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  1. Eugene Brad

    Total eclipse when I fart!

    Came home from work to check out the eclipse with the family. My house is something like 20 miles out of the complete totality or whatnot. It was pretty sweet we had the song "total eclipse of the heart" playing at one point. It wasnt till after i thought that dark side of the moon would have...
  2. outlaws justice

    Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics

    I wanted to give everyone a heads up. I will be traveling to Colorado in June to teach both ARC Level I and ARC Level II. The Date is June 15th. The venue will be at the Pikes Peak International Raceway (No not on the track). The event is following the Motorcycle Sport Touring Association...
  3. outlaws justice

    Total Control Kentucky/Tennessee March/April

    The Folks over at Balanced Dynamics Motorcycle Training in Georgetown are bringing the Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics Back for 2014 with the first classes being scheduled for the End of March! We have picked out dates for the Level I and Level II in Georgetown Kentucky and also for...
  4. VMAX1260

    total restoration - rebuild of my V-max

    Lot of you know i am restoring rebuilding all my bike after a spun bearing early 2011. I have striped to the bone the bike and 3 years now i am on fire. so this what i have done so far and comming close to finish the project. 1.Sandblasted with the smallest sand the frame gloss black...
  5. outlaws justice

    Total Control Nashville Tn. October 5th and 6th

    The Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics are now being offered right in the greater Nashville area. These classes are the best way to take your riding to the next level. This is a great way to improve your street riding skills or get ready for that track day. It does not matter what type of...
  6. outlaws justice

    Total Control Vmax style!

    If anyone wants to learn to put the max through the corners I am setting up my schedule for the year and I am teaching at some sites all over the place. I am scheduled to Teach in: Toronto Ontario Georgetown Kentucky Nashville Tenneessee Maryland and maybe Virgina You can find more...
  7. outlaws justice

    Total Control Advanced Riding Clininc

    The Last scheduled Classes for for the GTA this year are coming up this weekend. Last I checked there are still a couple spots open so get your name on the list! You can Sign up over at the Sharp Rider site If you want more information...
  8. outlaws justice

    Total Control and Towing (Toronto)

    I was teaching a Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic in Toronto. Wanted to take two bikes so towed my Hawk. Then used the rig to demonstrate some of the drills! Who said a Vmax cant corner?
  9. outlaws justice

    Total Control Advanced Riding Clinic

    I have Offered Total Control Advanced Riding Clinics in Nashville Tenn. twice with the help and support of the Nashville riders. We are scheduled to be back in Nashville again to offer classes, one on March 31st and another on April 1st. You can sign up or get details over at...
  10. E

    total loss of power at big throttle openings

    My 97 Vmax has just come out of rebuild. Had a lot of trouble with dirt in the carbs, so str4ipped them and used a rebuild kit - now got good smooth tickover, good pickup of power from low revs but.... at anything more than about 1/3 throttle opening the bike dies. Wont pull or accelerate and...
  11. VMAX1260

    Total remake of my max

    I am starting a thread that you will be seeing for at least 2 months. i am starting making my bike after the problem i had with my engine from the start. maybe some of you will find this thread interesting some of you may not. i had a spun bearing, my crank damaged the upper block of my...
  12. 9

    Total Lunar Eclipse tonight

    There will be a total lunar eclipse tonight between 1:32 and 3:35am (EST) tonight. This might actually be worth staying up or getting up early for.
  13. KJShover

    Total Bullshit

    I was just emailed this link, and I have to say. This is fucked.,8599,2008566,00.html As many of you know, before I got hurt I was a cop. A few of the things I prided myself on was my training, confidence earned from the public, and demeanor while...
  14. KJShover

    Total CFM

    Ok you carb guys out there. What is the individual CFM of the carbs and the average volume efficiency of a stock Vmax? Thanks in advance, Kelly
  15. H

    double DD friction disc total

    Hey whats up? I'm doing a clutch job on my max, i've noticed some slipping since i did a 4-2-1 kerker & stage 7 kit last summer ,i guess the extra hp was enough to finish the clutch .I'm going to do a double DD while i'm in there. My question is,how many friction discs (26H-16307-01)do i need...
  16. Jayhawk

    Who here has taken Total Control riding... What did you think? Link
  17. maleko89

    Carb parts needed for total rebuild

    Items in red are replaced only if necessary. For example, coasting enricheners, slides, etc. Mark #1098
  18. B

    total production numbers for max

    hello all ,any one have an idea on the number of maxes produced from 85 to 07 ?22 years of production to same model should have a good count.the only bike that i know of that has great numbers is the honda step-through 50cc with 250.000 plus units made between 1962 to present .they still sell...
  19. outlaws justice

    Web Bike World Does Total Control Yes, Those are nice pictures (Already posted here someplace) of my Vmax while teaching the Toal Control class in Maryland a couple weeks ago. The class was being evlauated by Web Bike Word and the Article...
  20. outlaws justice

    Total Control Advanced riding Clinic

    I teach a class here in the states that teaches people proper cornering technique. The right way to hang off the bike and set of for corners. It is a parking lot class with a lot of practice in getting it right and by the end of class most of the students (No matter what they are riding) have...