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  1. Y

    Setting shift segment (bike thinks 1st is 3rd gear)

    Long story short, I made a few mistakes while putting in a new clutch (with DD mod) and upgrading the shift segment. The first mistake was I forgot to push the shift rod all the way to the left before tightening the nut on the shifter. I went for a test ride, shifted to 2nd, then shifted...
  2. B

    First time clutch job with shift segment on '98

    Clutch was slipping a little so I decided to replace disks. Ordered a Barnett Clutch Spring Conversion Kit and their friction and steel plates. Of course that was before I researched it and saw that that is not the way most folks go. Read this how to post...
  3. dmax1

    New Shift Segment needed?

    I had the bike out today for a ride. I had a nice open stretch in front of me sooooo I wound her up and went thru a few gears. I noticed that while under hard acceleration in 2nd and 3rd the bike felt as the clutch slipped for a split second a few times. The bike is an 85. It does not jump out...
  4. J

    fishin for segment pins

    Hello max'rs, I recently did the shift segment upgrade (out of necessity),, on my 94,,and found I was missing two pins..I'm gonna drop the pan and I'm hoping their hiding in my pump question is while I'm in there what else should I replace besides the obvious pan gasket,my bike has...
  5. J

    segment pins disappeared (sorry so long)

    hi, i'm a new member,recently got back into riding,,(last bike was a 900 (eliminator),,recently i crossed one off of the bucket list and bought a 94' max. bike has 18,000 mi. and is very clean..recently i had the shifting issues and through this forum learned about the segment issue..using...
  6. Redbone

    Great 60 Minute Segment Tonight

    I hope you had the chance to catch the 60 Minutes segment tonight called "Succeeding As Civilians". It's stories like these that give me faith in what makes this a great country! The entertainment and political industries that dominate the media these days with total shit make stories like these...
  7. Robbie97vmax

    Mulitiple transmission issues- second gear & segment

    So I've got a '97 with ~20k miles that i picked up this summer. I rode it for about a month before second gear started skipping/slipping under full throttle at high rpm's. After researching here I concluded undercutting the tranny through Sean's shop this winter is the way to go. I continued to...
  8. 3

    segment or gears ?

    Hi all, new member here. For the record I have searched threads and haven't found my same problem, sorry if wrong. I have longed for a vmax and found one 1986, that needed work, (barely running). I went through carbs and is now running well. Test drive gave bad results. I was told that an...
  9. fmcandrew

    Need help on shift segment removal!!

    Ok, followed the instructions about shift segment update and all was going well until the removal of the torqx bolt holding the segment on. I striped it and drilled off the head to relieve pressure. I figured once the head of the bolt was gone the sement would come right off, but it will not...
  10. I

    new segment ,any one recommend uk dealer

    hi guys, new to this forum,and i have the same problem as many others ,have a 97 v-max ,and , have lost 4th and 5th ! if this is segment where in the uk can i buy updated version?
  11. hexec

    Can't shift above 2nd with new segment

    Heading says it all. I have no clue why this is happening. I had just replaced the segment and sheared the index pin which caused the gears to be out of alignment. I replaced the pin and took the bike for a short spin and checked all gears (all good). The next day I lost everything above 2nd...
  12. V

    shifter segment ???

    I am new to the forum and was browsing around and came across the shifter segment update.Is this a must have update?? I mean what are the chances of the old style failing?? There was no recall from Yammi for this.Is this a issue or peace of mind update.A friend (Service manager of my local...
  13. yukonerdave

    How To: Update older model shift segment

    There is a stickied thread about this upgrade HERE, but I thought a step-by-step with pics might be helpful. I gather that pre-99 model vmax's have a shitty segment that is prone to fail. More than one guy has called this upgrade one of the best things you can do for an older Max. I took it...
  14. dtoebaert-5311

    replacing shifting segment

    Hi All, I have a 90 Vmax with an 'old style' shift segment that's probably about to fall apart and want to relace it with an 'updated' version - anyone have a shortform description on how to do this? Thanks David:ummm:
  15. gunrunner

    Updated shift drum segment part #

    Well while doing my south island trip i lost 4th and 5th gear , took it in to a local bike shop they told me it was 30 - 40 labour hours . I politely told them where to go as motor was all good and didnt need a rebuild , once bike was sent back to the north island as i thort it was missing a pin...
  16. shawn kloker

    gear selector segment

    Has anyone converted their older max with the pins and tin star holder segment to the newer one piece redisigned piece.I was wondering what all needs to be replaced for it to work or is it adirect replacement.It really blows that pins can fall out,The star can get all mangled.What really sucks...