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  1. pikipikos

    A/f screws on 94 carbs

    Hi 94 max, is smelly...i think is too reach..carbs have been rebuild last year..where are the a/f screws anyway?? If are the ones under the diaphragm covers, they don't seem to turn, like preset think...wet level is a 1mm under the 17mm line on clear tube... Please hekp to tune my...
  2. spottedsquirl

    Throttle plate screws

    I have an 85 Max that needs a set of throttle plate screws for all carbs. Anyone know where I can get em? Thanks. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I337 using Tapatalk
  3. J

    New A/F screws seem aweful tight.

    Hello, last year I Bought a 05 that had stage 7 installed. It had a crap idle off choke from sitting for a year so attempted shotgun clean. Cleaning went OK till I got to right rear carb and found the A/F screw missing. I Ordered a replacement and bike idled better so I rode it and was too...
  4. CaptainKyle

    Stainless allen head carb diaphram screws

    Stainless allen head diaphragm screws $ 10 a set plus pay pal fees shipping included in the lower 48 . Please email instead of PM [email protected]
  5. blaxmax

    How to set your a/f mixture screws manually

    'They should be set as lean as possible . Set up your carbs...then take a ride and adjust one carb at a time. With the engine at operating temperature start with one carb and turn in the mixture screw a very very small amount at a time ....turn it in a hair..then ride it . Turn it in some more...
  6. blaxmax

    Virginia tightens the screws
  7. charlieRobinson

    Side panel screws? If that's what they are called? Please help!

    Hello. Where can I find screws that will fit the 2 side panels? 4 total needed. Thank you!
  8. cuathetop

    idle mixture screws

    Finaly thought i dialed in my carbs with carb sync tool and now i cant get my idle down under 1100 rpms. My thumbscrew only will raise it ...i even went all in on my mixture screws to see if that would help and nothing. backed them out 4 turns , stopped there cause i dont want them to vibrate...
  9. T

    Is there a break-in period for plugs when checking your mixture screws

    Question about Spark plugs color and mixture screws I put new spark plugs in and rode down the road in 4 th gear about 5,000 rpm for a few miles pulled the clutch , flipped the kill switch and rolled to a stop. I was looking for the golden brown look after seeing the spark plug chart and they...
  10. J

    Master Cylinder screws

    So, I thought "Hey, I'll top off my master cylinder for my clutch, that will give me a few more weeks of riding till I need to replace the seals in the slave". 5 min job, right? Get out there, the guy used hex bolts to replace the stock screws on the top, I remember thinking what a good idea...
  11. adambweird

    PAJ2 & AFR Screws

    Stupid question bur im still learning carb tuning, lol. Will the size o f the PAJ2 affect the number of turns out on the AFR screws? Currently the screws dont seem to be doing anything.
  12. SlowBox

    Stripped one of my idle mix screws

    I have a pretty significant off idle stumble and tried to fix it today but got hung up. All 4 of my mixture screws are pretty corroded in their respective carb bodies, but one in particular was a bitch and I ended up rolling the slot out of the screw head trying to seat it and get a baseline...
  13. Drew85

    Butterfly valve screws stripped

    A few years ago I put 1300 venture carbs on my vmax, I swapped everything over(including the butterfly valves) from the vmax carbs to the venture carbs. Now that I'm rebuilding the carbs and putting in morleys jet kit in I noticed some of the butterfly valve screws are stripped. I figure the...
  14. V

    fuel mixture screws

    Two fuel mixer screw are stuck in the front carburetors on my Max and they are damage. Is there any possibility to fix this problem? Drill 2 little holes in the pilot screw and try a bigger screwdriver but nothing works. I thing somebody put lock-tide on it. Did try WD-40. Heated the carb...
  15. mymax04

    broke where the oil filter screws on

    wonder what it would take to fix this on an 89 motor
  16. S

    A/F screws ( help )

    Took my carbs apart and cleaned them . The a/f screws ,carbs on the right of the bike are completely striped and there is no way of getting them out. My question is can I drill them out ?? How do I get them out so I can replace them ??? Thanks !
  17. K

    Destroyed A/F Screws

    Ok the previous owner went to town on my A/F screws and they are stripped beyond salvage- anyone have any good tips to try and get them out and replace?
  18. naughtyG

    Allen screws chrome plugs

    Does anyone know a good (cheap) source for those pesky little plastic chrome plugs that hide the allen screws on the handlebars mounts and on the upper and lower triple-trees? I need quite a few - they're missing from both the '86 and the '00..
  19. L

    Japanese Industry Standard screws

    I searched and found the topic had been discussed but it has been a while back and I thought I would add what I have found out. On the last page of the March 2013 Motorcycle Consumer News they tell about the Japanese Industry Standard (JIS) screws. Apparently what we call Phillips are really...
  20. I

    Carb 3 & 4 mixture screws do nothing

    So I rebuilt my carbs a couple of weeks ago. Tanked them, sprayed carb cleaner through everything etc. Also replaced all gaskets, o-rings, etc. I did notice that there were aftermarket needle valves in the carbs so I went ahead and put it back together, adjusted the mixture screws to 2.5...