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  1. nighthawk s

    exactrep engine braces

    Was wondering if anyone has bolted up a set of exactrep frame braces with a corbin seat ? If so did you have to make any adjustments ? I have seen pics of this combo on the net, but no info. thankyou
  2. K

    Exactrep selling 20.5 ltr tank

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but they are selling a new tank that looks like you dont have do too much modding to get the extra 5.5 ltrs. $550 http://exactrep.com/acatalog/touring.html
  3. Hijinx1812

    Exactrep crankcase breather

    Still cleaning out the garage.... I've got an exactrep crankcase breather for sale. I had it on my bike for less than a season. Yours for $75 shipped in the continental US. The $75 doesn't include the COPs kit, but the kit is available in my other post.
  4. ga_max

    Exactrep Silicone Hoses

    Has anybody used them ? Looking for some useful bling for Thor. I think the yellow would look cool. Plus the current hoses are over 20 years old. Let me know what you think. If you've you other colored hoses (Samco) some picture would be good. Thanks, Doug
  5. gentsvmax

    Exactrep, Excellent service!!!!

    So out of nowhere the mod monkey's on my back, whispering, whimpering, beginning to shake. Next thing I know Im browsing Exactreps site, 300 amp stator, an LED battery charge monitor and a Caltric fuel pump later and the monkeys gone. I placed my order to Exactrep Wednesday the 15th, it got...
  6. D

    Guys with Exactrep airbox cover aux tank

    Can anyone confirm that your fuel filler cap looks like this? Or could you post a bunch of pics? I have the tank, but no cap. Thanks, guys. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000GUWOK8?keywords=flush%20mount%20motorcycle%20gas%20cap&qid=1451876208&ref_=sr_1_12&sr=8-12
  7. D

    Venom Fairing from Exactrep

    Anyone have any experience with the Venom fairing made for the Vmax by Exactrep? Pictures are awesome if you have them. Nick
  8. C

    **NEW** 'Tour-Star' (1.3 Gallon / 6 litre) Extra Fuel Tank © Exactrep 2013

    Yet Another New Handcrafted Design by Exactrep © 2013. Quickly fitted / detachable (same as original dummy cover, 7 screws). All hand rolled steel (ie: new steel surface is formed on top of an original top cover to create fuel cavity), complete with aerospace lockable fuel cap, and quick...
  9. C

    Grilles for Exactrep Mega Scoops

    Does anyone know who makes the Grilles (metal or plastic) for the Exactrep MegaScoops 1997. Exactrep does not manufactures them (checked with them already). Other than that, I would have to fit something. The scoops come in metal or plastic (mines are plastic) and you can easily cut an opening...
  10. C

    Exactrep Website

    Dear V-maxer's, We have currently under gone a website re-build, the website should / will work with Google Chrome etc. Regards, Exactrep.
  11. C

    *NEW* Passenger Footrest Relocation Brackets ? Exactrep 2012

    Satin black powder coated cast Aluminium brackets, (reuse original footrests). This is the position where the passenger footrests should have been originally placed (instead of being in the impossible foetal position), simple swap fitment with the original plastic covers, new screws supplied...
  12. Stingray230sx

    exactrep headlight

    i just got my exactrep 7" headlight in, and it has a amber bulb in the lower right area of the reflector [when looking at it].......anybody know what/why this little bulb is for? should i even wire it up? and if i do wire it up, just to a rocker or on all the time? not installed yet, waiting...
  13. C

    Exactrep New 1700 'Fly screen'

    Stylishly smart dark tint fly screen, possibly the best looking screen so far for the 1700 Max, takes the wind off your chest. 30cm x 30cm (12" x 12") Easy and simple to fit All fitment kit included Please see our website for prices www.exactrep.com
  14. C

    Exactrep New 1700 'Star-Fighter' Bellypan

    Gives a cleaner look to the lower radiator area. Locates to exsisting mounting points Made in GRP / fibreglass, supplied ready to prepare and paint. (Prototype shown) ? Exactrep 2011 Please see our website for prices www.exactrep.com
  15. Buster Hymen

    Welcome Exactrep as a new VMF vendor!

    Exactrep has join as the newest VMF vendor! :clapping: Many of your are familiar with the great products H has ( both Gen 1 and Gen 2) and I have one of his Gen 1 bellypans. Welcome to the forum! :cheers:
  16. JrBiem

    Exactrep Levers

    Does anyone have or has anyone used these levers from Exactrep (a little over half way down the page, the hollow C.N.C ones)? http://www.exactrep.com/acatalog/index.html I ordered kuryakyn iso grips and think these levers will look pretty good with them, but wondered if anyone here has...
  17. woodsman30

    does anyone have exp. with exactrep?

    i was wondering about these guys they seem to have a lot of vmax stuff I like their sissybar/ rack set up with shipping to NY it would be 270.00 is this worth it? below is the link check touring area for vmax. thanks http://www.exactrep.com/acatalog/index.html
  18. ghostntheshell

    Exactrep - Stock looking 17 incher,,,

    Anyone ever run these rims? I like the stock look idea - but seems pricey for one rim. ________ Ford EcoSport specifications
  19. vmax190

    exactrep frame braces

    has anybody bought these, will the fit with morleys belly pan, any drilling and tapping into frame, can you tell the difference? dave magoo:ummm:
  20. daves86vmax

    exactrep sport fly screen

    does anyone on here have one of these or know someone that does?www.exactrep.com about 70.00 plus shipping