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  1. cwkerr007

    head pipe diam

    i'm on the fence trying to get details on 4-1 headers i don't want to spend all that money without knowing i'm gaining perf does anyone have the head diam specs on the different brands dragstar,cobra,delv,morley,and any others that might have the larger i.d. pipes any help would be great thanx
  2. C

    2 into 1 collector for stock head pipes?

    Does anyone make/sell a 2 into 1 (one of those for each side of course) collector for the stock head pipes? I have tried several times to call the contact # on Delkivic's website but the phone has never been answered when I made those calls. Thanks, John
  3. R

    Re-using the multi layer metal head gaskets?

    I know...I know..buy new ones...they are cheap and you don't take any risk's... But googling this topic returns a lot of people that are actually reusing them without any problems on cars. They just use some copper spray on both sides of the gasket!? Of course that both of the...
  4. 912er

    Head shake boogie!

    So here’s my experience with the headshake issue on my 85. First the definition, let go the bars at 50, by the time I hit 45 the bars are shaking back and forth, by 35 they are shaking so violently that if you don’t grab them it will through your ass off! Tried everything including the Furber...
  5. effingidiot

    Relays doing my head in.

    This is the little bugger i need, https://www.boonstraparts.com/en/part/Yamaha/VMX/1200/V-Max/(VMX1200)/Relay/1997/1RL-92/&ID=B10000PWKV i can't find one in the uk.I can't even find a side stand relay on the vmax wiring diagram,it's not on there.They'r expensive for what they are,the postage and...
  6. J

    Lazy speedometer head

    Its not the cable "new" its not the drive gear "new". My speedo is lazy "slow at catching up to speed" but reads accurate on stable cruising speed. I'm guessing there is no quick fix for this. Something in the head isn't working proper. Time for a new speedo ??? worked 100% in the fall...
  7. Fire-medic

    Nembo-Italian streetbike, cyl head below the crank

    An upside-down, original design streetbike engine, mounted in a one-off (well, two-off) frame, and yours for a reported $300K! Made in Italy, and like nothing you've ever seen as a motorcycle, I'd bet. http://silodrome.com/nembo-motorcycle/
  8. Lotsokids

    Steering Head Bearings and Races Replaced: How-To With Pictures!

    1. Cover that intake. It's easy to drop hardware into the carbs with the cover off. 2. Hoist that beast up by the frame. 3. Remove the upper retaining nut 4. Chock the front wheel so it doesn't get away from you when you remove the adjusting nuts. Now is a good time to remove the front...
  9. CaptainKyle

    Clearing the head

    I needed a break so took a little 335 mile jaunt thru the mountains today. It was a nice ride I feel a little better now.
  10. CaptainKyle

    Stainless allen head carb diaphram screws

    Stainless allen head diaphragm screws $ 10 a set plus pay pal fees shipping included in the lower 48 . Please email instead of PM [email protected]
  11. Lotsokids

    Steering Head Bearings - Ball or Taper?

    So I'm still chasing this "wobble" on my bike. You can read the 15 pages (to date) HERE. The head bearings are about the last things left to change. As I was shopping for bearings, I read in some descriptions that the tapered bearings are an upgrade to the stock ones. Are the stock ones ball...
  12. K

    Head gasket

    How common are head gaskets to go out i have trouble shooted much but i think during the winter my front bank head gasket went out and how hard are they to replace Thanks in advance for the help
  13. U

    coolant leaking from that hole in head

    Hello all I need your help here! I have a coolant leaking from that hole from that locate on the cylinder. That hole is located inside the middle of the aluminum line (the are three line of aluminum on the head) What is that mean? I got this bike a month ago from USA so I only drive on it...
  14. gunrunner

    Cylinder head leak

    I have just noticed that the red light has just started to come on more often to find a small oil leak coming from the left front and right rear cylinder head , the oil and filter are due for a change all so . Is this a gasket change or is it something else . What do I need to look for ?:ummm:
  15. C

    Take that..... helmet head butt after truck tries to run bike off the road.

    At the end of the video, the truck drives by and throws bottles at them. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dONyv-Cwkoo
  16. train460

    Eureka Springs rally head count

    Looking for a Head count, mostly for the friday ride and lunch with Jim and Shala to get a count for the food. 1.Gigi 2.Michael
  17. S

    Head gaskets

    Quick question...genuine or any decent aftermarket for stock motor ?
  18. woodsman30

    triple tree head bearing "props to Sean"

    I was checking out youtube videos watching bikes being, fixed, race ect.. and in the corner column was this video. I know how to tighten the bearings my self but thought what a great way to explain to someone on how to check who does not know. Good job Sean:punk...
  19. P

    replacing steering head bearings benefits?

    Hi, I'm in the process of lowering my bike, so i bought some steering head bearings to. But is there any actual benefit of replacing the steering head bearings when the one currently in are fine? Thanks!
  20. dannymax

    Head trim pieces

    A buddy of mine came up with the idea of mirror finish polished stainless steel trim strips for the head cooling fins, had some prototypes made and I installed some on my '86. There appears to be some fitment issues due to varying dimensions on the heads from different year bikes.....some of...