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  1. Lotsokids

    My Custom 4-Into-4 Slip-Ons (pics & vids)

    I decided to start this thread since there has been a lot of interest in my custom pipes. This 4-into-4 system was installed on my previous V-Max in Hungary when I bought it there. The previous owner said a friend custom made them for him. I've never seen or heard anything like it. It really...
  2. 2

    OEM VMAX Backrest For Sale (Pics) - Removing from my '92 -SOLD-

    Hi. Removing my OEM backrest (sissybar) from my '92 VMax and its for sale. Here are pics of it. It is in excellent condition. $315 shipped/insured in the U.S. I accept Paypal. No trades for anything. Yes, I'm new around here, but I'm honest. PM me and let me know if you want it. Thank you.
  3. A

    belly pan pics

    I have engine guards and considering one of the exactrep's that will work with them. Any pics installed of the cruiser belly pan? Only one on their site and it's not a very good pic. Others with engine guards as well would be nice to see. It is unfortunate Fatmax is no longer available
  4. V-Four

    Got a package today..(Hint Chrome Pics)

    Hey gang. Been awhile since I’ve been here. Got married to my lovely lady last year (3rd times the charm) ;) , Bought a house ... had a surgery a few months ago.. Well, the warm weather is here..well it was for a minute..whatev. Finally got the max uncovered and washed this year. Somehow...
  5. steamer97

    metering rod pics?

    Anyone know where the pictures are of different and stock metering rods for Gen 1? I once saw pictures of the metering rods on this site and I have tried finding them again now and I haven't been able to. I just want to know which rods are stock, which ones are aftermarket for Gen 1's. Perhaps...
  6. Lotsokids

    Ride to Budapest - Pics + Video

    I had an appointment in Budapest yesterday (about 2 hours away). WHAT A BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! Nearly perfect for a ride. I installed the "race" exhaust and hit the road. You know... I wanted to be that "LOUD" American tearing up Budapest. Ha ha. :rofl_200: In the parking garage, I couldn't...
  7. Lotsokids

    Drag Race Report - in Hungary + PICS

    Hey y'all, Had a TOTAL BLAST last weekend racing the big, bad V-Max at the track. I brought my son who raced his Honda CRM 125. He didn't make it through the eliminations, but I got SECOND PLACE. I'll save my embarrassment and not tell you how many were in my category. The final race was against...
  8. TB99Max

    Aftermarket headlight (please post some pics)

    I was thinking of trying to make this work..... Thoughts, opinions welcome
  9. Lotsokids

    Chrome Scoops from Morley's Muscle Installed (pics)

    I stripped and polished my original scoops, but I was never really satisfied. There were some burn marks and discoloration that would not go away. So I worked a little overtime and bought chrome scoops from Sean at Morley's Muscle. They are very beautiful and SO MUCH EASIER maintenance. The...
  10. TB99Max

    Drag bar pics

    I'm looking for pictures of VMax's with drag bars, I've seen a few different ones. The ones I really want to see a picture of mounted are the bars with the 4 1/2" back sweep. Thanks guys
  11. Lotsokids

    More Old Pics of V-Max I

    I was digging through some old photos and found this one of me and my son around 1997 with my first V-Max (1985 model). He was helping me fix it, also. :biglaugh: He's a college student in Florida now. Where does the time go? Now I have V-Max III in my garage here in Hungary. :oh yeah:
  12. W

    two brake line routing pics

    Hey everyone, I getting ready to order some custom lenth steel braided lines on my vmax. I would like to get away from the splitter and run two lines all the way up to the MC. Anyway, I am lowered 2.5" in the front and have drag bars so my lines are stupid long. I was wondering guys with the two...
  13. J

    New LED voltmeter w/ pics

    Here is what I did today...I really don't like it but it will work for gonna look for a analog voltmeter, ya cant see it in bright daylight,,
  14. Fire-medic

    Redneck pics

    Gotta love 'em! And finally:
  15. H

    Better backrest pics

    Hi, Backrest is sold. Thank You.
  16. scuff

    Thunder Pics

    Just some pics from Thunder :biglaugh:
  17. N

    Finished custom Vmax (pics +vid) plus R1 front fork conversion Q's (All set to swap)

    Hey I just thought I'd drop by and post some pics, she's pretty much all done the way I 'm satisfied with! I did want to ask if anyone has any experiance with R1 parts on Vmax's- I have an 2008 R1, and I was thinking about doing a front fork swap, and maybe the brakes, wheel, hell the whole...
  18. Blurr

    Cool vmax thread (with pics)

    In the eternal quest to find new and different versions of our favorite bike I came across this thread. It's in French so I didn't get much from it but some of the pictures were cool. Few odd/fresh versions among the normal versions anyway...
  19. Bill Seward

    A couple pics of DMAN!! (and the bike!)

  20. N

    New gen one owner saying hi, (pics and vid of bike) + some Q's - Grinding starter???

    Hey fellas' after many years running sportbikes, some of which I still have, I decided to get my all time dream cruiser which is a first GEN VMAX and boy I am not disappointed! A few years ago I decided to pick up Honda V65 magna which I got for a killer price just 400 bucks ..I promptly...