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  1. The Chicken Man

    Sissy Bar

    Good day all, I'm looking to install a sissybar/backrest on my Vmax (2009). I came across this one that I like the look of being sold by a company called EuropCustom. It comes in two different heights, chrome or powder coat black, and with an optional luggage rack. Just curious if anyone out...
  2. Fire-medic

    Sissybar backrest pads, New!

    Replacement for your ratty, torn OEM Yamaha back pad on your sissy bar. Heavy-grade black vinyl & new high-density foam. Transfer your stock board and bolt-on for passenger comfort and great looks. $55 plus shipping cost US Postal Service Priority Mail. USPS money order payment preferred. PM me.
  3. vmax2extreme

    GEN1 OEM Sissybar Backrest

    OEM sissybar - needs refinishing due to oxidation $250 + shipping
  4. J

    Original Yamaha vmax sissybar w/rack

    Hello, I have a redone original Yamaha vmax sissybar/rack that was polished and then powder coated in matte black. This thing looks really nice, better than new. Please let me know if you're interested. If you want to call or text me at 5743860336, I would be happy to answer any questions or...
  5. J

    Original vmax 1200 sissybar

    Hello, I just bought a used one and I think that I might be missing a bracket that's supposed to bolt to the rear of it so that I have something to keep my passenger seat from lifting up in the back. Any help will be much appreciated. Please let me know. Thanks, Jamie. Sent from my SM-N920T...
  6. retrostude

    oregon craigslist oem sissybar
  7. dannymax

    WTB: Lower sissybar brackets

    I'm looking for lower sissybar brackets....the ones that the signal lights bolt to....anyone got a pair of them hanging around? :ummm:
  8. acammer

    OE sissybar on e-bay, ends tonight at aprx. 7pm EST

    I have my OE passenger backrest on E-bay right now, current bid is $255.00. I'd really rather see this go to a forum member, its been in the for-sale section for a while with minimal interest. If somebody is interested, I we can consider working outside of flea-bay and avoiding some of the...
  9. mattness

    made my own gen 2 passenger backrest / sissybar

    i made this so my girl will ride with me. today we rode a little bit but she got off and made me go get the car, i didnt have it installed ATM because i lost the bolts lol! (>.<) so tomorrow the backrest is goin on and she'll ride wich me agayne :D i didnt feel like waiting around 2 years for...

    Sissy bar bag

    I see a few of you guys have some good ideas on a tank bag. I'm looking for something that will slip onto my sissybar. I've seen one made by Kuryakyn that has a pocket sewn into it and it will slide right over the top of the bar. I looked on their website but can't seem to find it. Anyone...
  11. A

    Backrest Sissybar Installation Question

    I recently purchased a used OEM backrest assembly for my 06, tried to install it and realized I am missing a part. The part is a black piece I believe that allows a place for the rear seat to fit into it. It appears it would have 3 holes and at least 1 bolt goes through the rear fender. The...
  12. gunrunner

    H.A.C. sissybar and new rear reflector

    As most of you know the h.a.c. sissybar looks unfinshed with the reflector they give you - it looks like shit . So i went about solving that problem making something i think is much better , it fits to the h.a.c bracket at the back so i only have to take out two screws and it comes off quick if...
  13. gunrunner

    Bag for the H.A.C. sissybar

    Since now i have the sissybar on for the missus , ive started looking round for a bag to go on the back . I had a look at what fits the sissy and came up with this The only problem is these are leather and my other bags and Cortech . So what do you guys use bag wise on your...
  14. S

    Vmax sissybar and pad - Gen Yam acc --SOLD

    Moving some old inventory for the dealership I work for, have a sissy bar and pad set for Vmax part # ABA-1FK41-00-00. Genuine yamaha accessory in original box, items still wrapped or sealed from factory, instructions included. Can take other pictures if needed. I post on the WERA forum...