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  1. poppop

    finally got a new to me bike a 2008 vtx 1800

    i know a few of you guy's know i sold my max around 3 years ago.not a thing wrong with it,for me it just wasn't my true cup of tea. always will hold a special place in my heart.iwatched it leave the drive ,the walked to the end of the drive and watched it go outta sight,Im 62 now and just...
  2. cyclehoarder

    Finally gave them some exercise last Sunday

    Mama got some saddle time in on the MAX I think she enjoyed smoking me on her Fazer, I made have made a mistake LOL So glad spring is finally here been a long winter.
  3. Eugene Brad

    Finally a vacation

    Starting my first vacation in 2 years. Needed it badly. Weather is still good enough to get some rides in but main reason is to build 180 foot of fence in the back yard. A break from work to get some work done, funny how that works. Anyway I'll get some progress photos up soon. Got all my...
  4. P

    Finally!!! I am VMax owner

    I have been riding bikes since I was about 9 years old (turned 45 in July). My first street bike I pulled from the woods and got it running when I was 14 years old. It was a 1974 CB360 that had sat for probably 10 years. I rode the snot out of that thing around the neighborhood and from that...
  5. V

    Finally started working mine.

    So I ditched the subframe modification and gas tank swap. Going to make a fiberglass dummy tank, new seat, and a new tail.
  6. V

    Finally started working mine.

    So I ditched the subframe modification and gas tank swap. Going to make a fiberglass dummy tank, new seat, and a new tail.
  7. ga_max

    Finally Replacing My Starter Clutch - some questions

    After putting it off for a year I finally decided to replace/repair my starter clutch. I've been reading Yukon Dave's post over an over again and ordered all the parts I need and just started this process. I'm at the point where I'm attempting to remove the fly wheel. I borrowed a harmonic...

    Finally my 1st ride on my 2015 Vmax

    The moon and the stars must aligned last night because this morning I took my Vmax out for the first ride since I bought it in April. No pictures or video today I just needed to get the feel of the bike and get use to riding a Vmax Gen 2 for the first time ever. It rides nice and smooth a bit...
  9. C

    Finally back in the wind after 19 years.
  10. D

    Finally got my bike! Need help already haha

    So I helped the guy bring it to my house in his truck, got all the paperwork dealt with, then he left. He did warn me that it has been sitting for awhile. (Has the Vgas carbs) I went to test second gear and after letting it warm up for about 10 mins I hopped on and went to rev it a couple...
  11. huskyman510

    test ride done finally

    Finally got the girl back on the road, after trying to tune it to perfection in the shed but still had some crackle and pops in it.......ran it on the street up to the redline a few times and shes runnin like a charm all missfires gone :eusa_dance: I do have quite a bad wobble in the front...
  12. fmcandrew

    Finally on the road

    Well it took a bit longer than I had planned, but its finally back on the road. Did a ton to it including: 1) PC'd all engine cases & related bolts 2) Rebuilt/PC'd calipers 3) Refurbished/PC'd holeshot exhaust 4) PC'd/install new radiator guard 5) Install Morley jet kit 6) Fix starter clutch - I...
  13. timscues

    finally getting to ride

    finally getting to ride with all the rain we been having in the Carolinas
  14. N

    The beast is BACK!!!!! FINALLY!!!!!!

    Despite many setbacks and delays, the good folks at Rochester Motorsports got the beast back on the road today and it's SWEEEEEEET! MUCH better handling with the radials as many of you progressive front fork springs and new swing arm and bushings along with a new rear wheel...
  15. M

    Finally posting a picture of my bike

    I picked up a 2002 about 3 months ago now. I haven't got much saddle time on it, been repairing and upgrading stuff. So far, installed parts are: Supertapp slip ons OEM windscreen Progressive lowering kit (1in drop) Progressive 444 rear shocks (1/2in drop) Morely Muscle frame braces...
  16. Rusty McNeil


    My bike has been sitting almost a year now due to travel. Every time I come home for the weekend there's not enough time left after fixing shit around the house and putting out fires to do more than start it, warm it up and listen to it in the garage. Which really sucks cause I just finished...
  17. snakecharmr

    Finally some progress!

    Well after a lot of headache with the paint, its done as good as I will do it for now.. Not happy with the faux tank cover so time for a leather bagster tank cover and tank bag. Fenders and small hard parts, scoops grab rail etc... turned out good.. While putting it all back together though...
  18. 3xplor3

    im finally doing some mods

    ive had my 89 max for almost a year now. so far ive done drag bars and thats about it. so i decided to tear her down and get a nice paint job. i am definitly getting rid of that dovetail on the rear fender. installed: drag bars sitting in boxes: busa brakes raw aluminum rad 7" electric fan...
  19. srk468

    It has begun finally :-)

    Shipped my parts for the used 1500 I bought from Kyle to PCW today, sent some extra stuff in for cores to to help out my bill. The crank was ate up from where the bearing spun but its repairable but I just sent a good used crank that I'm going to use. Got to have #2 rod resized for sure but...
  20. J

    Obamacare website finally fixed!!!

    Good news. (well, maybe for some) The Obamacare website has been fixed..... apply now... just hit the "apply" button