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  1. R

    Near Dayton Ohio?

    Any vmax riders in this area?
  2. VMax-Mike

    Is anyone riding ohio michigan area on 9-13-15

    Look like the weather is going to be nice a great day to ride. So fare I'm the only one riding and I would like meet up with other riders if anyone wants to ride let me know. I will be leaving the house at 8am and I can ride all day.
  3. bazwell

    chassiswerks Ohio ripped me off

    This is a heads up. I bought a widened swingarm for my *cough* hd *cough* from chassiswerks online store. I didn't get it. They said they were covered by insurance, and would send another one. I still didn't get it. They said they were covered by insurance again. I asked them for...
  4. VMax-Mike

    5/3/15 Michigan Ohio Indiana area ride

    I live in Adrian Michigan and it looks like a great day to ride if anyone wants to hook up. I like to do long days when i ride so i'm open to what ever from 7am to 10pm. Maybe a loop through all three state's.
  5. lastwhiteman

    Central or Southern Ohio riders

    Anybody in the central or southern Ohio area up for weekday riding? I work Friday through Sunday so I miss almost all events around here. respond here if anybody wants to go "burn rice".
  6. vmax2extreme

    2007 vmax $3800 in OHIO

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4iQ3okzEalU Reduced to $3800 http://cincinnati.craigslist.org/mcd/4749898967.html http://www.racersedge411.com/edge/racersedge/admin/bike.php?id=b9720f04a2e380382fd52b1761e9e8cc Just needs a set of stock or slip on exhaust pipes. Looks really clean too!
  7. jwood

    Casa Fiesta Norwalk, Ohio 6/27/14

    I was in town eating dinner, as we were leaving saw a Vmax parked on the side of the patio! anyone's here?
  8. dingy

    Snow Rollers in Ohio

    There are hundreds of these in at a soccer field I went by today at lunch. They are somewhat rare, conditions need to be in a tight range of several parameters for them to form. There are trails behind them where they rolled across ground. It was about 34 deg. F. over the weekend at times...
  9. L

    New from central ohio area

    I've been lurking and reading since I bought my Vmax last July, thought I'd share what I got with you guys. It's my first bike and so far I'm loving it. It's a 1986 Vmax with an engine out of a 2004 along with the 2004 ignition and wiring harness. ( at least that's what I was told it was by...
  10. VMax-Mike

    Ohio mile

    Has anyone been to this. Its in wilminton ohio about 216 mile from me. I plan on going if anyone wants to join me http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q_ZJuSS2s7k http://ecta-lsr.net/?page_id=950
  11. S

    Dayton, Ohio area?

    Anyone in Dayton, Ohio/Fairborn area on Vmax's? I live on base at Wright-Patt, I've seen one black 1st Gen in Area-B. and one on Col. Glenn highway I was on my Blue 88 and passed someone On their driveway on a yellow 1st gen, we waved lol. If anyone's on here hit me up!
  12. J


    Any Ohio Maxers that would like to put a ride together, let me know. I'll organize it. We can tour Amish country, Lake Erie, the hills of Ohio, river front tour. Ideas?????? I'll make it work. We need to strut or stuff!!!
  13. VMax-Mike

    Is anyone in lower michigan or ohio riding on saturday 5-11-13

    I will be riding somewhere this weekend. Let me know if you can ride.........MIKE
  14. 95spfldmax

    AMA Vintage Days at Mid Ohio

    OK. Now that Thunder is winding down the next event up I believe is the AMA Vintage Days at Mid Ohio............... The countdown is just over 3 weeks. The wife & I are leaving here on 7/18 and checking in on 7/19 so I can enjoy the event bright and early starting Friday morning. I already...
  15. J

    Ohio mechanic????

    Anyone out there in Ohio know someone that can tear the carbs apart, clean, retool, rejet, adjust, etc. I bought my 2000 2 years ago from a guy that said it sat in a garage for 5 years. I have put carb cleaner in on reg basis but still just doesnt run smooth at idle speeds and sometimes dies...
  16. J

    North central Ohio ???

    any maxers out there in Ohio??? maybe put a ride together this summer. lot of great county roads. Drop a line and we can make it happen.
  17. 06VMAXIMUS

    Ohio Bike Week

    :eusa_dance:Ohio bike week festivities started yesterday in Sandusky, and run thru June 10th. I've got some grad parties today, but I'm going to try to make it up tomorrow or one day next week. Always a good time with plenty of different things to do and shows to watch! Check out...
  18. daves86vmax

    Portsmouth Ohio Floodwall Murals

    got in what is probably the last decent roadtrip of the year to the flood wall murals in portsmouth ohio.just over 200 miles down and back.stopped at the portsmouth brewery and had a really good meal and a couple local beers.the blue and silver Vmax is my brother Dans.
  19. jwood

    Anyone in the Cincinnati, Ohio area?

    Subject said it all... Sent using the Wireless High Speed Data Network on Verizon Wireless
  20. daves86vmax

    route 255 ohio

    saturday my buddy Paul(on his GSXR 750) and i set out around 9 a.m. for the ohio river.took 78 and 260 down and 255 back,along with a number of other roads.got back in lancaster around 7 p.m. and roughly 310 miles later.awesome day to ride as long as we were moving(temps were in the low to mid...