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  1. rick67ca

    Here's a nice one - not mine
  2. RaWarrior

    Nice deal in Austin

    Tempting, but no room in the stable right now. Low miles bone stock survivor.
  3. effingidiot

    nice light.
  4. M

    Nice factory case guards $130 delivered -SOLD-

    OEM guards for sale. Will included all bolts and spacers needed to mount.
  5. Fire-medic

    Do we want a Mr. Nice Guy award to go to someone?

    Trying to make a template for someone to be nominated.
  6. J

    Nice guy award

    Can someone show me how to nominate someone for this award-been looking all day and can't find a thing. Thank you.
  7. VMax-Mike

    Nice 2002 vmax for sale
  8. V

    Out and about today... nice day

    A little wind but nothing to sneeze at. My oldest son came to visit for spring break. Took a couple of pics of his iron beast. It's a 2011 Nightster 1200. It's a lightweight.
  9. V

    Out and about today... nice day

    A little wind but nothing to sneeze at. My oldest son came to visit for spring break. Took a couple of pics of his iron beast. It's a 2011 Nightster 1200.
  10. CaptainKyle

    Nice 77 Goldwing

    1977 Goldwing 15,200 original miles. I have been around Goldwings many years & I have to say this is one of the cleanest original unrestored wings I have ever seen. I bought it out of a private collection about a year ago where it sat in a climate cotrolled room. I completely rebuilt the carbs...
  11. TB99Max

    Another nominee for Mr. Nice guy award

    I would also like to nominate Dragmaxster for the mr nice guy award. He also came out and spent the majority of the day at my house helping me get the Vmax all dialed in.
  12. TB99Max

    Nominee for mr nice guy award!

    I would like to nominate blaxmax for a mr. Nice guy award. In another thread I explained the issues I was having and Blax and Dragmaxster drove 80 plus miles one way to my house and stayed pretty much all day until my bike was fixed!
  13. H

    Nice original looking 85 in MD Hard to tell from pictures but pretty much never seen motor paint that nice on an 85.
  14. vanbry

    Nice little addition to my car window

    Playing with my new vinyl cutter tonight :-) Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. caseyjones955

    nice piped gen 1 in Eastern MT for $2500. on CL

    I dont know the seller or the bike, just noticed the ad a few times and figured it might interest someone looking. I cant link from the phone but its easy to find. Looks like a great bike for the price if it is a legit ad.
  16. M

    Really nice max but needs TLC

    Got a life changing event and need to sell. Body work is MINT. Not running at this time 3k takes all. Been sitting a few years. zip is 08833 NJ
  17. Barry barker

    Nice Rear View Mirrors

    Nice set of rear view mirrors that can be mounted to stock posts. One mirror has a small chip which is visible in the photo. The are used but nice. $20.00 delivered in the lower 48. OBO Stock post shown as visual aid only and is not included. Unless you need it, LOL I noticed that these...
  18. Fire-medic

    1985, pretty nice

    Not mine, no one I know, -'fire-medic' This is in Detroit area. 1985 VMAX. The original drag bike. The good-Custom seat, custom metal flake orange paint, custom blinkers, K&N air filters, gold emulators, progressive springs and shocks, frame brace, speed dampner, fly screen, cafe handle bars...
  19. C

    Z06 Corvette.... man are they nice!

    I tried to get one to race me the other night. I usually don't go looking for trouble. But for some reason I thought it would be funny. Was a older guy in the red beauty. We were rolling around 80 mph on the highway with no one around, around 10 pm at night. I dropped to 2nd gear and hit the...
  20. T

    FS: '03 Vmax, 19K, Excellent Condition, Nice Mods, Carbondale, IL -SOLD-

    Here's the copy-and-paste from my Craigslist ad: For sale is my '03 Vmax. It has 19,7xx miles on it as of this posting. I used to have a '98 and it was the only bike I've sold that I missed. Last Spring, my wife somehow agreed to let me purchase another Vmax, and I ended up with this beauty...