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  1. lastwhiteman

    1987 Venture for sale

    Posting this bike for a friend. 1987 Yamaha Venture, looks good, rides good, everything works. Cruise control, AM/FM, CB air ride front and back, new tires, 47,000 miles Runs and handles great 95 hp Sport touring bike $3000. Located in Columbus, Ohio area PM me if anyone's interested
  2. OKCVmax

    Vmax engine with venture clutch??

    Bought a vmax engine today, or atleast I thought lol. Casting on the front says it's the 1198 (vmax) and the seal number in the rear starts with 1FK which was the 85 vmax only... but I popped the clutch cover and found this??? It looks like a venture clutch basket? What on earth do I do with...
  3. Bill Seward

    Royal Star Venture.

    A local dealer has a really clean 2005 RSV for sale. Really well equipped, Garmin GPS, IPod MP3, nearly new tires, diamond cut engine fins, nicely pinstriped.. 1 owner, older guy. No sign of it ever being down.. 59,000 miles on the odo. I got it down to $4795.00... I'm thinking of getting rid...
  4. hubeerjw

    RSV Venture w/ a few VMax Parts

    Hey all... it has been a while since I have posted here, but I thought I would share a few pics on a project I'm working on. I'm taking an older Venture, put some Vmax heads and carbs on it and I'm in the process of putting a Vmax swingarm and shocks on it (got rid of the heavy swingarm and...
  5. J

    Did I get the wrong Venture Diff !! :(

    Posted on a Canadian site looking for a 1986 to 1993 Yamaha Venture 1300 final drive. A dealer responded saying he had one, paid, shipped, arrived and went to install it today and the shock mount is not in the same place as my vmax :bang head: He said it was off a 1990.
  6. frank5079

    Yamaha unwraps super cruiser Venture motorcycle I wonder why they didn't use the second gen Vmax's 1700cc V4 motor? After all, it was the Venture V4 that spawned the first gen Vmax originally...
  7. frank5079

    Venture final drive swap

    Hey guys, I just got this Venture rear diff today and am planning to swap it in place of my stock Max rear. I scraped the plastic off the hole where the shock mounts and there is a stud in there. I'm wondering how to remove it?? Do I use a Dremel cutting disc and cut a groove in the middle and...
  8. liptoss

    2013 V Star Venture

    OK, so I caved and bought another bike! I sat on a 2013 Gold Wing yesterday with mama on the back. Yes it is quite the work and probably a super ride I'm certain. I ended up buying a used 2013 V Star Venture from an only owner. My choice in my final decision came down to a few simple things...
  9. R

    Venture Royal neutral safety switch

    Good morning everyone, does anyone have a gear indicator/neutral switch for a Yamaha Venture Royal that they are willing to sell? I need one that is in very good to excellent condition. The Yamaha part# is either 41R-82540-02-00 or 41R-82540-01-00 depending on which oem parts site that you...
  10. vmax2extreme

    Talk of new VENTURE?

    I've heard of talk of a new Venture tourer that might use the vmax engine?
  11. caseyjones955

    Mistery part from Venture Forks, Assist please.

    This is a long shot but I need some help identifying these so I can find replacements. These tumbled out of the fork lowers of my 1989 Venture Royale. I have never seen these in a fork before, they do not appear on the exploded view of the Venture manual, its as if they do not exist. I asked...
  12. Fire-medic

    1983 Venture for sale

    Owned by a friend who wants to sell it. This is a running example of the touring motorcycle on which the VMax is based. It needs the carbs cleaned but is functional and starts up. This has the 1200 cc engine. He's asking $1200. Bike is in Ft. Lauderdale next to the Ft. Lauderdale International...
  13. J

    WTB: Venture 1300 motor

    97 Vmav is knocking...time for an upgrade..let me know
  14. M

    Where to connect choke to carbs? (83 Venture with V-Max carbs I think)

    I have an 83 venture. New to me a few months ago. Felt sluggish and I wondered if carbs were plugged etc. I've been working a lot, guy on Craigslist was advertising to do bike repairs so I sent it to him. Never again trusting anyone else to fix my bike. Guy found 2 issues with my bike...
  15. J

    Please verify Venture final drive years...

    Well I'm told by the stealership that the bearings and shims need to be done on my 2007 Vmax. And parts are backordered for about 3 weeks. Thinking now might be a good time to do the Venture final drive swap. From what I've read 1986 to 1993 1300cc Venture final drives will fit? Is this correct?
  16. caseyjones955

    Venture guys, 83 with 1300cc I'm considering this, I have already decided to wait for a 1300 for the bigger luggage and 1300cc. I can live with smaller luggage but wondering what other must haves this bike is missing that was added later, besides the obvious improved...
  17. B

    A/F mix screw stuck. Will a 1300 Venture carb fit?

    I've been reading and trying to get the A/F mixture screw out of the right rear carb. Can't get it out. My question is this: can I buy a 34mm carb from a 1300 Venture, dusassemble both carbs, swap the jets and replace just one carb?
  18. caseyjones955

    Opinions on this Venture I've been eyeballing.

    I setup my max for distance riding, sort of, just got the aux tank-n-all, wifey expresses an interest in coming with when she is able and Maxine is no 2-up machine. I ruled out a Venture and decided on a GL1500 after I lost out on a local 1300 Venture for $1000. I'm coming back around to a...
  19. N

    venture motor for my vmax

    Ok so it seems a previous owner ran water without rust inhibitor in my bike somI need a new motor. Cant find a vmax motor in Australia but have found a venture motor. Is this the answer to getting me back on the road or is the venture motor too different internally to be of any worth to me?:ummm:
  20. N

    venture motor for my vmax

    At some point a previous owner has ru water in stead of coolqnt in my vmax and the water jackets are rusted out. I need a new motor. Vmax motors are hard to come by in Australia but I saw one advertised which turned out to be a 1300 venture motor. Will this replace my vmax motor or am I wasting...