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  1. T

    Oh Boy, fighting the jetting fight......:(

    My bike is a Venture and Vmax Hybrid. In a nutshell: Vmax engine in a Venture. Compression is good (160-170 psi) and valve clearances set. carbs are clean (ultrasonic bath). Airbox is a flat panel insert since the VBoost manifold made the stock venture airbox too tall to fit under the...
  2. spottedsquirl

    Need tuning and jetting advice

    Hi everyone! My 85 max has the stage 7 kit installed. I bought the max that way. I also have an 83 venture I'm using as much as I can for parts. As far as I can tell the venture is stock, I'll have to do more digging to be 100%. However I do know the needles are stock. My max is running way...
  3. S

    Jetting suggestions with Y-cover shimming/removal

    I put a 4-1 Voodoo on about a week ago. Was told that would richen things up so I removed the Y-cover. Stumbled a bit around 5-6K. Read in other places shimming up the Y about 3/16" and adding .025" shims on the needles so tried that. Bike runs fine but I'm still curious what jetting needs...
  4. spottedsquirl

    Jetting recommendations?

    Hey everyone, I have an '85 Vmax with a stage 7 jet kit install. Mains are 165. I assume the kit was done to directions. My elevation is 400'. Can anyone recommend jetting for this altitude? Thanks.
  5. Badassmachinist

    Pipes,jetting and air box mods good for only 10 HP ?

    Still doing my reading, correct me if I'm wrong but a stone stock bike dynos, between 105 and 110 and a four into one with jetting and intake mods only 120 HP? Doesn't seem like much for$1200
  6. wilsonishere

    Jetting the pilot circuit, need some help!

    So I have a very modified 2001 Vmax and I am trying to get my carbs right. First when I say modified I mean it has the web cams 80-321's in it, a set of extremely ported and milled heads, vboost is eliminated, a set of Dale Walker 4 into 2 pipes with 6in cans, and individual k&n air filters. Now...
  7. racerboy

    Jetting up or down

    I am sure this has been discussed, but I cannot find a thing about this topic. So, fellows, my current setup, K&N filter, Dale walker slips, bike runs fine, but I believe its running maybe rich, without pulling the plugs, the tip of the pipes are alittle black, I heard maybe jet it down one...
  8. tinman22

    Jetting thanks

    Just wanted to thank all who helped with my carb issues. I went with the mic 150 mains and stage 7 needles on the 2nd notch from the blunt end stock paj 1/2 drilled slides and dyno jet springs. I also reinstalled the vboost and synced the set with a digisync. The Only change from what was...
  9. R

    Stock jetting the same from 85-07?

    I have a question about jetting that I can't seem to find the answer for. On a US 49 state model, is the jetting the same from 85-07? This is what I can find on jetting Main Jet 152.5 PAJ1 90 PAJ2 170 Pilot Jet 37.5 Just want to make sure it is the same for all years. I'm trying to put a...
  10. caseyjones955

    Can exh packing effect jetting requirements?

    Can exh packing effect jetting requirements? 4k stumble. 99 Vmax with 4-1 Kerker, stage 1 jet kit and drop in K&N. I have been doing some reading but a couple questions remain. I'm seeing a stumble/miss from around 4000 to 5500 rpm, feels like starvation. I'm guessing when Vboost starts to...
  11. D

    jetting suggestions

    Well I should have my block and pistons back monday. I am curious what I should try to set initial jetting and needle height at. It will be a 1500 with 03 pcw camshafts. Any thoughts would be great!
  12. D


    Ok got mains and needles in. how do i go about adjusting a/f screw? and does each carb have a a/f screw? Is the screw located behind the brass fitting ? thanks
  13. D


    Want to jet my carbs myself is there any were I can get step by step instructions on the site? Do I need to take carbs off the bike?
  14. W

    suggested jetting for my setup

    I know it has probally been discussed ALOT, but I am currently running supertrapps with open end caps, and was considering removing the Y on the airbox. From what I have read is that I should go down one size on the mains, and re sync and it should be good. Is that all there is to it? Where do I...
  15. G

    Airbox / Jetting Question

    Do I need to convert to Stage 1 or other jets if I remove the airbox and use individual K&N air filters? I have stock mufflers with no Vboost (i.e. Vboost all the time). Currently runs great but would like to improve performance while maintaining stock mufflers (would be happy to modify stock...
  16. S

    Factory pro jetting recommendations

    Well, I talked to factory pro about my wot "wet spot" below 3k. They say air correctors tend to make them lumpy in that range. marc's words: "Ok - here's my suggestion. Buy the 1.0 kit. Request 185, 190, 195 main jets (that's with a cleared MAJ) Buy the HDJ emulsion tubes. They atomize...
  17. S

    Jetting help

    I looked through the different sections to find a specific jetting combo for my particular setup and didn't really see one that fit exactly. Just recently got a Mark's 4 into 2 and a Muscle Jet kit. Otherwise the bike is stock. What carb settings would be appropriate for the bike? I live in...
  18. rebeltaz83

    difference in stages of jetting 1 through 7

    This has prolly been asked, but to save myself weeks of looking at forums, i would like to know what parts are involved in a stage 1 jet kit, a stage 2, 3 and then 7. stage 1 was done when i bought the bike. what changes or mods do i have to do to eventually get to 7??? are there parts i need to...
  19. D

    1428 stage 7 jetting

    Well guys I am waiting on carb parts to do a rebuild here. Just curious if anybody has any experience with jetting on a big bore. I am running high comp pistons in a 1428 chain drive but everything else on the top end is stock other than some mild head porting. It will have a marks 4 into 1...
  20. vmaxrooky

    Marks 4 into 2 jetting question

    Ok so I have a lil more info for you all. The jets in the side of the carbs are 170 and the jets in the top are 100 the needle has 5 clip places its in the middle and a washer(shim) on top and a plastic thing on the bottom... At 3000-4000 rpm's it sounds like a top fuel car idling then about a...