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  1. S

    Check your throttle body vacuum plugs

    I've had the constant stumbling/surging at cruise since I bought the bike. Found this this morning.
  2. Vrooom

    Running rich? Does anyone recommend a different plug, I know it's not the plugs just

    Running: NKG-DPR8EA Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. shawnlee

    spark plugs

    Will car spark plugs work in a 2001 max? If so which ones? Thanks to all
  4. capymotiv

    Carb plugs

    Can someone point in the right direction or educate me on the purpose of the little rubber plugs on the jet block. I can find very little info on their actual purpose. Can the plugs be disposed and the port sealed? do they affect performance? Etc...
  5. F

    carb tune and reading plugs

    Hey every one iam having a few issues getting my tune right just finished building it with my boys got it off a guy that pulled it apart 18 years ago and sat it in the shed till i got a hold of it it has stage 7 needles and springs main is a i think dj 165 in pic jets on side of...
  6. Wirenut

    Brisk plugs

    Anyone use these? I guess cause they look cool and different that they might be better than standard plugs. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. C

    bad gas milage and missing plugs

    Im looking for a little help with a '97 gettting around 16 mpg. I just got the bike so I don't know any history on it. the only aftermarket items i notice is the supertrapp exhaust. One of the coils was bad so i converted it to COP. Everything else seems to be stock. Each carb is missing a...
  8. 93max

    Plugs from my 93 Max

    Well I had some time today after a lil ride :biglaugh: to see what the plugs looked like from the previous owner. Here they are. I know this isn't a throttle chop...but it looks a lil lean to me. As far as I know, it's completely stock. Exhaust everything. Thoughts?
  9. W

    Water jacket plugs

    Just an fyi, when you are flushing or replacing your coolant and want to remove the four rubber plugs on the cylinder sleeves, if you dont have a spare spark plug laying around you can always use a garden variety 4mm x 0.70p bolt or screw. Peace
  10. K

    NGK Platinum Spark Plugs?

    I had a plug die on me, so decided to swap them all out. I was intending to replace them will the same NGK DPR8-ea9, but the store was out of stock. Instead the guy recommended an alternative NGK plug which he said was a platinum tip. I can't remember, but I think it was something like DP8-efg...
  11. Barry barker

    Changed the spark plugs in my f150

    I am sure glad plugs these days last a long time. 130,000 miles on this set. The gap was .074 on the old plugs .054 is spec. I have an 06 with the 4.6 liter, while it's not the hardest job i have ever done, it is very involved. Makes working on the Vmax seem easy. I finally bought a neat...
  12. D-Max2012

    Plugs and Heat

    Guys. have you seen were 1 plug looks to be extremely hot and melting the stock rubber boot and the others are fine? #2 seems to be melting the boot. #1,3 and 4 are fine. Come next spring, I have to get a temp reading on #2.
  13. jdeitz1979

    Iridium plugs

    Anyone running these plugs? Looking for some reviews on them before considering using them Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Jpick77

    Spark Plugs

    Changed my 10 year old plugs today. 4600 miles and they don't look tooooooo bad... Lol Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  15. T

    Is there a break-in period for plugs when checking your mixture screws

    Question about Spark plugs color and mixture screws I put new spark plugs in and rode down the road in 4 th gear about 5,000 rpm for a few miles pulled the clutch , flipped the kill switch and rolled to a stop. I was looking for the golden brown look after seeing the spark plug chart and they...
  16. blaxmax

    Iridium spark plugs

    I'm looking for the best "gap"results for a stock vmax. Any help is much appreciated.
  17. J

    How do my plugs look? Too lean?

    Hello. If someone can help me please? These are what my plugs look like. I tryed to turn up a/f screw but turning it did nothing to idle. Not sure what to do. If someone could give me an idea would be great! Thanks!!!!
  18. D

    Weird caps on plugs

    So as I'm investigating and fixing things on the '86 I found a little cap screwed onto one of the spark plugs. I'm out and haven't checked others yet, but let's assume they're on all the plugs. What the heck are they? It made it basically impossible to push the plug wires onto the plugs. I'll...
  19. davidon

    Iridium plugs

    Anyone using the NGK iridium plugs? I have seen the correct part number as DPR8EIX-9 and the plug looks like the one below. However when I pulled the installed plugs the connector is the threaded rod style and these connectors won't fit. What is alternate part number?
  20. Karmakatt

    Another Plug Thread.. Remove OEM? Replace?

    When I bought Karma last year she didn't come with the kit under the seat. What is the best and easiest way to remove my plugs? I've heard OEM Plugs are the way to go. I can't use the Search engine on the VMF with this so called top of the line cell phone.:bang head: KarmaKatt