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  1. nighthawk s

    service manual/repair manual

    I'm wondering if anyone has or knows where I can get a Yamaha repair/shop manual that covers the 2005 v max. I'm looking for the Yamaha factory one.
  2. Hijinx1812

    WR rearset install manual

    Hey guys, Does anyone have or have access to a pdf of the wr rearset install manual? I want to install them but don’t know what size bolts and spacers go where! Thanks
  3. T

    Manual Fan Switch Connection

    With summer stop-and-go riding upon us, I would like to install a manual override switch for the cooling fans. I have a Gen 1 '99. However, I have searched the forum and watched videos, but there's no description or pictures of where you find the two wires to splice in the switch. This was the...
  4. Shredder

    Clymer service manual

    Ive got a very lightly used clymer service manual. Sold my vmax and dont need it anymore. Cant remember what i paid for it. Make me an offer plus shipping. This thing is like brand new. Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  5. Red Rocker

    Service Manual

    Just want to confirm if an 01 Vmax Yamaha Service Manual is good to use for an 06, or are they different? Thanks.
  6. E

    PDF repair manual for Gen 2. 2010

    Does anyone have a pdf repair manual for a gen 2. 2010
  7. blaxmax

    Sasy manual
  8. W

    Manual lever Vboost control?

    Well, since my boost controler has crapped out, and I would rather not fork up the bucks to replace it, I tried jumpering the servo to leave the boost open and gave it a test run. Ran great above 5 grand as long as the throttle was cranked open. Ran terrible at lower rpms and low cruise speeds...
  9. U

    Shop Manual

    Looking for a service manual for my 1985. Ok with downloadable, but would prefer hard copy. Thanks
  10. Shorty

    Online manual

    G'day guys. Just wondering if anyone knows where I can download a PDF workshop manual for my 98? I've found the owners and service manuals but not the workshop manual. Does anyone know if these things even exist online? Cheers Stu
  11. WonkoTheSane

    Cyclepedia Service Manual

    I'd considered buying a subscription to the Cyclepedia service manual, but then stumbled upon a version of it in the Amazon Kindle store As...
  12. B

    Manual Supplements

    I have a 1992 VMax 12D and am in possession of a VMX12N, NC-K, KC hard copy manual with all of its supplements. My question is, is there a 12D supplement and does anyone have one? I have scoured the forums and have yet to find anything regarding the proper electrical diagrams for a 12D. All...
  13. R

    Manual fan switch with auto shut off

    Yes, I'm crazy. Wanted the utility of cooling the engine on demand, without having to remember to turn fan off, and without jacking with the Outlaw Sensor, rumored to have issues. So.... I went wild. In process of uploading images. Please wait.
  14. wildweasel_pt

    Keihin FCR maintenance manual

    Hi all Im looking for a manual of some sort or something similar for disassembly/assembly/maintenance of Keihin FCR Downdraft carburettors. If someone can help me i'd be highly appreciative... Thanks in advance
  15. A

    Original owners manual

    Hi. Just throwing this out , does anyone have a factory Yamaha Vmax 1996 owners manual? If so let me know how much you want for it. Thanks.
  16. donnelly317

    which service manual??

    I went to and the service manual PDF DL has VMX12E(C), H(C), U(C), S(C), and N(C).. Which one do I use???? i pritty much just want the torques for anything on the front end ei Calipers,rotors, triple tree brackets... Im installing the 05 forks on my 85 tonight and tomorrow...
  17. wildweasel_pt

    Cool online manual but...

    Hi all The other day a friend pointed me to this site and it was available for browsing. It looked really cool with lots of hi res photos. Unfortunately not anymore... Does anyone have a subscription on this that can share with the forum? Or we can share costs and have a common user for the...
  18. a113ycat

    1985 VMX12 N,NC~K, KC Complete Service Manual

    I posted this in another thread but though maybe someone not looking their may find it here... There are other models and manufacturer manuals on this site as well..
  19. Sniper Predator

    Gas Cap Manual / Tutorial for Dry Rotted or Cracked Gas Cap Seals

    Want to replace your gas cap seal and not loose having one key for all locks? Well, now you can with this tutorial. My gas caps seal was cracked, so I originally started to see if I can just replace the gas cap seal, one thing led to another.... I figured out how to replace every piece down...
  20. hubeerjw

    Manual VBoost Idea

    I am currently running with the VBoost wide open. I have the servo and controller removed and I took a piece of brake line (metal tubing) cut a slit in it with a dremel down the length of the tube, slid the vboost wire in it and let the metal end rest on the outside (hopefully that makes sense)...