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  1. M

    Prospective buyer with noob questions

    Hey all New guy here. I am about to take the plunge on an '86 that looks to be in good shape, low mileage and all original. The bike is said to be fully serviced and in tip top running condition. That said: are there any common issues I should check for when I go kick the tires and test ride...
  2. capymotiv

    Seat Mod questions and thoughts.

    I am a big guy. I keep seeing the mod to make the seats more comfy. Also seems like it would change (raise) peg position slightly. I would love to move the pegs down and back at least an inch or more to make it more comfortable with stock seat now. Does the seat mod make that huge a difference...
  3. 98VMax71

    New here, 98Vmax MOD questions

    Hi all! I have a 98 runs great and I am ready to do some mods. I just ordered VooDoo exhaust and I am considering doing a carb kit and K&N filters. I live in Colorado and have been told to not do the carb kit.... due to our elevation. Any Ideas??? :ummm:
  4. 2

    QUESTIONS! VMax.....Stage 7, K&N Filters & Kerker 4/1

    Hi. I'm new here and new to the '92 VMax I just purchased. Always wanted one, so now I have it. Bike is in great condition, and i bought it from a 2nd owner who put most of the miles on it. It has 32k miles and is in remarkable condition for its age. 2nd gear works great by the way. Here's a...
  5. R

    first ride on vmax. got few questions

    sold my Harley last year and first time I haven't had a bike in a year so decided to pick up something cheap. the vmax seemed so appealing after watching bunch of you tube videos. picked up an 02 few days ago and I'm alittle disappointed. I'm still waiting for this vboost to kick in. should I...

    V boost disco questions

    97 VMAX 25K ; Ive read some of the Vboost how to's and My understanding is the Vboost can be disconected in the open position. Questions ; by disconecting does this mean it will always be in vboost mode at any rpm and the bike will always get the vboost benefit at all rpms ? Also does...
  7. V-Four

    Questions - Progressive fork spring install- please

    Hi gang..couple questions bout the progressive fork spring install (1" lower.) Watches the Morley vids several times and plan to follow it. Im 'relatively ' mechanically inclined..yet still , im having trouble wrapping my head around how they actually work. Im hearing talk of adding...
  8. V-Four

    Mark’s exhaust..FINALLY!! and questions..

    Well, it’s finally happened. Well… happening I guess. Talked to Mark the other day and he’s whipping me up a 4 into 1 stainless exhaust, 14” can and 2.5 opening (with turndown). Since August of 2012 when I finally bought a Vmax, I’ve wanted to get rid of these pesky Cobras and get me a real...
  9. N

    More Wheel Questions

    Hi all, I know there's heaps of posts about wheels.... though just wondering if any of you have had the luxury of test riding ALL the variants of wheel sizes... 15", 17" & 18" on the gen 1? and if so, overall pros and cons. I do a bit of touring on mine currently which has stock 15", looking...
  10. Regular Guy

    So the questions keep coming!

    Alright gang. Here's the latest. My back rim especially is eaten the hell up. I don't know what the last owner did or didn't do as far as cleaning goes but these wheels have some serious oxidation to the point that the metal looks maybe pitted, it's that discolored. I meant to take a picture of...
  11. ga_max

    Finally Replacing My Starter Clutch - some questions

    After putting it off for a year I finally decided to replace/repair my starter clutch. I've been reading Yukon Dave's post over an over again and ordered all the parts I need and just started this process. I'm at the point where I'm attempting to remove the fly wheel. I borrowed a harmonic...
  12. mundmc

    Newby questions, poor idle, pops, won't run without choke

    Hey brain trust, Same symptoms I've seen MANY times on the boards: can't idle below 1500 rpm without stalling, abrupt loss of power, left sided pops and less engine noise. I refuse to go back to the dealership and lose $500 and three weeks of summer riding. I swapped out the plugs on...
  13. TB99Max

    A/F adjustment questions

    My 99 had a full two brothers (4-1) exhaust but I removed the slip on a put a single universal supertrapp with a open end. I kind of got screwed up when doing the peashooter.... Well interrupted I should say and messed up my settings. I was going to go back to stock settings #1- 2.5, #2- 2.75...

    Tire questions

    I'm looking at buying a 2009 Vmax or a 2010 what is the widest rear tire that will fit on the stock wheel?
  15. F

    Damping Rod Questions

    I have been scratching my head on this one, I ordered Race Tech emulators for my 07 VMAX. After I disassemble, I found the damping rod inner seat was 26 mm and the emulator was 29 mm. I have contacted Race Tech and my local yamaha dealer. No one can figure out why my damping rods are...
  16. naughtyG

    Battery questions..

    So a couple of years ago I needed to replace my battery, and here down under they are SO expensive I ended up getting a boring old wet one :confused2: Sure enough, now it's already dead and need replacing. I hate wet batteries. When I lived in the US I could get an AGM or gel for a decent...
  17. ga_max

    Winter Riding Questions

    Here in Georgia our winters are pretty mild compared to where many of the other members of this forum ride and since I'm planning to not winterize my max I'm wondering what precautions I should take to ensure that mr. max remains happy. I keep it in the garage, have changed all the fluids, add...
  18. HyperPete

    Itching to install my new exhaust - Question(s)

    Greetings! I already know the correct way to do this, but I'd like input on the INCORRECT way. I just received my new to me Kerker 4-2-1 exhaust for my '99. I am itching to install it BEFORE I get the jets for it. I have an untrimmed K&N filter in the stock airbox. The previous owner...
  19. N

    Frame brace questions

    What are the benefits to a stock bike? Is it needed only with high horsepower set ups? I'm talking about the one that goes across the side of the motor
  20. BGPKR

    Clutch issue. I have a few questions...

    I haven't had much time to ride this year. But the last 2 times I've went to ride I have no clutch pressure. The reservoir is empty and once I add fluid and start pulling the lever I'm seeing air bubbles. I'm 99.9% sure I need to change the master cylinder. Is there anything else that could go...