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    Tire Review

    About 300 miles ago I put a set of Metzler Roadtech 01's on my bike and they are all they claim to be. No more rolling burnouts they've become instant wheelies. They feel like rails around corners especially long sweepers. I've only had one opportunity to ride them on wet roads. They did...
  2. caseyjones955

    Omni-Cruise throttle lock review.

    I like the Throttlemeister bar ends but the obvious disadvantage is not being able to move it from one bike to another, and honestly cost. The Breakaway, also pretty sweet looking but there is no chance of me paying $150+ for a throttle locking device. Not happening. I landed on a Go Cruise 2...
  3. J

    honda magna vs vmax review

    I owned a 1998 Honda magna 750-4v this fall . Was looking for a max, but couldn't find one . I now have a 1998 V max. Here is my review & opinions of both bikes. Magna- year 1998. v4 750cc. 87HP @9000rpm. fuel capacity 3.4gal. weight 504lbs. The bike sits a bit lower and doesn't seem to be as...
  4. johnblaid

    Joe Rocket Balistic 7 Pants Review

    I bought these for winter riding after buying and returning Gerbing EX Heated Pants due to massive sizing problems admitted by the vendor. I ordered them in 5x even though I wear a size 46 waist. I wanted them way too big so I would not have to use the side zippers at all...and I very much did...
  5. W

    HEL Performance brake lines Moto heaven review

    I just wanted to take a few minutes to write a review for HEL Performance brake lines and also Moto Heaven. Anyway, for anyone not familiar with HEL Performance, they make custom braided lines in almost any color and setup you would want and Through moto heaven their price and service was great...
  6. Itgoes

    Gen 2 Review Video

    This is my favorite Gen 2 review to date. An honest first impression of a guy on a demo ride. I love the way he says "Holy Shit" almost every time he cracks the throttle. :biglaugh:........and his comment about someone thinking that a person riding one might murder them. :rofl_200: Very...
  7. Chopcor

    Maxrelaxer product review

    I just finished a 2200 mile 7 day trip, and am extremely pleased with the Maxrelaxers I got from Rick. I used a set of Gen 1 rear footpegs on mine, so they fold up when not needed, and have the rubber on them for grip- I have to say, I love these things, and they made the trip much more...
  8. hurleyman77

    Shop recommendation for SE Texas (College Station/Houston)?

    Howdy! I've done a lot of work on my bike, but I'm tired of doing the big stuff myself. I need the 2nd gear replaced (the last owner apparently didn't clutch his shift) and some general tune-up to tighten up some mods. I live in Bryan, but I'm willing to go to Austin or Houston for a really...
  9. Biker Dash

    Review: Avon Venom AM41/42 tires

    First Impressions - 150 miles The main reason I chose the Avon Venom AM41/42 tires in 120/90-18 and 170/80-15 for the V-Max is being able to get them as a matched set in the sizes I desired. Finding some favorable comments towards these tires only further convinced me that I was making the...
  10. Chopcor

    MaxxGasser seat review

    Just got back from a 1750 round trip to the "Tail of the Dragon"- I was fortunate to be able to use Rick's personal seat as a loaner for this ride, and have decided to keep it. It is without question, the best seat ive ever had on any motorcycle I've owned, and is extremely well done. I can't...

    Drag bars and Buell Pegs Review

    I just installed Drag bars and Buell pegs to my 97 VMAX AND all I can say is wow what a difference. The pegs took a little time to modify but well worth it. I am 6'4 and 225. I highly recommend them to anyone over 6' feet.
  12. C

    Turbo bike on the road .... first real ride review.

    I got the oil line on and rode it about 100 miles today. First things.....Its fast..... very fast. I know there is faster stuff out there. But I ve never ridden something like this. I spun the back tire really hard at 140 mph today. It wasn't as scary as the first time it happend at 110...
  13. Rusty McNeil

    Best Amazon Customer Review Ever!

    I was poking around on the internet looking for a collapsible baton and ran into this; the review I thought was hilarious. 947 of 1,001 people found the following review helpful 3.0 out of 5...
  14. F

    Harbor Freight trailer review?

    Has anyone ever bought/used a Harbor Freight trailer? I am looking here: And in my mind it would work out great, but I would be a bit worried about long trips. So any experence towing a vmax on one of these? I am...
  15. tothemax93

    Upon further review

    A few months ago I got a marks 4-1 for my 93. It has a 14" can, 2 1/4 outlet, no turn down. Got the exhaust on and "wow". You felt it as much as you heard it. Sounded fantastic at idle, up through the gears, but I found it was to loud at cruising speed (3000 to 4000 rpm), to the point of ear...
  16. Garbilizon

    Z1000 vs Ninja1000:

    "While you could "find the nicest people on a Honda," you could find exciting people on a Kawasaki. The Z1 was the first IL4 four-stroke Hooligan's bike." Read more on my new motorcycle blog "Riding the Carolinas"
  17. bikedave99

    Venture Differential Review & Thoughts

    I have been running a Venture differential now for a month or so and figured I should share my thoughts on it. First off, it was a pretty easy swap for a quick gearing change. It is not a huge difference, but I noticed it even in first gear which surprised me. I loaded up the bike and my wife to...
  18. gunrunner

    My last ride for the Year ( a year in review)

    Just home from work and there is 9 hrs left of 2009 so im off for my last ride of the year . Hasnt been a bad year apart from getting airbourne sideways on the Max:ummm: but shit happens . A big thanks to everyone on here who helped me out on that to:You_Rock: , Still waiting on some parts so...
  19. M

    The year iin review

    Can't wait for 2010
  20. Heretic

    Epic Star Wars Episode 1 review This is long, about 70 minutes, but its freaking hilarious! The narrator makes some excellent points about how and why the movie was horrible.