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  1. Fire-medic

    1989 VMax Las Vegas $2000 and 8K miles claimed

    Not mine, no one I know. I call "b.s.' on the "never laid-down" claim, look-at the right scoop and the front of the right exhaust canister. Doesn't look-like strawberry jelly to me, there. :rofl_200: Then-again, perhaps...
  2. dannymax

    Las Vegas shooting

    Thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in this horrific incident. :eusa_pray::eusa_pray::eusa_pray:
  3. VegasVMax

    2005 Vmax for sale Las Vegas -SOLD-

    I'm selling my 2005 Vmax. #249 of 2000. Runs great and sounds evil with the Supertrapp exhaust. 25,900 miles on her. Always garage kept and well cared for. Asking $5200.00.
  4. C

    05 for sale in Vegas baby!

    SOLD Please delete I've decided to post my bike, as I can't ride it (bad back) and it needs to be riden. The CL listing is below. Significant discount for a forum member. The only thing not listed here is the front fork seals are starting to go I think. I've got new seals and...
  5. VmaxingPauly

    Las Vegas Bike Fest

    Hey All So Cal - NV and AZ Members, I am riding to Bike Fest in Vegas OCTOBER 2-5, 2014. Leaving Cerritos at 2 pm 10/2/2014 and meeting up with other riders around Victorville/Apple Valley. If you are planning on attending - Please contact - We are staying Down Town at the 4Queens. Thanks...
  6. RoMax


    Who is from Vegas? My family and i will be in Vegas mid. Feb. My son and I are thinking of renting a couple bikes for a day and maybe meet up with some Maxers to show us around.
  7. dannymax

    Dan Weldon killed at Vegas today

    This really sucks!!
  8. dekberg

    Cali VMAX linkup for Vegas Bike Fest

    Would like to link up some VMAXs on Sept 30th for a ride and party at Vegas Bike Fest 2011. I will be staying 2 nights, returning to SoCal on Sunday Oct 2nd. Plan to link up at Peggy Sue's Dinner (Just North of Barstow). Any other VMAX riders from other states planning on going to Vegas...
  9. R

    Pre 93 V-max in Vegas Area

    We are looking for a pre 93 V-Max to test fit and tune in the Las Vegas area. We would need the bike for about 4 hours.
  10. V

    vegas vmax's

    Looking for fellow vmax's to ride. Work grave yard. Can ride anytime after noon and evening! Old and new! [email protected] ride safe, tom
  11. RagingMain

    Star Bar B Q Days in Vegas????

    Anyone plan on going to the Star Bar B Q days in Vegas at the end of March. March 27-29. I know there is not a lot of members here from the SW but I hope to see some of you there :eusa_dance: Cheers
  12. V

    vegas VMAX for sale NOW!

    Brand new, no miles, ready for pickup. First $16,600 takes it! Divorce forces sale NOW! call tom anytime, 702-752-7741 [email protected]
  13. one2dmax

    Las Vegas

    Anyone located there? Going to be heading that way in a few weeks. Thought about trying to find a member to loan me a Vmax for a day. I promise I won't treat it like I treat mine. Sean
  14. hubeerjw

    Con/Ag Expo in Las Vegas

    Anyone going to the con/ag expo in Vegas next week (11th to the 15th I think) I will be there so if anyone else is in the area let me know and I'll buy you a beer.... maybe two! Jeff
  15. RagingMain

    Las Vegas Bike Fest Sept 07

    Hello All Wondering if there is anyone from So Cal that is going to the Vegas bike fest this year and if so lets ride out together :punk: Cheers:cheers: Fargo
  16. vmaxinID

    Las Vegas area, Odd Vmax

  17. D

    Lets Ride in Vegas!

    I just bought my first Vmax last week. I live in Las Vegas. Anyone else out there looking to ride?