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  1. U

    Milage variance with bigger tires?

    I used to get to about 114 miles before the fuel light came on with the stock tires, now I have a 170 on the rear, 150 on the front and it comes on around 90 miles? Does this sound right? Can someone explain it to me?
  2. C

    bad gas milage and missing plugs

    Im looking for a little help with a '97 gettting around 16 mpg. I just got the bike so I don't know any history on it. the only aftermarket items i notice is the supertrapp exhaust. One of the coils was bad so i converted it to COP. Everything else seems to be stock. Each carb is missing a...
  3. E

    Mint Low milage Yamaha FZ1 Retro edition, rare Bike is Really clean if anyone's interested
  4. G

    high milage on 2005

    I'm looking at a 2005 max with 42000 miles. Bike is extremely clean and appears well maintained. Should I be concerned with this high milage. Adult owned, original owner, clean as I've seen
  5. Blacklightning

    Why such low milage?

    Well, I have sold my zzr1200 and should be selling my M109R in a week or so. I am looking at getting a 2nd gen. Vmax, but I have noticed a trend. Most of the Vmax's are sort of low milage. That is what I want when looking at a bike, but is there a reason why the milage is so low on most of...
  6. Karmakatt

    Choke and Low Milage??

    Hey guys- On average I get 130km or 80 Miles till my light comes on. First off, it's warming up in Canada finally and I'm using the choke less and less. Basically, I keep Adjusting the choke lower and lower till I reach my idle. I've kept it choked for quite a while when it's -5 C or 23 F...
  7. mgosset1

    Lowest Milage on a Gen I

    Trying to get a 2001 has 1,888 miles on it....anyone else dealing with low milage Gen I Vmax's....about to get the carb issue straighened out on it..I got top dollar in this bike..5,700.....low miles make it worth that much to me..These bikes bring top dollar here in...
  8. D

    fuel mileage

    I have only put 245 miles on my 1990 vmax it is stock except for uni foam air filter and the exhaust has been modified with 5 3/8 holes in cans. as far as i know everthing inside is stock. my question is i am already on my fourth tank of gas and only avg. about 75 miles onthe first two so i...
  9. R

    Amsoil, gas milage and Harley types

    Lets start with amzoil 20-50 synthetic oil. I dumped the old oil out that the previous owner had in.The clutch was draging a bit when cold.Had this same issue with my last harley...figured if it worked on that bike, it should work on the max." It did" No more drag.:eusa_dance: So my buddy and I...
  10. I

    Mileage question

    I have stock carbs, slip-on mufflers, the needle clip is on the 4 slot from the blunt end, my AF screw is 4 turns out, filled the tank using 87 octane no ethanol, reset the odometer, rode the bike, Fuel light came on a 50 miles! What do I have set up wrong? Thanks
  11. Diablotin

    milage pb after jet kit stage 1

    Hi guys, hope I can get some help here since I don't know what else to do now. Since I got my bike I have bad millage, specifically since I almost do only city driving I guess (around 65 miles per tank). But since I install the full exhaust system and add a DJ stage 1 things are getting...
  12. warrior273

    fuel milage ? part 2

    In my previous post I said i was only getting 80 miles until my fuel light came on, instead of 100 miles. Well I had the carbs adjusted and synced, and it's still the same. I also checked the milage and speedo and that all checked out. What the hell is going on? For a year I was getting the 100...
  13. warrior273

    Fuel milage ?

    When I bought the bike about a year ago when ever I reached 100 miles my fuel light came on, but know when i hit 80 miles it comes on. What could be the issue here? I recently change the fuel sensor, could that be the problem?
  14. Calimus

    Fuel Milage?

    Ok, so I've got to ask. What kind of fuel milage should i expect to see from a bone stock Vmax? My daily commute is like this. 10 miles of stop & go city traffic 18 miles of interstate 2 miles of not so much stop & go. I know the biggest factor is staying the hell out of vboost...