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  1. P

    Engine guards

    Never got around to installing these on my 05. No hardware and a couple scuffs from moving around the garage. $120 shipped to cont us.
  2. vmax2extreme

    New - oem engine guards gen1

    I have a set of NEW GEN1 OEM Chrome Engine Guards $145 shipped CONUS
  3. M

    Nice factory case guards $130 delivered -SOLD-

    OEM guards for sale. Will included all bolts and spacers needed to mount.
  4. vmax2extreme

    DELKEVIC Stainless Steel Engine Guards GEN1 -SOLD-

    GEN1 Delkevic Stainless Steel Engine Guards. Heavy duty and so much better than OEM!!! $125 Shipped CONUS

    what are Gen 2 riders using for case guards

    What are the options for case guards on a gen 2 On my gen 1's I always used these, I don't see anything like these for Gen 2 2015
  6. henrysgmc

    Chrome Engine Guards -SOLD-

    Nice used set. Asking $145.00 Shipped. Call or Text 845-283-6593
  7. U

    Dimotiv Engine Guards

    Anyone try these Dimotiv engine guards? They look the same as OEM ones but they list them as 1985-2003 only. Is something different on 2004+ ?
  8. M

    Got a Corbin seat and case guards

    Got a Corbin seat, case guards and oem sport rack Picked up my 1st max and want to selling some of the accessories. 1st items to go are the Corbin, case guards and rack. Seat is $250, case savers are $120 and rack $125. All prices are delivered in the 48 states.
  9. Shredder

    Crash guards

    Looking for some crash guards. Would like to find some used once since im just going to powder coat them black anyways. Would hate to buy new just to powder coat them. Let me know if you have anything laying around. Thanks Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  10. S

    Engine Guards

    Hey Vmaxers, I'm looking for some engine guards that can double as highway pegs. I've seen a bunch of the chrome ones but I want some that are black. Anyone know where I can find some? Thanks b
  11. P

    Busa calipers, 14MM master, & OE engine guards w/hwy pegs.

    Perfect condition caliper off a one owner bike with 20K. $45 shipped (Cont US) Calipers with unknown miles and some scratches. I would probably rebuild before using, but that's me. $45 for the pair shipped (Cont US). Honda 919 14MM master cylinder with adjustable lever in...
  12. T

    Engine Guards

    do they make engine guards for the gen 2's? I really liked being able to put my feet up on the gen 1 with the guards?
  13. rebeltaz83

    Venture engine guards?

    Does anybody know if a set of venture engine guards will work on the max? i know the engines are basically the same, but i'm not sure frame wise if they are the same. i'm just curious, because if they will work, i'd much rather spend $25 to $55 for a set of engine guards compared to $80 on up to...
  14. T

    Engine leg guards?

    Does anyone know where I can find the leg guards I have seen on various max's. They mount to the frame just behind the scoops, they have holes in them as well. I can not seem to find the maker. I have seen them on a few members bikes on here. These would fit the theme of my Max. Thanks for...
  15. adambweird

    Vmax knee guards

    Some time in the coming winter months im going to start making some knee guards. Initial design will be like what I have on my Max. As time allows at work Ill write more programs for different designs. Ill only be doing this in very small numbers. If anyone has any ideas for designs or...
  16. R

    crash/engine guards for gen 2

    any available?
  17. H

    Clear hand guards

    I built some hand guards for my bike, since it's been so cold this spring. Found the idea from instructables website and so far they work really well. No more numb fingers @ 1C (34F) outside. They are easy to take off for warmer weather and I don't find them to ugly since there clear. Anyways...
  18. Pitmax

    Crash guards with forward controls

    Hi guys, I recently bought some forward controls on Ebay. Very nice and good price: However, I would like to put some crash guards on my Vmax now, or some frame sliders. I had the OEM Yamaha engine guards on before, but they will not fit now with the forward...
  19. redneksoldier

    Engine Guards

    I'm kind of torn between the OEM engine guards and the Delkevic. Just wondering if anyone has a pic of the Delkevic style installed, or has owned a set. I've seen plenty of the OEM on the bike and they look good, but the Delkevic style seems to have a more secure mounting design. I just can't...
  20. a113ycat

    Billet guards

    Does anyone here in the states make or know where to get the billet guards that are on the bike in this video? I would love to get a set for my '85:biglaugh::biglaugh::biglaugh: