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  1. Zeus36

    Second Ghost Rider bike for sale (Hero bike)

    "Nickolas Cage Ghost Rider Hero Bike prop from the movie Ghost Rider. The bike has been in storage at Sony Pictures since the making of the movie. I have recently put a new battery in the bike and added oil (The fluids had been drained prior to putting it in storage) and it started right up...
  2. Hamkaas

    Ghost Rider on ebay

    That's fun to have ..... send from my mobile phone using Tapatalk
  3. vmax2extreme

    Movie: Ghost Rider Bike For Sale
  4. blaxmax

    Ghost in the machine-

    After just plugging in a new set of aftermarket blinkers i get this ghost in my machine!! Who can name the song? :ummm:
  5. Kronx

    Ghost Rider

    So I've been reading Ghost Rider by Neal Peart... if you're not familiar with him, he's the beast of a drummer and great lyricist from the band Rush. He's written a few books, but the book Ghost Rider follows a pretty tragic period of his life and his motorcycle trek of thousands and thousands...
  6. F

    Ghost ride in the desert Does anyone have the interest to do a Spring ride in the West visiting old ghost towns? see above link. I think Spring would be good before the heat and...
  7. Rusty McNeil

    Ghost Rider, 1 minute in and am disapointed

    WTF does Hollywood think they need to dub 4 cylinder sport bike sounds over the opening sequence featuring a Boxer style opposed twin BMW. I'm still going to enjoy it tho'
  8. Fire-medic

    UK Ghost Rider article

    IN his latest film Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, star Nicolas Cage gets to play both aspects of the character - renowned stunt motorcyclist Johnny Blaze and his flame-skulled alter-ego astride a bike engulfed by hellfire. In the original 2007 film, the Ghost Rider was played by a number of...
  9. 2fear

    Just watched Ghost Rider 2

    We just watched Ghost Rider 2 in 3D, It was pretty sweet! He did some cool tricks on his 09 Vmax Hollywood style lol. The way the motor was glowing red you could see why a good oil is a must :biglaugh: Man that thing was dirty from all the fire and smoke I just wanted to wash and wax it for...
  10. Machine1964

    New Ghost rider movie

    I just saw this and wanted to show everyone.
  11. bazwell

    Ghost Rider turbo Busa up for grabs!

    You know you want it! Only ridden to church on Sundays. :biglaugh: 25 Euro's for a ticket to win it.
  12. 1

    VMAX event at Ghost Rider II opening

    Hi, does anyone know if there will be an event of First & Second Gen VMAX riders converging to the Hollywood Opening of Ghost Rider II? Thought it would be cool for a lot of riders to converge thier with VMAX's.
  13. Blurr

    Water pump gave up the ghost... my computer this morning, so if everybody could refrain from posting really interesting stuff for just a few days that's would be wonderful. OK? That is all.
  14. Fast Freddy

    the ghost rider....

    in the words of the Ghost Rider "there is good and bad in all of us.... and it doesn't matter how far you run.... there are some demons you just can't escape" > and this is what the Ghost Riders new bike says when he turns the key "it's time to ride...
  15. F

    Ghost Rider: The movie

    So. I am a bit of a nerd. Not a huge one, but I am a huge fan of all the comics making it to the big screen. One movie I honestly wasn't a fan of was Ghost Rider. I just am not fan of Cage. Don't like his acting. All this aside, I saw a trailer for the sequel (I dident even know they where...
  16. Bad_Max

    Cage throws a leg over the new Vmax in Ghost Rider 2

    Nicolas Cage and Yamaha VMAX in Ghost Rider 2 Story here..
  17. M

    Ghost in the Machine

    OK, I wanted to start a new thread for my issue as it seems pretty unique and extremely difficult to figure out. It is a continuation of this thread I have been experiencing an intermittent loss of spark all summer long. It only does it...
  18. EvilD

    MJ's ghost caught on film

    During a tribute to him
  19. BIGMO

    The Real Ghost Rider

    This is NOT the Nicholas Cage movie... Its a bit different. Good stuff worth a look though. Hey guys do a youtube search for Ghost rider... there is a guy in another country (cant remember where ) he rides a Busa and gxer 1100 and flat out runs the cops in little movies. Also he does like a...
  20. Max01red

    Ghost Rider The Movie..

    Looks bad***...of course it could be cooler, he could be ridding a Max.....