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  1. S

    Morley's brake adaptor -SOLD-

    This is the bracket for using Hyabusa 6 pot caliper with 320mm rotors. Does not include the bolts. $25 shipped to conus.
  2. pikipikos

    Help from SEAN MORLEY

    Hi Sean, i need your advise. I refurbished a Vmax1200 1994 recently..on tje front fork rebuild i installed Wirth progressive springs and removed plastic spacers because lenght was as stock measure (381.5 mm) i guess. Now can i install Racetech emulators? Racetech states that i will have lenght...
  3. J

    MANY Thanx to Sean Morley!

    Don't really know how to thank Sean enuf for helping get parts and sharing his knowledge to get my 97 Max running correctly.. Water pump rebuild, Carb float fix, head light fuse fix, steel braided brake lines, throttle cable and seat cover...thank you Mr. Morley!
  4. BorgBiker

    Morley Muscle Seat - Amazing!

    I received my seat from Sean Morley a couple of days ago. Wow, is it amazing! Not only was it the easiest mod I've done, it's definitely in my top three best bang for the buck mods! I've got about an hour of saddle-time on it today at lunch, and it still felt better than the stocker did after 1...
  5. D

    Morley Muscle

    Hello all, Been out of the loop for awhile due to workup for deployment. Came back and tried going to Morley Muscle website to price some mods. Anyone else having issues getting to the site? Nick
  6. blaxmax

    Happy Birthday Mr. Morley

    :happybday: Thank you for your time and priceless information, Very much appreciated.
  7. Lotsokids

    Chrome Scoops from Morley's Muscle Installed (pics)

    I stripped and polished my original scoops, but I was never really satisfied. There were some burn marks and discoloration that would not go away. So I worked a little overtime and bought chrome scoops from Sean at Morley's Muscle. They are very beautiful and SO MUCH EASIER maintenance. The...
  8. N

    Morley's Hayabusa conversion

    I wanted to let you guys know I did Sean's dual hyabusa brake upgrade with stainless lines and 320 mm rotors. Holy. Crap. This thing is awesome. Way more confidence inspiring and much better than stock. It's a 2000 so I already had the updated brakes. Damn, if you're thinking of upgrading, do...
  9. V

    Denver area Corbin or Morley Muscle seat?

    Denver area Corbin, Maxgasser, or Morley Muscle seat? I'm wondering if anyone in the Denver area that owns either the corbin or morley seat (or maxgasser even) would be generous enough to let me test it out? I'm in the market for a new seat and kind of stuck between the two. I'm a pretty big...
  10. T

    Morley vs Stage 7 AFR

    For those who swapped between both kits, did you noticed a leaner or richer one (without any jet or exhaust changes) ? Because this is what i found on my bike : 1) Stage 7 with 150 mains 177.5 PAJ2 100 PAJ1 S7 needle 1.5 groove from top => 12.3-12.5 AFR at WOT 2) Morley kit with 147.5...
  11. M

    Morley Seat came in!

    I love this thing already and I haven't even used it yet. I sent my carbs off this week so I won't be riding until they get back, and maybe even after that for a while (Child #2 is due any day now). In with the new (not bolted in yet) And out with the old... Thanks Sean!
  12. CrackerRican

    Sean Morley

    Gotta tell you guys, I've done a lot business with Sean & will continue doing business with him. He's modding up a backrest for my Virago riser & chroming it for me. While I'm waiting for it, I ordered chrome OEM backrest so my wife can ride with me. I received it the first week of Feb. It had a...
  13. Lotsokids

    Kudos to Sean @ Morley's Muscle

    Big thanks to Sean. I purchased a plastic fuel pump body from him and he shipped it to Hungary. Installed today and no problems or leaks. It's a challenge for me to get parts here, but Sean made it happen. :D
  14. dmax1

    Morley E-mail

    I cannot get my email to go thru to seans email account and I need A new part from him. Does anybody have an email address to contact him with:ummm:
  15. J

    Sean Morley

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with Sean. I think I have a tranny prob and need to talk to him. The number I have for him ends in 8411 and isn't a good number. Any help with be most appreciated. Thanks, John Varnadoe
  16. hijacker

    Sean Morley MIA?

    Anyone know if Sean Morley is on vacation or something? I ordered parts and sent Sean the money about 3 weeks ago to replace my starter clutch and since then no contact back from him, which is not like him at all. The other times I've ordered parts he shipped them right away. Just wondering...
  17. dij0674

    A Big Thank You to Sean Morley for Helping me Finish What I Started

    This is a post three years in the works. I started a Vmax rebuild project three years ago, and got in way over my head. Sean was great with advice, parts, and answered all of my questions. Long story short, I rebuilt my motor, and it blew up in 500 miles...As you can imagine I was not very...
  18. motox909

    A big thanks to Sean Morley

    I've been fighting with my 99 vmax for a few years thinking it was a problem with the carbs. The bike runs rough when warmed up and in stop and go traffic. It would stall at lights and at intersections when hot. tried all the cleaning methods recommended on the forum and synced the carbs a...
  19. V

    morley's hd oiling cure VS pcw pro oiler mod

    hi guys i d like to uprgrade my oil system, can someone tell me what s the difference between morley's hd oiling cure and pcw pro oiler mod? which the best if there's a "best" mod ? thanks for your help philippe
  20. hypermax

    Thank You to PATMAX and Sean Morley

    Had PATMAX powder coat my backrest and luggage rack in gunmetal. One of my side brackets was cracked and out of the scope of repair that PATMAX could do. I contacted Sean to see if he had one I could purchase and he said no but he could repair mine. Sean's repair worked great and PATMAX'S powder...