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  1. I

    Fitting the fork WP 48 mm

    Fitting the fork WP 48 mm from the motorcycle KTM SMR 990 :панк:
  2. D

    Adding a fitting to a stock tank

    How would I go about adding a hose barb fitting to a stock tank. If I can do this, I may have come up with a reasonable solution for my super cheap aux tank project. The fitting would come off the right side under the fender between the plastic mud guard thing and the frame. It would not...
  3. bazwell

    Marks exhaust fitting instructions

    I can't find any posts detailing how to fit up the Marks 4-2 system. I guess it's straight forward, but I know the frustration (and damage :rofl_200:) that comes from doing things the wrong way around. Is there an order that is best? Do the rear engine pipes go on first? Do they cross...
  4. jwood

    VMAX1200 intake flare fitting

    Have you guys seen this? Looks nice!... $$$$$$$$$$$$$ And...
  5. j2dawson

    Clutch line fitting size?

    I bought a Russell clutch line and it is made to go directly to the slave cylinder. I want it to connect at the rigid pipe like the stock one does. Does anyone know what type/size fitting I need to put on the line I have. I'm hoping someone local can cut off the banjo fitting that is on the line...
  6. joe4550

    fitting an alarm!

    iv just spent the last 7 hrs trying to fit an alarm to my new 85 vmax finally got it fitted crammed in with all the wiring with a few mods 2 the scoops ect. a question tho as the vmax has very very little space where hav people fitted alarms? (if you have them) am i missing any space for this...
  7. rebar

    How do I remove this fitting to add oil?

    Here's a pic. It looks like its four parts. Blue Nipple threaded into the oil cap. Blue nut on that. Thin blue nut. And then the red nut. I tried to hold the thin blue nut and loosen the red. It started to turn but wanted to turn the braided hose.:damn angry: What's the correct way to...
  8. S

    oil pressure sensor fitting

    I have an extra oil pressure gauge lying around and i want to hook it up to the bike. I see where people use a fitting to do this. What type of fitting is it and where can i get it? Thanks, Sid
  9. naughtyG

    Intimators fitting question

    hey all, I'm fitting my intimators, and wondered two things: - on a pre-93 bike, what's the oil measurement from top of compressed forks with no springs in? I know it's 451cc in oil volume, but wondered about the distance from top to oil. - since a have progressive springs with 120mm spacers...
  10. 1

    grease fitting

    on my other bikes.. HARLEY. buddy would tap a grease fitting in the neck..and greasy it up ...has anyone done this with the max...seems like it would be a good idea ... instead of checking and repacking like manual says ?
  11. I

    Fitting R1/R6 front wheel (or other OEM variety)

    Hello, This is my first post here! When I first bought the Vmax, I couldn't find any forums. I'm happy to see there is one around.. I want to fit a R1/R6 front wheel to my 2004 Vmax. Can anyone tell me what is needed? Reason being I recently purchased a black 3 spoke rear wheel...