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  1. S

    Fork seal tool

    Hello all, I have my gen 2 forks off and am in the process of changing the fork seals. I found a thread somewhere for a differena yamaha motorcycle about a homemade tool to replace the discontinued yamaha damper rod holder "90890-01447" or pary number "YM-01447", however it was completely not...

    1986 Fork seal dust covers

    Has anyone found a vendor in the US that sells dust shields for the forks on my 1986 Vmax?
  3. Conman

    Best Aluminum Strip & Seal Method?

    I’ve got some stock wheels and fork lowers that look terrible everywhere and a backrest that has a growing oxidation patch. Right now my game plan is to get the factory coating off with Aircraft Remover and re-seal them with Sharkhide. I’m not looking improve the polish quality from stock...
  4. J

    Gas cap seal

    Anyone know what the part number for the gas cap seal on 97 vmax or a link to an after market one? Thank you for looking. Tony
  5. V

    Help removing old pushrod oil seal

    I don't know if it was leaking but since the rebuild kit came with a new one, I decided to replace it. I tried pliers, screwdriver and coat hanger and can't get it out, but it is trashed now so I can't keep it in. First, does it fit over a metal piece and does the metal piece come out...
  6. P

    Seal washer

    I am sure you all know #7 in this parts list: I ordered one while changing my seal (only the leaking leg... I am lazy!!) as I was surprised to see it like this (conical not flat): Any idea how this can happen...
  7. J

    brake and seal time

    Well I was stocked, new tires worked 100%. parked the bike and then gave the bike a good looking over. OIL from one caliper,.ah crap ! Time for new caliper kits. Then I went over to the other side of the bike...more Oil ! But it was coming from the top of the shock and dripping down the...
  8. timpilot

    '97 Fork Seal Replacement Problems

    I watched Sean's video of his daughter disassembling forks for seal replacement. I attempted to disassemble my ‘97 forks but ran into issues. I was using a brand-new impact gun and brand-new impact 10-mm hex bit. One lower bolt head stripped out. The other one is spinning, with some difficulty...
  9. D

    Seal on Hindle Rear Pipes

    So things are going way better with my screwy bike. Now I'm just trying to figure out how to get the stupid rear pipes on this Hindle 4-1 to seal. This is not a small leak we're talking about here. It's actually blowing the weird exhaust tape around that I put on them to try to seal it up...
  10. J

    Shifter shaft seal, use sealers?

    replacing my shifter shaft seal. Does anyone recommend using a sealer in addition to the round seal? Thanks! :ummm:
  11. W

    Home made fork seal cleaner works!

    OK, my '85 barnfind had very leaky fork seals,the lower legs were stained brown and the brakes were gummy with oil. I saw a Utube vid about making and using a tool made from hard clear plastic packaging along with the methods of use. So I tried it while I had the front wheel off. I found...
  12. R

    Drive shaft leaking after replacing seal

    Hi, Over the last four years, I have had to replace the drive shaft seal twice and now it`s leaking again. I`m talking about the seal where the shaft exists the engine block, number 18 in the diagram below. Also, I`ve replaced the bearings 10 and 13, so they are fine. I _think_ it only...
  13. ImCannibal

    Fork seal recommendation?

    I had my fork seals done "professionally" last season and had the forks polished, now the left seal is leaking and I'll never go back to that shop because the owner is an ass. So, which seals would you fine gentleman recommend I use when I do it myself?
  14. V

    Brake caliper seal

    None of the caliper rebuild kits come with the two small rubber seals that are inside the caliper, you have to split the caliper to get the pistons out and there they are but they do not come with any rebuild kits I have found online. Any suggestions?
  15. P

    How do you secure your bike with front end raised?

    Hi, I just bought myself ricor intiminators, progressive springs, new seals and head bearing. I assume that you'll need to remove the forks to get these stuff in there, so how do you guys secure the bike so that the front end is raised? I've read the forums about how to remove front forks, but...
  16. sarge103

    wet fork seal

    Went for a ride today on my 02 max and I stopped to grab a bite to eat and when I was done I noticed fluid on my right fork seal. I wiped it down and then road an hour home hitting some major bumps and when I got home I gave it another inspection and there wasn't a drop. Should I look into...
  17. leecifer

    Fork Seal Installer

    I installed Progressive springs awhile ago and tried to reuse the old seals well they leaked.:bang head: So I tore the forks back a part and installed new oil and seals went for a ride and one seal is leaking the only thing I can think of is I didn't use a seal installer. The one on Sean's...
  18. leecifer

    progressive spring install then fork seal leaking

    Hi I have a fork seal leak after I installed progressive springs and was wondering if I did something wrong or if just a coincidence? I pulled forks out completely so I could measure the fork oil but did not change the synthetic power steering fluid I was using for fork oil. I measured down from...
  19. donnelly317

    Shifter seal and bolt next to it????

    How hard is it to change the shifter seal I do have a chaindrive so that rear cover above shifter just pops off nothing but bearing behind it ( not sure if the shaft drive had oil in there) and then is it just a rubber lip seal I can work out with a pick?? Also while I was at thunder I looked...
  20. speedcostsmoney

    seal valve stem

    my question 2004 vmax bought brand spanking new, about 70 000 km or about 55 000 miles, just ripped off the heads, striped them when removing the intake valves noticed that the upperside of the valve, ON THE STEM SIDE, there was a build up ( dark black pretty shure an oil build up ) guessing...