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  1. J

    Karma really can be a bitch.

    This story just stinks. Some thief's life going down the toilet. Some good things come from the end? "try stealing from me one more time, and I'll ...........put my ass in your mouth?" lol...
  2. blaxmax

    Karma and the motorcycle wreck.

  3. C

    Karma time to help remove some negativity here!!!

    KARMA TIME Since I haven't done a Karma in awhile and in view of the recent hazing, I am going to offer a Karma. Its small item, but hey... you can't buy them anywhere but from me anyways, so it special LOL !!!:rofl_200: The red Vmax keychain ( pictured ) and a rubber protector will...
  4. KJShover


  5. C

    My latest cylinder covers.... and a Karma

    Ok since I ve never done a karma on the forum here before, I ll explain how I usually do them on other forums... Rules 1. You have to be a member as of today. 2. You may post once (1) per day till the karma ends. The more you post the more of an opportunity you get to win. 3. You...
  6. Rusty McNeil


    A few weeks ago my wife wanted to know what the hell I was doing giving away Vmax parts to Forum members. I told her it was good for the Karma account I hope......... It was... On the way back from Utah I ran out of gas in my service van out near Ozona Texas (I know, I'm a dumb ass) it was...
  7. Transam

    100 Karma points for Fargo & Sean

    I'd put Fargo in for good guy award but he's allready got one ! He hooked me up with a peg for my bike so I could go riding, shipped it to my house and wouldn't take payment for the shipping. Fargo is a hell of a guy ! :punk: I also bought a Seat from Sean a couple of months ago and have had a...
  8. Noxx72

    Here's to Karma!

    Spent the whole day shoveling mud up in sierra madre at the house of a member of a motorcycle club I'm involved with. Not many people volunteered, and it was a long, dirty, rainy day. My back is killing me. Good deeds do pay apparently - the guy gave me a motorcycle. He had a 76 CB750 that had...
  9. vmaxinID

    Karma Time Bitchez

    Karma Time Bitchezzz Ok, ok, In celebration of my 100th post, not laying down the max "yet", spring thaw, this forum just kicking ass in general, and my recent raise at work. I am willing to have a little giveaway! So heres the rulez: This contest will run for one week. Use this...
  10. clintard

    Karma! HA! Owned!

    :biglaugh: :rofl_200: :clapping: Guys i know all of you have had a person in your life that is just an arrogant snob that you cannot stand no matter how hard you try. Well ive known this guy jeremy for about 5 years now and he has been nothing but an arrogant "thinks hes better than...
  11. Max01red

    Instant Karma....

    Sucks to be him... http://www.break.com/index/prank_on_wife_backfires.html