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  1. U

    do 85 V-Boost tubes is 30mm while 1986 and above is 32mm?

    I heard that VMAX'S of year 85 have V-Boost tubes is 30mm while 1986 and above have 32mm? This true? What is the meaning of that ? less power? More power? In this days I am importing a 85VMAX from USA… so if I need to fix something… now is the right time J
  2. C

    Protecting Fork Tubes & Best Brake Pads

    Have a 1998 Vmax and live in the tropics. A. Is there anything that I can install or apply to the fork tubes to protect them against dirt or rust or both? I know there are some weird wrap-around protectors but they do not look good (my taste). Options are: 1. I am tempted to...
  3. RoMax

    R1 Tubes in FZR Triples

    I've seen on a thread here where '91-'92 FZR 1000 triples are a simple swap for the stock Gen 1, and guys have used R1 forks, I was wondering if the R1 tubes would work/fit with the FZR triples?
  4. M

    Carb Vent tubes

    Hi , I was just wondering if the vent tubes on the carbs are necessary. Max
  5. Redbone

    Replacement Fork Tubes

    If any one needs to replace a bad fork tube or tubes take a look here: VMOA Members: Or here is the info from the ad: NEW fork tubes available for 85-92(41mm), & now also 93up(43mm), in lengths from 1" under to 6 ' over. NO NEED...
  6. joelyons50023

    Different front fork tubes.

    I was wondering if there was any other forks that are the same diameter as the stock 43mm forks. I was really thinking USD (inverted forks) forks that would work because i know that most sportbike fork tubes. Yes I know that most USD forks are shorter but that is kinda the route that I am...
  7. B

    sliding fork tubes in trees?

    Does it effect handling for better or worse sliding forks up 1-1.5 inches, want to lower, also looking at 11 inch shocks, in the near future ill be changing to 17/200 rear tire, will that work with lower rear shocks Thanks Eric
  8. QuarterHorse

    Where to buy throttle tubes?

    The ones from Yammy come with a grip. I ordered some new grips, and don't know if the guy glued the old one on the throttle tube. This is a "just in case" kind of deal. Thanks, Dustin
  9. R

    Fuel From the Vent tubes

    Hey Boys 06 vmax, starts fine, and runs, but one of the four vent hoses has a stream of fuel shooting from it that would make beer night look wimpy.... i figure its either float bowl float is jammed or the needle dirty, but im not sure. I don't WANT to do a whole carb rebuild and was thinking...
  10. B

    What size are the V-Boost Tubes?

    Does anyone know the OD and length of the tubes that the butterflies are in?