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  1. S

    Velocity stacks

    Anyone have a used set of velocity stacks that attach to the diaphragm caps of the 1200? I know I can get them new for around 150, but, money is tight and I just wanted to get a set saving a little. Just thought I'll reach out and see...thanks, Steve Kent
  2. H

    Velocity Stacks

    I read the sticky and I'm going to try it out, I couldn't find copper than wasnt exorbitantly expensive so I went with some 2" stainless exhaust pipe from autozone for 16 bucks, I also found that the 2" fernco fittings were 2 and a 1/4 so I went with 1" 1/2 ferncos that fit with a little...
  3. mckzx9

    Fake velocity stacks

    Does anyone know here I can find a set of stacks with the screens built in. I know it's just for show but I like the way they look. :biglaugh: I e checked fleabay and COO with no luck. Thanks in advance Mark
  4. speedcostsmoney

    velocity stacks in air box

    inside the velocity stack, yamaha created a high velocity port just before the carb venturi, meaning they made the velocity stack smaller by 19 % , for about 1.5 inch to accelerate the air speed to get better atomization at the needle and get more air into the pilot jet. did a test cut the...
  5. jedi-

    V-Gas stacks

    Have been messing with this for waaaay too long but finally got onto it.
  6. jedi-

    Gen 2 carb stacks

    Made these for Mr Morley. Damn gen 2 need 8 of these suckers, what a PITA lol.:bang head:
  7. K

    Purpose of Carb stacks?

    I like how the chrome/polished ones look but don't know their exact function (if any). Can someone help me here? Thanks!! Sent from my DROID X2 using Tapatalk 2
  8. N

    Carb Stacks

    Just wondering if anyone knows where i can get a set of short polished or chrome carb stacks ? Love the way they look. Don't want them protruding past the scoops. Any help would be appreciated. Tried Intrecep in England but cant get through via phone. Was hoping to order them up today
  9. pumacorp

    39mm fcr carb filters and stacks

    Anyone have a good lead on nice velocity stacks or filters for the 39mm fcr carb set up?I got the Vgas set up and need to shorten the stacks and get filters on these babies for the street..
  10. M

    Flatslide velocity stacks

    Im looking for a set of the shorter velocity stacks(30mm i believe) for my FCR's. I have the longer ones and would prefer to trade. pm me if you have an interest. thanks
  11. flatslide

    flatslide carbs with velocity stacks

    Group, I'm in the process of purchasing a VMAX with this set up. 4" velocity stacks are in use right now. I expect that I'll need to change them, they're real awkward with a riders knees. One of the frequent contributors to this forum has modified 4" stacks with a 45 degree twist, to offer...
  12. ghostntheshell

    Looking for faux velocity stacks..

    Anyone know of any dealers selling them besides exactrap? ________ Opel Zafira
  13. rebar

    velocity-of-sound stacks

    Found these searching for stacks with filters. Has anyone installed these?

    Velocity Stacks

    Hello....While attending the Canadian Superbike finals today in Shannonville Ontario, I saw a (built 12/99) year 2000 Vmax carbon in the parking lot pulling a small trailer. It had some very tasteful mods on it and I stopped to take a look. In place of the diaphragm covers there seemed to be...
  15. G

    Velocity stacks?

    Who makes the faux velocity stacks for under the airscoops of the vmax? Anyone know, i want to locate a cheap set.
  16. lankeeyankee

    Velocity Stacks with Indv Filters

    I remember someone here making velocity stacks with some tubing / pipe from loews. Has anyone expiermented with velocity stacks between the carbs and indv air filters on the stock VMAX carbs? If so what length did you make them, did they funnel or expand in shape of the body to increase air...
  17. maleko89

    Stage 7 with Velocity Stacks

    No stack at all pulls hard 7 K up and the mid range is soft. 4 inch stack pulls good low from 3-8 but will starve out up top. Short stack 2 inches better in top end. 3 inch stack allows me to pull down to 2000 rpm and up to 9500. With the K&N filters and stacks I had to put the float bowl...
  18. BIGMO

    Velocity Stacks

    i saw somewhere it said that using velocity stacks, maybe 1 or 2" tall, inbetween the KN pods and carburators makes the bike run better? Anyone ever done this? Or heard of it? where did you get it? Also if I have stage 7 kit I can never go back to stock right? How about stage 1 could i do...