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  1. J

    Just picked up a 1991 - New member

    I just purchased a 1991 Vmax with 19,000 miles on it last Friday. I work on all my own junk so am in the initial phase, on the learning curve, where I am not yet familiar with the bike and its quirks. Bike seems to be running well and the first quirk I looked up was if it was normal for the...
  2. vwaxxed

    Picked up a new toy-Not a VMAX

    Got a 98 Cobra from one of my buddies in a trade deal. Really clean car, fun to drive. Haven't decided if I want to keep it, sell it or try to trade it off for something else.
  3. OKCVmax

    Picked up my first 'Max...

    Welp... I got one finally. Been looking for a while. It's a '94, 21.5k miles, pretty much stock. It needs fork seals, tires, a rear brake rotor amd a few other seals and stuff. Got it for $3200. I think I am officially the youngest vmax rider @ 16 years old. :)
  4. Specs95t

    Picked up my FJR Gen1 ABS today

    Hi Guys, So I went and did it. Going to the FJR. I found a 2004 with 6200 miles on it. The PO put on fresh Michelins as part of the deal and I rode it home today. Definitely a nice machine that behaves very differently than the hooligan VMax. What's interesting is that both bikes make 145...
  5. B

    Picked up an 03 Nostalgia So hard

    Hello All! First post! I picked up this 03 V-max to go though and re sell. It has 3800 original miles and it shows. The P/o Passed away and it was sitting a few years. I got an absolute steal on it so I couldn't pass it up. The carbs are currently sitting on my bench in the middle of a rebuild...
  6. sarchin

    picked up another '85 Vmax #1172

    About a month ago I was searching around on Craigslist looking for a Vmax for my wife and I ran across a post in Kentucky for one that was being parted out. I thought the phone number looked familiar, and I pm'd Texas SS Tornado here on the forum, and sure enough it was his! I asked him what...
  7. Traumahawk

    Picked up another Vmax

    I just managed to pick up my other Vmax today. Here are the pics
  8. sarchin

    picked up a wrecked 2006 today

    So, I bought this 2006 Vmax that had been in some sort of weird accident. I got it for a good price, but not sure if I want to fix it up and keep or sell or part it out... The bad: handlebars are bent, some road rash on the clutch master cylinder, left footpegs, windshield/flyscreen and left...
  9. K

    Picked up the Carrozzeria's - Chrome is sweet!!!

    Thank you so much, Sean! We have to pick up tires yet for my rear and for both of the wife's, but they look great!! :punk: I started putting together the wish list after visiting the shop last week. We'll have to see what happens over the winter...
  10. _MaXiPaD_

    Picked up a '97 max, won't stay running.. Please help

    Hey guys.. Bit of a problem.. Just picked up my bike from the transporter (haul bikes ) and the battery rolled out dead.. Eventually since the transporter refused to let me charge my bike with the battery tender he had on his, I had a buddy bring his truck and cables to charge my bike.. We...
  11. R

    Picked her up!!!

    :biglaugh: damm!!...tell me how do you keep your license with this bike??...just drove it home 130 miles..and addicting isnt even close!! its worse than crack!....
  12. vmaxinID

    Salt Lake Ciy SBK, I got picked!!!

    Four of us are riding down for the FIM World Superbike Championship "SBK" in Salk Lake City for memorial weekend. http://www.millermotorsportspark.com/events/featured/big-m-weekend-sbk-usa.html Any of you gonna make it??? I got picked to race in the Kart race on Friday at 12noon...
  13. j2dawson

    I picked up my eBay bike...

    As I said in my other post, my search for a Vmax ended with an eBay purchase. I drove 10 hours round trip to get it. Although I've sold bikes on eBay this is my first bike purchase there. It wasn't nearly as nice as the seller described, "I have here a 1993 VMax in great condition." It is really...
  14. gunrunner

    Picked up my new Max ....

    Did a 1100km return trip friday afternoon - saturday to pick up my 4 month old Max . Im thinking he will be dearer to run the my 92 tho .....
  15. B

    Just picked up an '85, need carb help

    Hi guys, first post here - I just picked up an '85 vmax with 69k miles. Description was that it ran well up until last year, then sat over winter and wouldn't run due to the carbs being gummed up. The owner apparently spent a bunch of money on the carbs with no luck (new diaphrams and some...
  16. G

    Just Picked up my Vmax!!

    I picked up my Vmax today! It is amazing, amazing, amazing!
  17. vmaxride06

    Decent Boot I just Picked up Teknic Sturgis Boots for 35.00 scoots

    http://www.newenough.com/closeouts/boots/teknic/sturgis_motorcycle_boots.html Decent Boot marked down from 90.00 bucks. They should hold up well. They feel great, But bike is parked for season. If anything, a Cheaper shit kicker I guess. Chris
  18. HDKILA

    Just picked up my 85 max!

    Just picked up the ol beast. The guy who owned it was definetly familiar with the max and kept it in very very good shape considering the year. No wobble anywhere in the steering and the forks and whatnot are stock/original! Had a few questions for the gang. 1. The starter is the original...
  19. QuarterHorse

    Picked up a new toy

    Those that are offended by firearms, skip to the bottom, read my sig, and go no further. ;) Seriously though, I'm not debating firearms or the use/carry of them in this thread on this forum. Well I picked it up today, and all I had to take photos with was my camcorder. It's a Para Ordnance...
  20. ZRX/V-MAX

    picked up a new bike this week

    but it's for a bro down in Texas City 2003 ZRX1200 4800 miles 3500.00 :surprise: it was filthy, but cleaned up real nice. I kinda wish I was keeping it for me