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  1. davidon

    Generic screen mesh for scoops?

    Is there a generic source for screen mesh? Looking for something with the same size mesh and material if possible. Aftermarket ones seem to have bigger size mesh.
  2. M

    Full screen and sound up - OMG
  3. Stinxx

    fly screen windshields for gen1 question

    How do you install the fly-screen on a gen 1? I just got one but it looks like it wont fit unless I remove the directional's and front brake line guide to install it
  4. rusty

    New plastic for fly screen

    Has anybody ever broken the plastic on your fly screen /instrument cowl.

    Cell phone custom home screen pictures

  6. E

    Yamaha Fly Screen and Factory Seat

    Up for sale is an OEM Yamaha smoke tint flyscreen windshield in excellent condition. $125 shipped. Seat from 2005 model. Seat has very little use and is in great condition other than a small 1/2" cut on the passenger pad. Comes complete with latching mechanism and mounting bolts. $120 shipped...
  7. C

    Exactrep New 1700 'Fly screen'

    Stylishly smart dark tint fly screen, possibly the best looking screen so far for the 1700 Max, takes the wind off your chest. 30cm x 30cm (12" x 12") Easy and simple to fit All fitment kit included Please see our website for prices
  8. A

    Velocity Stack Screen

    Hey guys, anyone know a good source for some wire screen to put inside the extracept velocity stacks. I've been looking through McMaster Carr but its hard to decide on the gauge and the patten, etc without seeing it in person. I'm a visual guy and the images are pretty generic on McMaster's...
  9. W

    Mini screen!!

    After 1 year of search and getting out bid 2x I finally scored a used factory mini screen on Ebay for $75.00. Installed it yesterday. Me likey a lot. Next up changing out the pilot jets to a larger size. We push on.
  10. AEmedic

    Mini III wind screen install problems

    Has any one had issues with the mount kit for the Mini III? The standoffs will not fit on the up-right bar on one side. My guess is that the up-right bar is out of round or a little larger than the hole in the standoff... I got this months ago off the internet, it was new but I bet returning...
  11. vmaxride06

    Your computer screen is dirty
  12. daves86vmax

    exactrep sport fly screen

    does anyone on here have one of these or know someone that does? about 70.00 plus shipping
  13. kozy

    fly screen?

    I have a fly screen that came with my bike....I wanna sell it cause I think it looks retarded. It's in perfect shape....what's a good price to get for it? I wanna post it on eBay but don't know what it's worth.
  14. gunrunner

    Thread about Windshields

    Had my Max for almost 2 weeks . It came with a mini screen and not sure if i like the look . Have ridden it with and without it on , seem to be better without it wind wise . What do you guys think ?:ummm:
  15. dannymax

    Tinted fly screen

    Thinking of replacing the stock Yammie shield with a tinted fly screen, they are a lot more attractive and do wonders for the lines. Who is a good supplier to deal with for these? thanks, dan
  16. gunrunner

    installing the mini screen

    Well i took mine off to clean it big mistake , no room behind it to tighten up nuts/bolts is there ant easy way to do this or do i need to take bars off etc :ummm:
  17. R

    Digital OLED Screen

    hahah so cool for a child of the 80s.... When you start it it says: TIME TO RIDE. THIS IS VMAX It should come with a digital voice like the one Ozzy uses at the beginning of IRonman "I AM IRONMAN" I AM VMAX! just cracking myself up....fuck i love that bike....i hope it lovs...
  18. m-cman

    Yamaha Small Windshield Replacement Screen

    Don't know if this is the right forum for this question. I have seen a larger aftermarket screen for the small (about 10" tall) factory instrument cover windscreen. It is taller and wider. Anyone know who makes it or where it is available?
  19. John R

    OEM Fly Screen

    I bought the OEM fly screen from an online vender. It arrived today and I just installed it tonight. If you are anal like I am about perfect alignment, it ain't. Close enough though. Also, you have to loosen the turn signal indicators to get the fly screen over the threaded bolt and aligned with...
  20. 1

    yamaha fly screen

    i have tryed the taller windshield the mini 111 shield and took it off after a week..the wind buffet noise.sound around my full face helmet took the joy away from 30 mph it sounded like i was was going 120 mph.....with no shield nice and quiet .....if anyone knows what i