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  1. VMaxIslandKai

    Parts For Sale Gen 1 Chrome Pieces For Sale (Post 1 of 4)

    (Posted on FB as well; some of these parts may go to eBay world as well - Starting in our community here and on FB first.) I need to make four separate posts in order to get the pictures on because only 10 pictures can be made per post. Chrome parts for sale: Check them out fellas- off the...
  2. 98VMax71

    New here, 98Vmax MOD questions

    Hi all! I have a 98 runs great and I am ready to do some mods. I just ordered VooDoo exhaust and I am considering doing a carb kit and K&N filters. I live in Colorado and have been told to not do the carb kit.... due to our elevation. Any Ideas??? :ummm:
  3. Badassmachinist

    Pipes,jetting and air box mods good for only 10 HP ?

    Still doing my reading, correct me if I'm wrong but a stone stock bike dynos, between 105 and 110 and a four into one with jetting and intake mods only 120 HP? Doesn't seem like much for$1200
  4. S

    Mods required for exhaust swap?

    Hey there! I was out at our dealership the other day and I got to hear the vmax with one of the first UFO pipes they made, its was a 4 into 1. And my god, that sound. Obnoxiously loud, but terrifyingly fierce. This lead me on a hunt to find a 4-1 exhaust system and I came up with the Brock one...
  5. radley

    Want New Easy Mods, Mirrors, Lights...

    I'm looking for new mirrors to put on my 85 Vmax. Does anyone have recommendations? I have a stock looking Vmax, original purple color, nothing's been done aesthetically outside of some chroming done on side covers (scoops?) and couple other things here and there., What are the covers called...
  6. Johnc1go

    New Turn Signal Mods

    I wanted the UFO Radiance front signals, but I think I like this better. I got the idea from a member over at starvmax. I got the integrated tail late from a rider friend nearby.
  7. Q

    Gen II Mods, with stock exhaust_Re Post

    I am attempting to re-post this topic. I have a new, but 2014 model Gen II Vmax. Just bought the bike and paid cash, so mod funds are a bit low for awhile. I have removed the airbox baffle and installed the K&N filter. I also put on the PUIG windscreen (pic is in my gallery). Other...
  8. Q

    Gen 2 mods with stock exhaust?

    Hello, I'm a new Vmax owner that just purchased a “new” but 2014 Silver Vmax. I had the first maint (engine oil and shaft drive oil) done at 500miles. I intend to keep the stock cat and exhaust for a while, as I paid cash for the bike (and that depleted my funding :bang head:)...
  9. ricko

    1985 VMAX with mods For Sale -SOLD-

    For Sale 1985 Yamaha VMAX One Owner 16,870 miles CL First production year for the VMAX. It has Dynojet Stage 1 carb kit, Kerker 4 to 1 pipe, Bullet Windscreen and Sissy Bar added. At 15,538 miles I restored it after being stored in the garage...
  10. 1st Shirt Maxer

    New Build, Lots of Mods

    Starting this cold wintery day in Oklahoma, I started tearing the bike down for a 1 off custom build that will include memories from my now 22 years in the Air Force. Here is the starting pictures and I will upload new ones as I complete different segments.
  11. D

    85 Vmax with plenty of mods -SOLD-

    The bike could be made true again with a couple hundred in wiring harnesses from Morley, or you could use it as a clean title parts bike. Here are the details: Bike recently had an electrical fire near the ignition, not sure what all was damaged but there is a terrible pic of it below...
  12. Falaholic

    Who are the mods here?

    Who are the mods here?
  13. T

    FS: '03 Vmax, 19K, Excellent Condition, Nice Mods, Carbondale, IL -SOLD-

    Here's the copy-and-paste from my Craigslist ad: For sale is my '03 Vmax. It has 19,7xx miles on it as of this posting. I used to have a '98 and it was the only bike I've sold that I missed. Last Spring, my wife somehow agreed to let me purchase another Vmax, and I ended up with this beauty...
  14. C

    Nice 07 Vmax lots of mods for $7500
  15. J

    Anniversary 05 Mods (Steve Harris)

    Sad to say that my brother Steve recently passed on following a short illness. I am selling his bike for his wife who is in need. 41k miles (still tight, no issues), suspension set up is excellent, many mods / extras Wheels Exhaust Carb mods Progressive front and rear Super Brace...
  16. N

    1986 VMax No Mods and Unmolested in Nebraska

    Hey there. I am looking to sell my 86 VMax with under 30K miles. It's in amazing condition and the VBoost was ul unnecessarily replaced a year ago. I don't remember what the issue was (from the previous owner) but he replaced the VBoost system, but his issue ended up being something else that...
  17. M

    My Mods thus far...

    Bought my 07 max stock apparently it was a California model that someone removed the Cali. garbage upon purchase. What I have changed: UFO Dragstar 4-2-1 single slash cut exhaust Changed main jets to 155. Removed Y *may put Y back on when it gets colder here. K&N single OEM replacement...
  18. ga_max

    Where to start (minor mods and additions)

    I'm the very happy owner of a 1994 VMAX. I've wanted one since the first came out and it only took me 29 years to finally get one. It has 17K mile but looks like new. No slippage in any gears, idles smooth and sounds great. As far as I know it's pretty much stock with the exception on a K&N air...
  19. H

    por mans performance mods

    ok so how do we get sum mour performance without braking the bank on a dead stok 94 max were to start ? :ummm::confused2::ummm:
  20. N

    Airbox mods list- what I did

    Just thought I'd share with ya'll a list of mods I did to the airbox. So I have a K&N filter (single large type) and noticed that there is extra lip around the area where air enters. Remove the faux tank cover and look at the airbox. On top of it, there are screws holding the actual little...