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  1. mike sailing

    morleys muscle seat

    I was wondering how much the seat for 2nd jen would be .thanks mike
  2. Mighty

    2014 Harley Vrod Muscle with only 1,800 miles Located in Michigan
  3. Fire-medic

    vintage muscle car strip info

    Here is a database from contemporary car magazines of hot Detroit iron, usually listing car specs and 0-60 & 1/4-mile times, as well as rated HP. You can debate the 413 Mopar Wedge vs. the 406 FE Ford, the 260/289 Ford Police Interceptor vs. the 327 Chevy, the Buick 455 Stage 1 vs, the...
  4. Regular Guy

    Morleys Muscle

    Is anyone else having trouble with this website? I click on the banner up top and then it shows the site for a split second then redirects me elsewhere. I googled it and clicked on it, same deal! I want to check out the place, maybe spend some cash but it's acting wonky, lol.
  5. BorgBiker

    Morley Muscle Seat - Amazing!

    I received my seat from Sean Morley a couple of days ago. Wow, is it amazing! Not only was it the easiest mod I've done, it's definitely in my top three best bang for the buck mods! I've got about an hour of saddle-time on it today at lunch, and it still felt better than the stocker did after 1...
  6. D

    Morley Muscle

    Hello all, Been out of the loop for awhile due to workup for deployment. Came back and tried going to Morley Muscle website to price some mods. Anyone else having issues getting to the site? Nick
  7. one2dmax

    Famous 2009 Coming to Morleys Muscle

    New acquisition coming soon to Morleys Muscle. Plan is to re-baseline it with me in the drivers seat and see what it does. Then make changes as needed.
  8. one2dmax

    Muscle Items for Sale

    Lots of stuff in our sale album! Email always works best to contact me. [email protected]
  9. one2dmax

    2016 Morleys Muscle Items Sale Thread

    I'm going to close out the previous sale thread and start a fresh one for this year. Look for new items (and some old) that are sale items or one off stuff coming shortly! As always email directly works best at [email protected] Sean Morley [email protected] (email) 316-619-8411 (call or text)
  10. Lotsokids

    Chrome Scoops from Morley's Muscle Installed (pics)

    I stripped and polished my original scoops, but I was never really satisfied. There were some burn marks and discoloration that would not go away. So I worked a little overtime and bought chrome scoops from Sean at Morley's Muscle. They are very beautiful and SO MUCH EASIER maintenance. The...
  11. one2dmax

    Muscle Shop - Going to Europe

    Guys/Gals, Getting ready to head out of town and towards the 30th anniversary event in France. So, I will not be available until after Labor Day. I do have a few items we're going to get set aside to ship and may be able to get some stuff for you last minute guys as well. Until then, have...
  12. V

    Denver area Corbin or Morley Muscle seat?

    Denver area Corbin, Maxgasser, or Morley Muscle seat? I'm wondering if anyone in the Denver area that owns either the corbin or morley seat (or maxgasser even) would be generous enough to let me test it out? I'm in the market for a new seat and kind of stuck between the two. I'm a pretty big...
  13. one2dmax

    Muscle Low Rise Backrest Pad

    Just got the first batch of low rise bars ready with the new pads. This can be done on an exchange or outright. Email me for more details. This will require the OEM backrest and the low bar can be used in place of the tall bar. Will get a pic of one mounted up when I can. Sean
  14. Lotsokids

    Kudos to Sean @ Morley's Muscle

    Big thanks to Sean. I purchased a plastic fuel pump body from him and he shipped it to Hungary. Installed today and no problems or leaks. It's a challenge for me to get parts here, but Sean made it happen. :D
  15. one2dmax

    New Muscle Gauges

    More photo's added all the time as we get more of these in with different configurations. The dual gauge is GPS based so no speedo cable. Perfect for the inverted front ends (note we can also provide a billet speedo eliminator if desired). ALSO, has a tach built in with shift light! The tach...
  16. Traumahawk

    Muscle jet tuning game plan

    Edited for content
  17. Karmakatt

    Muscle Kit, Sound Improvement??

    I was wondering this and wanted to ask for a while now... I have Sean's Kit installed but there's a lot of work to be done before she's Dynoed and tuned. Should a Kit make a noticeable difference in sound? I was already running Jon's Slashcuts 4-2 which were already tuned and Jetted and she...
  18. S

    Happy in New Zealand with my morleys muscle kit

    I bought a morleys muscle kit, I needed to add four New diaphrams ( wasn't expecting that but 3 had a few tiny holes). I can't believe the improvement, the throttle response Is much better AND the exhaust note is way better , sounds meaty as. A big thanks to Sean Morley , excellent...
  19. SpecOps13

    My Dream Muscle Car Has Arrived

    Now, How The Hell Do I Get One...?:bang head: Dodge introduces 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat Click to enlarge picture 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Dodge introduced its most powerful...
  20. S

    A huge thank you to the forum and to Sean of Morley's Muscle

    I wanted to take an opportunity to thank all the helpful members of this forum. Last year my 99 V-Max would only run with the choke on, boy was I stressed even to the point of considering to sell it. Money is tight for everyone including my household. I did not want to put an additional...