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  1. F

    FS: highway pegs, billet exhaust inserts, tailbag

    **Generation 2 ** So the highway pegs came from that guy from Australia who sells them on Facebook - rode once with them and decided they weren’t for me (comes with all hardware). Tailbag has no hardware and previous owner polished the aluminum top plate. The muffler inserts have been used...
  2. Eugene Brad

    Scoop inserts, intake covers, and radiator cover

    Wanted to see what kind of interest there may be for some trim pieces. I just took some older trim pieces (scoop inserts, intake cover, and a radiator cover to local shop to get a cad file made of profile and bolt layout. Artwork/ designs are tbd. The guy told me once he has the profile and...
  3. henrysgmc

    Custom Scoop Inserts

    Im looking for a custom set of scoop inserts if anyone has a set they want to sell.
  4. D

    Stainless scoop inserts gen 1

    I found a set still in the box they shipped to me in. I'll get a couple pics tonight, but they looked fine. Could use a bit of polishing on the back side (maybe). $35 shipped conus.
  5. E

    Aftermarket radiator and intake scoop inserts

    Searching for lightly used aftermarket intake scoop inserts and radiator cover, black or chrome in good shape. Thank you!
  6. ImCannibal

    Clear scoop inserts?

    Does anybody on here know who to ask about getting some scoops inserts made out of 1/4" lexan? I want to turn my scoops into turn signals by using frosted lexan like a fiber optic with led strips in the scoops. I know I remember seeing a thread on it a while ago but the forum search sucks if I'm...
  7. H

    Side cover inserts. Where to find some?

    Hi I was wondering if anybody knows of anybody else selling the polished side cover inserts like the ones that python sells? They show out of stock and I was pretty sure I seen them on another site with different designs cut into them. Not interested in the "3D' type ones that some sites are...
  8. C

    Radiator inserts group buy ?

    Ok so I pulled mine off and powdercoated them black, then rode for 20 minutes and they flew off..... lol:bang head: So I am going to machine up some new inserts and since I know no one has anything out there for these, I ll do a "group buy" on them if your interested. These will be stock...
  9. Biker Dash

    Turbulator inserts

    Has anyone tried using these under the carbs? It would seem that they would work as advertised, but I had never pulled the trigger on getting a set before when I had my Shadow.
  10. maxcruiser

    Gen2 style scoop inserts

    I recently bought a set of Gen2 style scoops and have been looking across the net for insert/grills with not much luck. They need to be 3" diameter. let me know if anybody has come across them
  11. R

    powdercoating rear wheel - will cush drive inserts survive?

    I'm getting a VMax rear wheel powdercoated and want to confirm if the rubber "cush-drive" inserts will survive the de-gas and curing temperatures? I'm pretty sure someone on here was saying they'll be fine but just want to confirm before taking the wheel in.
  12. H

    Megascoop inserts.

    Alright guys...I have a set of megascoops all painted and ready to go. I decided to put vinyl carbon fiber stickers into the " airscoop" portion. And it looked really nice. The problem I've found is the heat from the bike causes the stickers to bubble. I really hate the look of mega Scoops...
  13. jojo2667

    scoop inserts

    anybody know were you can get the flame inserts at ? i looked on the web and cant find any. any help ?:ummm:
  14. gamorg02

    otec inserts...

    very cool, never seen these before:
  15. S

    Inserts for the scoops?

    I'd like to replace the screens in the scoops with solid chrome ones. Not the ones with slashes and logos but just solid chrome. Any availalbe? Thanks..........
  16. Noxx72

    Clutch / Stator deco inserts

    Grabbed a set of these cheap tonight (Python was clearing out their Grim Reaper ones on eBay), and I've got a question for those of you with decorative inserts. I've never been into those areas of my Max yet, am I going to need to replace any seals / gaskets, etc while installing these? I'd...
  17. Vee4DFW

    Upper frame inserts

    Does anyone know where I can purchase the frame inserts that clip onto the frame just behind the dummy tank? I've seen them on several Max's on the net but I can't seem to find who makes them.
  18. gunrunner


    My scoop inserts have patches of rust on them , which is the easiest way to clean them and/or has any one painted them to match colour of bike ?:ummm:
  19. S

    scoop inserts

    I'm looking to purchase a set of scoop inserts, I seen a few on Ebay...not sure of the quality of the " Black on chrome tuning fork/vmax ) scoops, or the slotted ones offered by different companies....anybody have either of these on the vmax?? P.S Does anyone have a suggestion on this? I...
  20. P

    Vmax Six Shooter Scoop Inserts

    I have a new item for the Vmax, it is currently on ebay....,1 [email protected]