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  1. ga_max

    This is strange. (Trump Related)

    Just read this an thought it was strange.
  2. R

    I could use you help (health related)

    Hey guys. If this isn't acceptable, please let me know. OK, this is a sensitive subject for me, but I would appreciate everyone's help. I've had bad teeth for most of my life. It has caused low self esteem and self-confidence as well as various health issues. I have an opportunity to...
  3. dannymax

    Caution: Gun/firearms related, may not be suitable.....

    A new approach....go after the manufacturers!
  4. V

    Carb flooding - not float related

    Got fuel spewing from the main jet on one of my carbs. Pulled the carb apart and needle seat and float clean and working well. I'm going to do a complete rebuild and assume the issue is the o-ring under the jet block. Are there any other common source of problems I should be looking for? Thanks...
  5. 95spfldmax

    Charging Question (NOT Vmax Related)

    So my buddy is mostly finished building this Kawasuki, a '74 750cc Kawasaki triple 2-stroke motor in a '94 Suzuki GXR750 frame. Looks (& sounds!!) pretty sharp as you can see. Still working out some jetting issues but this question is about the charging system problem he is having. The bike is...
  6. Bruiser1198

    General Question - not Bike related

    Was wondering for those of you in certain Career jobs who would need to use a Good Quality Flashlight , what do you recommend ?? it needs too be Super Bright with no more then 20 ft of range needed no longer then 12" to fit in my work case . I looked at one online then seen the $600.00 price tag...
  7. D

    HELP! non vmax related

    I have a 98 mercury mountaineer and just the other day the tranny wouldn't shift over more than 1 time. (automatic AWD) It shifts fine and strong the 1st time and then wont shift anymore. Is it a solenoid issue or what? The tranny reacts strong otherwise. I'd hate to run it 5,000 RPM to work
  8. RaWarrior

    Temp related to charging?

    While I think I know the unfortunate answer here, just wanted to see if anyone has suggestions about this.. Had the famous low running voltage on my Max for some time. Hovered around 12.8 when I got the bike. Did the crimp fix, went up to about 13.3. Then I forgot about it for about 6-7000...
  9. Akatora

    Start circuit problem related to cut-off / turn signal relay

    Hello again, After having most starting and ignition related sockets apart (for getting the pins checked and treated with corrosion prevent spray) there occurred two very interesting problems. The problems were not so special, but the solution (same for both problems!) sounds almost like...
  10. H

    Heat Related Problem

    Hi Guys, I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction with a problem I have. My bike is a 2000 model which I've had from new and has 42,000 miles on the clock. When riding in heavy traffic, stopping and starting frequently with the temperature rising rapidly:- I am sure the fan is...
  11. S

    WTB: 2993 V Boost motor and related components, Oil Fill Cap, Stock Air Box

    I am looking for a stock air cleaner box, V BOOST Electric Motor and celenoids. Also looking for a oil fill cap for a 1993 Max... I can be emailed at [email protected] Location is in Hawaii. Thanks! SORRY ITS A 1993.............
  12. 4gasem

    Video thread... All things video...

    Ok folks... I am starting this thread as a good place to put video's or URL's to videos. NSFW and all...:whistlin: :thumbs up: Vids of your Max or your buddies max or just a video you found of some jag off jumping his skate board off a ledge...:biglaugh: Hopefully by doing this we can look at...
  13. Buster Hymen

    (Calendar) Upcoming events entry (motorcycle or non-motorcycle related)

    Can someone fill the dates of the upcoming bike events, like Thunder, in on the Calender. I don't have the date or details handy. Thanks! :D
  14. markmax

    The OIL thread. All oil related questions here.

    So what kind of oil do most people run in their max. I did my first service at the shop where I got the bike, but plan on doing most of them myself. Just wondered if there was a specific type of oil out there that is better then others? I've read on a FZR sight I still go to that people there...
  15. firefly

    good technical read but not vmax related click on Technical School a lot of usful info. ________ Toyota AR engine history