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  1. J

    My experience getting a 2004 VMX12 road ready after sitting for 5 years

    Hey folks. Long time lurker; this forum has helped me immensely and I thought I would post not only to say THANKS!! but also to share some information that helped me in this year long endeavor. Some backstory to the bike: It's a bone stock 2004 with 47K kilometers. My friend was the second...
  2. tothemax93

    Shooter stopped, by everyday people, 15 minutes from me

    This guy had body armor, 2 rifles, and 800 rounds. Last I heard on the news, they found 20 spent shell casings on the ground. The guy that helped stopped him was not shy about saying his goal was to hit the guy with the car.
  3. Fire-medic

    shooter in Florda health club kills employee, self

    About as close as I want to come to this type of thing since I retired from fire rescue: a health club former employee, fired earlier in the day, returns to the Coral Gables health club and fatally shoots his manager and another employee before killing himself. Another health club employee was...
  4. caseyjones955

    SC shooter to represent self in court. Check out the way the guards are looking at him. Man I would not want to be him in a million years. Looking at him makes it easy to predict what his experience in the joint will be like. My guess is he will not die...
  5. J

    Pea shooter rev

    I recently bought a 99 vmax that had been sitting was slow to return on idle so i did pea shooter cleaning method.eveytime i shot cleaner into air jet i gotta good rev about 2500 only in left front .cleaned all others nothing.i put it back together. sprayed carb clean around intake it...
  6. Kronx

    If you like a shooter with attitude...

    If you like FPS games, might I recommend Borderlands 2. It's got a lot of personality for a game. They basically took a FPS and Diablo and put it in really cool world that's got some strong nods to Mad Max/Road Warrior. It's all about getting cool guns and grenades through killing stuff. Solid...
  7. PaleDeth

    Pea shooter again?

    Yesterday I did the pea shooter, and will have to say that at first I was ready to hug someone. I should probably start at the beginning... Before pea'n on it :ummm: the bike would run ok for the first 14- 18 miles then start missing out, idle rough just ran like crap and it would be off and on...
  8. R

    Pea shooter

    Hi guys .I did the Pea shooter today .probably the easiest bike to do it on .What other bike can you remove the top cover about 10 screws and viola your looking at four carbs in less than five minutes.My wife says I should get a more tame bike like a Honda magna 750, so she can ride with me...
  9. Sonoran6

    How-to: Pea Shooter

    My first time doing anything to a carb besides setting the idle Couldnt find a video on YouTube on this, so I made one.
  10. C

    So I sponsored a Competition shooter..... video....

    I took a little time off from sponsoring people in shooting sports. Mainly because I learned a couple lessons on sponsoring people LOL and making sure they are actually shooters and not weekend warriors looking for freebie handouts. So here is a video sent to me last night of Jeff Ward, my...
  11. O

    Pea shooter procedure?

    I have looked and looked for any step by steps to this procedure. All I seem to find is references to it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks.

    Pea shooter

    where can i find the link to do the peashooter carb. Fix ?
  13. BIGMO

    Pauls Pea Shooter

    I have been talking to Paul Czernics about a carb problem I was having. After a few emails and a call I think he realized i was NOT the most knowledgable carb person.... soooo he posted procedure and pics on his site. I havent got a chance to try it out yet as it snowed here AGAIN. but once it...
  14. P

    Vmax Six Shooter Scoop Inserts

    I have a new item for the Vmax, it is currently on ebay....,1 [email protected]