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  1. Corrugated

    2004 fuel / carb / running problems

    Hello All, Had some running problems with my 2004 a few months ago, discovered some rust in the tank and have since pulled and cleaned / sealed the tank and reinstalled. Installed new fuel filter as a further precaution. Just finished performing the Shotgun clean on all 4 carbs (seemed...
  2. J

    My experience getting a 2004 VMX12 road ready after sitting for 5 years

    Hey folks. Long time lurker; this forum has helped me immensely and I thought I would post not only to say THANKS!! but also to share some information that helped me in this year long endeavor. Some backstory to the bike: It's a bone stock 2004 with 47K kilometers. My friend was the second...
  3. Ryansmith


    How do you do the shotgun to carbs. I looked it up it will not let me on.
  4. Bill Seward


    I have been dealing with some low speed misfiring, and a bit of popping out the right pipe at idle. Did shotgun twice, all diaphragms look good.. When removing the pilot mixture screws, I simply could not get the little washer and Oring out of a couple of the carbs. I have no idea if the orings...
  5. Bill Seward


    I did my first shotgun on Godzilla this afternoon. Happily, all 4 diaphragms were in great shape, amazing for being 25+ years old.. This was the first work besides balancing these carbs have had since 1992.. The difference between how the bike ran at low speed before and after the shotgun...
  6. Shuriken

    Was about to do the shotgun and...

    I decided, what the heck, it's been about 9 years since I did anything inside the carbs on my 85 so I yanked the carb bank and proceeded to disassemble and clean. Like last time, I did the repair without breaking apart the carb rack (the rail screws are stuck anyway). Symptoms were poor idle...
  7. J

    Shotgun only needed on one carb

    So I have one carb that just won't be happy, from what people here have told me they advise the shotgun. I've looked though the instructions, and while it doesn't seem too bad, it also doesn't seem like something I want to try on my own for the first go round. So, I live in Middletown, pa, and...
  8. mundmc

    Shotgun complete, A/F (sorta) adjusted, carb syncing question

    Where I left off, the "shotgun" fixed my bad idle/ low power question. Today I decided to try to sync the carbs and to futz with the air-fuel screws. 1) Even if I tightened the screw for carbs 3&4 all the way, they still wouldn't go to the same vacuum. Thoughts? 2) Tightening the air-fuel...
  9. Jpick77

    Installed the COPS the performed the SHOTGUN

    Finally had some time to work on the bike last night. It's been raining here in WV constantly and not a lot of time for riding. COPS install went pretty smooth. Thanks Blaxmax! Took a while to remove the coils. All four coils had cracks and this is a 2006 with low mileage. Tore into the carbs...
  10. johnblaid

    Engine will not start after Shotgun

    1998 VMax probably with stage 1 jets. Kerker 4 into 1. No other mods THAT I KNOW OF. Originally was running way too rich. W help of Traumahawk, took sliders out and moved e-ring back one notch to lean it ou bu pushing needle forward. Ran much better but still rough in places. smooth in mid...
  11. P

    Shotgun killed my Max

    Performed the shotgun yesterday and followed the instructions to the letter. After I buttoned it up, no start. It is not even trying to fire. I have spark and I have fuel. What gives? Thanks in advance for your suggestions.
  12. C

    Using canister air for Shotgun?

    Hey guys, I need to shoot the shotgun on my Max, but I don't have access to an air compressor right now. Can I use compressed canister air (like you buy for cleaning computers) or will the propellant react badly with the carb internals? Thanks in advance.
  13. N

    Seafoam+shotgun carb cleaning= Wow!

    Never had her run so good! I did the shotgun cleaning method I saw on here, and used b12 chemtool, and 100psi. I added seafoam to the gas tank, and also sprayed it (did you know it comes in aerosol form too?) in the carbs with the bike running as I throttled it up to keep it from dying. After...
  14. N

    Remove low speed carb adjuster screws&blasting W/carb cleaner/alternative to shotgun?

    Hey I dont have my air compressor handy.. So I was wondering if I can do the same trick I did to my V65 magna- Pull the low speed carb screws and just blast in some b-12 chemtool carb spray.. then re assemble.. Will that work as a decent alternative to the "shotgun" cleaning method? She runs...
  15. C

    quick shotgun question

    I performed my first shotgun last night and thanks to the outstanding how to, it went well. There a part in there where he says to be sure to keep an eye on the little rubber o-ring. One of mine blew out when I was hitting the idle mix screw hole with air. Took 30 minutes to find it. That's one...
  16. alorio1

    Get a Shotgun, Biden may be on to something
  17. MoPure

    During the "shotgun" I noticed...

    ....while blowing air through the mixture screw holes, the air stream coming from PAJ2 starts with a good burst, then slows down. Except my #1 carb. It's just a steady stream of air through PAJ2. On the same token, the stream coming out of PAJ1 seems to be equal on all carbs. When I first...
  18. P

    ShotGun or Peashooter

    First, I have learned so much from this Forum, Thank you Very Much!!!!! I have read of others having backfiring on deceleration/popping/wheezing, but on acceleration nothing wrong at all. Things I have already done are, Tightened bolts from exhaust to header, both front and back...
  19. J

    Shotgun - Quick ? on process

    Thanks for looking in - I'm trying to clean up my carbs with the "Shotgun method" and wanted to ask how many times is recommended to shoot carb cleaner and air etc per carb? Is air pressure important? - I turned it down to 60 psi to shoot down PAJ 1 and 2. The idle mixture screw was full of...
  20. terrywilliams

    Shotgun technique

    Hi all.. newbie mechanic here. Please inform me on how to properly use Seafoam on my bike and provide step by step procedures on how to "shotgun" and "peashoot", both of which are new terms in my bike maintenance vocabulary... thanks!!!!!:confused2: