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  1. M

    How to load a bike into a pickup

    Direct link won't work for some reason. Go here and click the video link http://www.magnaownersoftexas.com/forums/index.php/topic,5832.0.html
  2. RaWarrior

    Load of new Honda's

    Three "all new" models from Honda for 2013. To me the highlight is the Goldwing bagger....they actually managed to make a Wing "cool", especially in black. All for a cool $20k. There's also the modern-throwback to the CB750, now a CB1140 but looks like everything else is pretty much the...
  3. stilkus

    carbs synced, still uneven engine load felt

    I have spent a lot of time troubleshooting my carbs, I had it lean/rich/not synced and a lot more until recently things are fine and the motorcycle is performing good. I still feel that my carbs have something wrong which I am unable to figure out. I am going to list the symptoms hoping someone...
  4. M

    Load equalizers

    Hi I changed my stock flashers for LEDs. Solved the flash rate problem by adding load equalizers. The problem I have now is that if I activate the flashers when the head light is off the LEDs operate normally and all the LEDs in the flasher are lit. As soon as I put up the kick stand and head...
  5. 88vmx12

    how to load your Vmax.

    Well many of you know I am going to visit Sean next weekend. The Vmax is mounted to a ATV shipping crate/ frame, that I slightly modified. Then I figured out the best way to load my Vmax. Yep looks like I better break out the Bobcat for this job...:punk: G
  6. vmaxcruzer

    Pre load

    Anyone ever pop the top on your forks and find a 3-4 inch pre-load exposure? I took the top off a buddys forks last night and BOOOING! Funny thing was that the oil level was WAY LOW. Factory springs with home made spacers. He's getting my old progressive springs. Some people have just enough...
  7. KJShover

    Talk about a load of crap.

    From the newsfeed section, This moron needs to stay off bikes period.:404: Man Sues Moto-Shop For Being "Forced to Utilize the Front Brakes" By Gabe Ets-Hokin "Don't use them front brakes, son," is what Beaumont, Texas' Daryl L. James' daddy must have said to him when he was a tot. That...
  8. vmax1125

    load equalizers

    what is the best option for load equalizers i am installing led turns and i know they need them. i see some guys here made them or just buy them and be done. where is the best place to buy them? Chris

    Load equalizers

    i put new turnsignals on my max , not led , but these cool "mini stalker " with smoked lenes . They look great , but the bulbs draw less watts then the original ones , so i have to install load equalizers , has anyone else had to do this ?
  10. Rusty McNeil

    load equalizers

    OK, I pulled off the halogen lampp minblinkers I had on the bike and replaced them with LED blinkers. I already had leds in the front. I am now in need of a load equalizer. Does anyone know the actual OHM value of a load equalizer? I don't plan on buying one I just wanna go to Radio...