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  1. Kronx

    Cool Homemade Computer Desk

    Neat Idea. Love when people get creative: Link to a whole photo series of the build. http://imgur.com/gallery/EAcvA
  2. Fire-medic

    home-made electric receiver hitch bike carrier

    Not mine, no one I know. I'd like to see a youtube video of it working. http://fortmyers.craigslist.org/lee/mpo/5844716046.html From the CL ad: hitch mounted electric lift motorcycle carrier. adjustable to accommodate many styles of bikes,will require you to fit/ modify to your application...
  3. A

    Homemade baffles, complete.

    As discussed in other posts, I loved the sound of my full UFO exhaust but the loudness was really hard on my ears even with earplugs. As an experiment, I stuffed the cans with steel wool and was quite surprised at the results. Obviously this was temporary. Today I used some galvanized...
  4. shane_desselle

    Help with homemade synchronizer

    Has anyone used one of those homemade "coke bottle" synchronizers? I made one out of 2 gatorade bottles but when i hook it up it just starts sucking the bottles flat. I watched a video on YouTube and i don't know what I'm doing wrong. I know someone on here has to have experience with this, so...
  5. W

    homemade COP?

    Good Afternoon fellow vmaxers, Im interested in doing COP conversion on my 05 vmax. I cant seem to find what coils should be used. ex: r6, r1, gsxr, what years ect, ect. It seems like a guy could relatively easily put together his own setup and harness if he knew what parts to use. Coils and...
  6. daves86vmax

    homemade bellypan

    heres the bellypan i came up with after a couple failures.pretty happy with it.
  7. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Stupid homemade vboost controller idea?

    Well, my vboost controller doesn't work. The servo motor is fine though. Only two wires are needed to power the sevo. Hook + and - to the servo and it opens, when you reverse polarity it closes. Only trouble I noticed is that if I apply power I can't just leave it on as the servo searches...
  8. pegscraper

    homemade shift light

    I know there are some people here knowledgeable in electronics. Has anyone ever built a shift light, or have an idea on how to do it? There just can't be that much to it.
  9. jedi-

    Homemade exhaust

    Well it's not finished but I got this clip after test fitting it. Still lots of work before chrome or powdercoat. The baffles can be messed with etc . http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ml9vB5tYbho
  10. richwrench

    Homemade Nitrous Kit

    OK, I guess I have too much time on my hands. When I had the welder out to fab my backrest I cut a fire extinguisher in half & rewelded the cap on top. Then I drilled & tapped 2 holes to 1/4" NPT & installed a 4000 psi gauge ( permanently stuck at 1400 psi - perfect) to one port & an industrial...
  11. Angel of Death

    Dungeons & Dragons player tried for murder after killing coworker with homemade sword

    Dungeons & Dragons player tried for murder after killing coworker with homemade sword Dungeons & Dragons player tried for murder after killing coworker with homemade sword By Matt Pordum Court TV DETROIT ? On Oct. 27, 2004, James Flemons walked into work with a homemade samurai...