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  1. S

    ECU reflashing options

    My bike came with a PCV/autotune. I plan on getting the Nash reflash. What happens to the pcv/autotune when I do this, leave it on , pull it, what? Is there any reason to keep them?
  2. Lotsokids

    Hole in Clutch Cover From Rear Brake Lever - Repair Options?

    I recently bought V-Max #4 (in my lifetime). Last weekend I discovered some black sealant on the clutch cover just behind the rear brake lever. Apparently the bike had been down before on the right side punching a hole into the clutch cover with the brake lever. The cover itself is discontinued...
  3. Lotastyle

    Radiator angle or other options

    Thanks to anyone taking a moment to read this inquiry. I was recently looking at the lower frame tabs that hold the bottom of the radiator in place and slightly away from the front of the vmx1200 frame. I think an inch or more could be gained by shaving the tabs off and pulling the lower...
  4. V

    Rear Wheel Options

    Hello guys I am new to the Vmax and I have been doing some searching and some of the post are old and I see a lot of vendors have decided to go a different direction. Hard to sort on google without getting skewed results when sorting the stock wheel look with a swing arm and by 17s and 18s...
  5. D-Max2012

    Need more mirror options

    Anyone using mirror adapters to increase your choice of mirrors out there? I'm looking to replace my long stems (chrome peeling off from road rash), but trying to something that threads onto Yamaha's reverse thread, is a PITA. I see there are adapters that might do the trick. Just...
  6. T

    Marks exhaust- different muffler options?

    HI , just seeing what options I have to open to me. I have a Mark's 4-2 stainless system. Love the sound but its slowly killing my ears.. even with ear plugs. I do sound work and my ears are important and I dont know much about the exhaust options. I bought the bike with the full system...
  7. M

    piston ring options

    Is there an alternative to Yamaha OEM for piston rings. Any options more affordable?
  8. Conman

    Supercharger Options?

    I've been reading up and from what I can tell Magnacharger is the only option for a supercharger on the gen 1 and they're out of business? Are there any options that I'm missing?
  9. E

    15 or 16 inch front wheel options? Gen 1

    is there anyone out there running a smaller size front? If so which? Someone said that 80's Ventures might be an option, but they are 18's. Yes, i like balloon tires :biglaugh:
  10. Lotsokids

    Shift Light Options

    I've been checking into stand-alone shift lights. I don't like where the V-Max tach is located. It's hard to find a small tach with a shift light to attach near the speedo. But I found this on Ebay...
  11. S

    What are my options for LED headlights

    Basically the headlights on my 98' are nowhere near bright enough for me and I figured with LED I'll save a few watts and get much more lumes.:punk:
  12. D

    HID headlight options

    Just curious what there are for options for HID lighting. I have looked around the web for awhile, and cant find a whole lot of info out there. What is available that is fairly easy to make work?
  13. E

    Bag Ideas or options

    Well I love my max, but I need some storage space and these easy off textile bags aren't going to last. I was looking at these...
  14. S

    Buying a windshield, what are my options?

    So as usual I'm getting stomped with shopping for accessories for my 02':ummm:. Newest being a windshield, mainly being I don't want to buy one that doesn't fit, or does absolutely nothing :bang head:. I'm 5'5" and by the end of this month I plan on having the UFO starfighter seat meaning I'll...
  15. M

    Thanks options on posts?

    I was wondering after getting great info like normal from the forum, "why isn't there a "thanks" or "like" option for someone's response or post?" The FZ6 forum I am a member off since that is my other bike has an option to mark a post with a thanks so that member knows you found their post...
  16. E

    To wide for my mirrors... Extension options

    So I ride with my club an awful lot. I really need to be able to see better behind me. I'm a big fella and I'm just to wide for these stock mirrors. I've considered bar ends but I don't know what brands are any good and don't know if I even like them. I'm thinking extensions. Is there a good...
  17. scottybaccus

    OE Style 18" wheel options - Experience?

    I am inching closer to pulling the trigger on a rear wheel for my 2003 Vmax. I currently have the OE machine finish/clear coated wheels. I am looking at the rear, alone, because I just don't have a budget of $2k+. I can swing something south of $1500, though, so this leaves me sorting out a set...
  18. E

    Crash bar options?

    I'm curious what the best crash bars out there for the max are. I'm buying a 2006 and I am also going to want to put a highway peg on. Maybe I can kill two birds with one stone. I tried searching couldn't find too much tbh.
  19. davidon

    Options, Allen bit broke in swingarm pivot bolt

    Broke off before I reached torque spec. Has this happened to anyone? Options to get it out?
  20. snakecharmr

    New front end options?

    Just wondering what options there are for new and better forks? I won't be getting into this project till later this year but was wondering what my options and cost will be. As well if anyone has some pics of different setups plz post.. I'm hoping for one that I can add a steering stabilizer...