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  1. M

    Acewell speedo settings

    So I'm getting a new Acewell speedo set up on my 1998 V-max and just want to run the settings by you all for a sanity check. I had a mechanic install it so I assume all the wires are correct but since I didn't do it myself I don't know which all wires there are in there! :ummm: Tach setting is...
  2. R

    HOW TO: Errors in official manuals preventing proper HOW TOs

    This is where to put errors found in official manuals and your interpretation of what they should have/could have said. For example, the position of camshaft lobes to check valve clearances cannot be done the way VMAX Service Manual LIT-11616-14-12 says to do it. My post points out the error...
  3. K

    Air/fuel mix settings

    I have 'full power' Vmax, The brass plugs that covered the air/fuel mix screws have been removed and they have been replaced with rubber plugs (to keep out the dirt and water). The bike has an aftermarket exhaust also, so some alterations to the carbs settings has obviously been done in the...
  4. T

    DRL-300 settings

    Is anyone suceeded using a DRL-300 rev limiter? A friend of mine is trying to set it and no way to make it works. He use the one coil option (because of uneven fire of Vmax motor). With a sigle coil signal, he has to set 4 sparks for 2 rotations to get the correct results : 6000 preset and...
  5. C

    Idle Screw Settings

    I have a 2003 VMAX and just cleaned the CARBs. I noticed that all four pilot screws were screwed all the way in. When I looked at the service manual it said they were "Preset". I thought that it was odd that they would all 4 be "preset" to all the way in, I am used to them being backed out 1-3...
  6. C

    Idle Screw Settings

    I have a 2003 VMAX. When I cleaned the carbs I noticed that all 4 idle screws were in all the way. The Service manual says "they are preset". What is the initial setting for them before fine tuning?
  7. C

    Suspension settings for gen 1?

    How do you guys set them up? Would like suggestions on settings for solo and 2 up riding.
  8. thundermax

    Torque Settings

    Going to take the rear tire off, change a tire. Gives me a chance to use my new torque wrench. Would really appreciate a listing of torque settings I should use to put the tire back on. If memory serves, need it on axle and caliper bolts. Thanks.
  9. SpecOps13

    Dyna 3000 Settings?

    I've been running my 94's Dyna Ignition on the mildest setting for quite some time now. When dyno'd the bike was pretty flatlined at 14:1 Air Fuel. My gas mileage has been pretty good at 44 on the highway. So I want to make the bike a little more comparable in performance to my 89. What...
  10. N

    Rear Shock settings

    Was wondering what setting most were using on the back shocks and why. I just cruise mine around and don't beat on her too much. Also ride the other half with me so any help is appreciated. Also, I have stock shocks.
  11. S

    Dyna ign. and settings

    Which setting seem to be the best on 2006 vmax? I have Vgas with ram air scoops. Getting mainly for rev limiter.
  12. midmoraider

    a/f settings

    My 04 has a 4-1 Hindle, stock air box and stage 1 installed by the po. No idea what size jets are in there, but after talking with Sean, I moved the needle to the clip closest to the blunt end. It seemed to be running rich, i.e. my buddies said it smelled like unburnt fuel when I got on it...
  13. mwilson410

    Torque settings for steering head bearings

    Hey guys and girls, I am trying to torque my new steering head bearings. What is the correct procedure for this, i read that you torque the nut over tight to settle the bearings, then loosen and re torque to a lesser setting. Anyone know the proper torque settings please!:ummm: Michael
  14. N

    stock air/fuel screw settings please

    I need to clean out my a/f screws and ports because it's a little hesitant. I'd like to know the stock setting for them. I saw someone had theirs set 3 turns out so I wasn't sure if that was stock or not. Anyway, other than this little problem the bike is road ready. There's a starter from an...
  15. M

    suspension settings

    Ok how on earth do you adjust them? the damper part is easy i know just turn the top but to adjust the actual coil??? I tried twisting it like it says will not budge. It appears I do not have the correct tool but what does that even do, just looks like it goes in a hole then you turn? I tried to...
  16. K

    Air/Fuel Screw Settings

    Finally have the bike running very well. Now that everything else seems to be OK, I have noticed that if I ride the bike to work, and come out to go to lunch 4 hours or so later, it won't idle unless I choke it. I have the A/F screws 3 turns out, and this seems to fix the problem, but that...
  17. slowpoke

    stock rear shock settings?

    what exactly to they adjust? i assume the dampening but what do you actually gain from being able to adjust them? i keep playing with the settings but i cant seem to notice any difference. for what its worth i weight about 180
  18. G

    Proper air fuel needle settings

    Hi guys , i live in upstate ny, and i was wondering what you all think is the proper turns out on the air fuel screws for all around riding, i have an 88 completely stock !

    I'd be interested in your thoughts on stock shocks settings

    Hello, I would be very interested in yout thoughts about what settings are best on stock shocks, I know it all depends on conditions but I would like to hear what your settings are and how it affects your bike. The pros and cons of each setting would be nice to know as well Thanks Ron
  20. S

    Suspension settings

    Has anyone found the right mix of adjustments/settings on the Gen 2 VMX17 to dial out the wallow in fast corners which are not so smooth (bumpy) (I tried a search on this but could not find anything useful)