'm in need of a used fully assembled rear drive unit so that we can finish this build while waiting on backorder to arive. Any...
  5. Bill Seward

    Belt drive scare..

    I was riding the Roadstar this afternoon, when the area around the rear pulley made this really loud noise like a gunshot, and the whole ass end of the bike shook.. I made it home with no problem, and took a look at the belt. Between 2 of the teeth on the belt was a bit of what looked like...
  6. S

    '88 V-MAX 'Spider Drive'

    Evening all :) My speedometer stopped working and it transpires it's not the clock or the cable, it's the assembly in the front wheel that needs replacing - my mate had a similar problem with his few years back. We're both based in the UK and mate never sourced a replacement, the only other...
  7. frank5079

    Venture final drive swap

    Hey guys, I just got this Venture rear diff today and am planning to swap it in place of my stock Max rear. I scraped the plastic off the hole where the shock mounts and there is a stud in there. I'm wondering how to remove it?? Do I use a Dremel cutting disc and cut a groove in the middle and...
  8. D-Max2012

    Final Drive Gear oil

    I was going to pick up some final drive gear oil today. I have no leaks. The manual states to "add if needed". I checked it last season and the level looked fine. Went to pick up a quart today to have if needed. The manual says, DOT3 SAE 80W hypoid oil. Went to the local bike store...
  9. J

    Please verify Venture final drive years...

    Well I'm told by the stealership that the bearings and shims need to be done on my 2007 Vmax. And parts are backordered for about 3 weeks. Thinking now might be a good time to do the Venture final drive swap. From what I've read 1986 to 1993 1300cc Venture final drives will fit? Is this correct?
  10. U

    middle gear drive leaking

    Hello all I have an oil leak on my 85 vmax The leak is from the big rubber that connect the rear arm to the engine So I believe that the problem is a bad oil seal in the middle gear drive My question is – it is difficult to fix it ? I know that I will not have to take out...
  11. 8

    Speedo drive cap?

    I'm going the GPS route for my speedo, gonna order from Sean when I have the funds. I just ordered a cheapie to get me going until I can order from Sean. So I've removed the stock speedo and drive cable. What's the best option to do with the stock speedo drive? Is there a cap available? Or...
  12. C

    Gen 2 chain drive.

    I have only heard of one gen2 vmax with chain drive that was done by Mad Max. Is there anyone else know of this done. If I ever move to a Gen 2, I would want a chain drive.
  13. greimers

    Drive shaft oil leak

    I have an oil leak coming from the the boot where the drive shaft exits the engine. From the reading I've been doing here it could be a few things. What's the best way track it down, and what is the most common cause? I also noticed a 1/4 inch gap under the boot - it's not fitting snug. Is...
  14. S

    Speedo drive

    Does anyone know if the speedo drives are the same for mph or kph? Or is the gearing/ ratios different? Cheers.
  15. S

    Interesting Chain drive conversion
  16. Joken

    Went to Change Final Drive and this is what i found...

    Well i bought a vmax a couple months ago The PO didn't really know much about the bike other than it had 17" rims....I never even drove it yet as it is winter here in Canada, While it was laid up i thought i would do some changes to make it more mine.. :) Anyway i thought i would change the...
  17. R

    Drive shaft leaking after replacing seal

    Hi, Over the last four years, I have had to replace the drive shaft seal twice and now it`s leaking again. I`m talking about the seal where the shaft exists the engine block, number 18 in the diagram below. Also, I`ve replaced the bearings 10 and 13, so they are fine. I _think_ it only...
  18. B

    Oil pump drive sloppy

    Hi guys I'm in the process of a complete rebuild on my 85 and noticed the gear that is on the drive for the oil pump will turn. On the shaft.this is the shaft that runs from the clutch basket and the gear that turns on the shaft is the one that drives the oil pump gear is this normal? Thanks
  19. I

    Drive shaft thingy.

    Hey fellas, on the drive shaft on my 07 is a welded clip (u shaped) facing outward about an inch and roughly behind where the OG muffler would have mounted. Anyone have a clue as to what it's there for ? Chris.
  20. jedi-

    Chain drive hits the streets

    This is really the conclusion of the chain drive project from the other thread. Finally getting some Spring type weather so I managed to get some test runs. Apart from some minor adjustments it's pretty well done. To recap: I basically built the engine from bits from another busted Vmax...