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  1. Kenreesesr

    Front and Rear Stand for 1st Gen Vmax Pit Bull

    For those that may be interested, I will be posting info on a new set of Pit Bull stands for the 1st Gen Vmax. I've been working with Pit Bull using my 2003 Vmax as a template to create a set of stands for the bike. The Cobra Slash Cut exhaust has created a challenge, but Pit Bull has been more...
  2. B

    Dumb Question.... Pit Bull Stands & VMax

    Hey guys, I've got a ZRX1100 w/spools that my PitBull stand will lift the rear of the bike with. I don't see anywhere on the VMax's swingarm where I can install spools. How do I get the VMax up on the stand? Thanks brothers....:punk:
  3. MR_NST

    This is the burnout pit for a reason right????

    I did an HID headlight install today and i needed some vmax thunder so i just couldn't help myself. its -20 deg C ive a heated garage and i let the bike warm up before i did this, its short but it whet the appetite a lil bit MUA HAHAHAHAHA..... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QayFW2QEDjk
  4. D

    Man what a pit

    Money pit that is. I knew it was gonna cost me money to mod my 86 Max after looking through all of the exhaust options and checking out all of the mods on here that everyone is doing. This thing is killing me just fixing it to keep it on the road. First the clutch was slipping so I was figuring...
  5. S

    Craigs List- deals/scams, Continued from the Pit Stop

    This is my 'conversations' with the boyz who wanted to sell that San Diego R1 for $2500. I don't want to drop any hints of their stupidity openly, that they could catch wind of. The addresses below are the ones they wrote me from. Seems they are so busy that they get confused. When reading...
  6. KJShover

    Burn out pit

    Well can't have a burn out pit without a world record burnout :clapping: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WvhqtMQXrE&feature=player_embedded#!
  7. mabdcmb@yahoo.com

    Pit Bike Rebuild

    I got a old PW 80 a couple years ago for the right price, free. It needs a rebuild. The whole top end is toast as well as the the big end rod bearings. I can grab the rod and move it moves about 3/4" side to side. So, I price parts and say its too expensive to fix and it sits. I just...
  8. shawn kloker

    burnout pit?

    What does nsfw mean?
  9. firefly

    Radial conversion pit falls to be aware of

    Max looks awesome with a 180 rear tire BUT as I experienced, I did not notch the swing arm thinking it would fit as per kosman. What I found out is that I needed to file down 1/8 inch off the tire to make it fit. at the same time Shawn ordered the same wheels from kosman and this time the rear...