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  1. Buster Hymen

    VMax rider down

    Anyone on the forum the person in the video? https://www.liveleak.com/view?t=CFKIw_1533849176
  2. vmax1998

    Star rider performance aka max flow exhaust?

    Hi I’m just reading up on a ton of exhaust systems dreaming of a full system someday. I’ve posted before about exhausts but now I’m wondering about the max flow systems. The street system mostly. 4 into 2. I’ve heard they are basically a ufo exhaust. I’m trying to get as much power out of a full...
  3. S

    Rider backrest/fuel tank cover

    Hi everybody, I just joined the forum. I bought a used 2006 V-Max and the rider backrest that flips forward to uncover the fuel cap is cracked. If anyone has one that they can part with, please send me a PM. I could also use the springs that attach it to the main seat - mine are bent (more...
  4. M

    Hampton Roads VA Rider Needs Buddy

  5. V

    Custom Rider Jacket

    Decided to give this a shot and design my own V-max logo on a cheapo wind breaker jacket from Walmart. Used some reflective tape I found at Academy. Added some strong glue and will test to see if it withstands the elements. It turned out ok.
  6. frank5079

    This guy should be a stunt rider...

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bQXPH0heYc As his bike slams into the rear of an Acura, he nails a perfect two point landing on the Acura's trunk...
  7. CaptainKyle

    Helping a fellow Vmax rider

    I did not start this just forwarding it. It is for John that went down at the Indians Vmax rally. https://www.gofundme.com/2m8btd8
  8. Zeus36

    Second Ghost Rider bike for sale (Hero bike)

    "Nickolas Cage Ghost Rider Hero Bike prop from the movie Ghost Rider. The bike has been in storage at Sony Pictures since the making of the movie. I have recently put a new battery in the bike and added oil (The fluids had been drained prior to putting it in storage) and it started right up...
  9. mundmc

    Tips for a 6'8" rider

    Hey all, I've been lurking the forums for a bit, trying to find ways to make my VMax more, um, fitting. It's my first motorcycle. I don't care if people say it's a horrible first motorcycle, I love it. Before I bought it, I used http://cycle-ergo.com/ to see how I would fit, and it's pretty...
  10. Hamkaas

    Ghost Rider on ebay

    That's fun to have ..... http://m.ebay.com/itm/282117264411?_mwBanner=1 send from my mobile phone using Tapatalk
  11. vmax2extreme

    Movie: Ghost Rider Bike For Sale

  12. frank5079

    Motorcycle rider hits falling debris...

    Looks like his first mistake was coming in fast and approaching that boat too closely. Then when the foam mat fell he didn't have a lot of room or time to make a quick decision. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHl4INK6XhU
  13. Roodillom

    Ex-longtime Harley rider goes V4!

    Hello all, I am from Colorado and got my first VMAX last year after totaling a show quality Harley. I decided I wanted something different and I always liked the VMAX. Mine is a 2007. I have done the following mods so far: Lowered 2" at each end T-Boost 240 degree fan switch - the gauge...
  14. blaxmax

    UFO now Star Rider Performance

    Looks like Mike Lees has opened it up. http://starriderperformance.com/
  15. Fire-medic

    Unlucky rider in FL

    I was on my way home from work today and saw an accident scene. It was just south of Ft. Lauderdale, in Dania. A medium-sized car was in the middle of the intersection, and when I drove past, I saw a blue sportbike in pieces underneath and beside the car. I didn't get a long-enough look to...
  16. Fire-medic

    Wall of Death rider hits Five X the force of gravity!

    Being on the Isle of Man podium 15 times isn't enough of a thrill, he pulled 5+ G's on the 37' dia. Wall of Death, riding his own modded BSA Rocket III! It had an open primary drive, no chain guard, and looked more like a TT bike w/a big alloy gas tank than a Wall of Death ride. Jeez, that bike...
  17. CaptainKyle

    Adventure rider

    Some serious riders here . http://www.advpulse.com/adv-bikes/proof-you-dont-need-an-adventure-bike-to-ride-the-world/
  18. R

    Offset Rider Foot Pegs 2003 Vmax

    Hey I was wondering if anybody out there has offset their rider foot pegs at all on there Vmax, I am a big guy and find that it can be a little hard on the hips after awhile in the standard driving position. Any input would be helpful.
  19. Fire-medic

    bike rider evades cops

    He got his 15 minutes: http://news.yahoo.com/video/police-chase-daredevil-motorcycle-rider-151109326.html
  20. A

    moving rider pegs back

    I was thinking about moving the riders pegs back because I'm used to a sport bike and I really like that position. I was wondering does anybody know if there is something I could buy for this mod. I want it like this picture but I don't know if that bracket was swapped from another bike or made...