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  1. FLA-Vmax

    Just a quick picture

    Hey, just wanted to throw out a pic of my 2018 and my bar hopper
  2. U

    Quick VMAX story

    I was at a bike show in Timonium, MD today and came up to the Thunder in the Valley booth, asked a lady there if it was bike specific, she said no. Then I said I saw something about it on the VMAX site. She says "Oh, the VMAXers, they kinda do their own thing". She said 2 years ago it was...
  3. Lotsokids

    Quick Comment - Preventive Maintenance - Fuel Lines

    Just a quick comment... Last weekend I took a ride to Dallas (3 hours away). On my return, my bike stalled about 5 times, but eventually re-started each time and got me home. I suspected my fuel pump, which I took apart and found everything (including diaphragm) in order. Fuel filter is...
  4. ShadyTunerGTS

    PC III or PC V w/ quick shifter

    Was wondering if anybody hooked up a quick shifter and what they have used (which sensor, which power commander, etc.) and what kind of settings need to be adjusted on the power commander. I'm going to be getting exhaust and Tim Nash Gurued ECU flash first, then want to get a quick shifter...
  5. S

    Quick cut and shut job

    Worked out well..all bolts hidden..cut down steel support.
  6. D

    First problem in awhile, quick fix?

    So I've been riding the bike on the daily lately and when I left the house for my new job (Cycle Gear, whoop! Awesome so far) the bike randomly stalled out about a half mile from my house... Got home from work and this is the info I have for you. 1) I think it's most likely a "safety" switch...
  7. C

    Quick shifters....

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wx66C4nNew4 I just love watching these things in action. I wish I had a need for one.....
  8. C

    Quick Shifters and auto tunes....

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qCytcHc-Sc4 I was thinking air shifter, but after checking into the quickshifter setup, I think I might just run one of those. Less headache to install and its smooth. I notice he only uses it one time in the video, maybe just out of habit. But man was it nice...
  9. BGPKR

    Quick question...

    During a ride last week I went to pass a large, slow truck. In doing so, I revved a bit longer than I normally do. It seems like I hit a complete flat spot, almost like a rev limiter. I'm under the assumption that the Vmax doesn't have a one. So my question is, what happened and do I need...
  10. D-Max2012

    Quick Question - Idle RPM

    Where do you guys normally set your Idle RPM?
  11. S

    Quick ignition system question.

    Any one know whether these bikes have a capacitive discharge or inductive discharge ignition system? I'm about to hook up a wideband datalogger, and if its capacitive, I ruin my 800 wideband.
  12. C

    quick shotgun question

    I performed my first shotgun last night and thanks to the outstanding how to, it went well. There a part in there where he says to be sure to keep an eye on the little rubber o-ring. One of mine blew out when I was hitting the idle mix screw hole with air. Took 30 minutes to find it. That's one...
  13. J

    Dylan Quick aka the Texas Slasher

    http://www.nydailynews.com/news/crime/multiple-people-stabbed-lone-star-college-houston-article-1.1311719 So, are we to expect NYC's retard of the century, Bloomberg, to begin air time soon, in an effort to spearhead some anti-assault knife legislation? Where's all the nat'l outcry for this...
  14. Sonoran6

    Couple quick questions

    What are the cylinder numbers? Front left _ Rear left _ Front right _ Rear right _ When I give it gas and totally let off, like a rev at idle to 4k, it slowly goes back to 1k like I'm backing off the throttle instead of completely letting off. Does this mean I am running rich? The reason I'm...
  15. D

    attacking my slave cylinder, quick question

    Slave cylinder, new question, destroyed pushrod oil seal... OK, I redid the slave and I'm hoping it'll work alright... only problem is I decided to replace the pushrod oil seal (which wasn't leaking for all I could tell). So I started trying to pry the seal out ANNNNNND ripped the fricking...
  16. slobmanrf

    Ideas for quick clear coat removal

    Hello Friends,Im wondering if anyone has a faster method than sanding, for removing the factory clear coat from the aluminum on the mighty max?? Thanks for any and all suggestions....Rob
  17. W

    Quick note of thanks...

    For all of the information on this forum and to all of you who have contributed! Because of it I diagnosed; the need for a new battery, how to upgrade some of the wiring from the R/R, how to solve for a battery drain coming from the bike in the form of a short Now I am riding again on this...
  18. gamorg02

    just a quick question

    so i'm replacing my pads all the way around they started looking pretty worn. just ran into a small issue on the rear. i'm running a venture rotor back there ( so i think 1mm or so wider than oem). anyways i also run the metal 'backing' plates on the pads. so with the brand new pads and the...
  19. gennro

    Quick video of modified stock exhaust

    Here is a quick video of my modified stock exhaust. http://s9.photobucket.com/albums/a60/gennro/?action=view&current=VID_20120212_121456.mp4
  20. B

    Quick Intro

    Folks: My name is Amaury. I am writing just to say a quick hello and to intro myself to the group. I have been riding VMaxes since 1992. I had a Gen 1 which I sold and now own a Gen 2. I have loved the bike concept since I firs saw one back in 1988. I also have served the VMax community as...