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    Making sure Tapatalk is working for y'all.

    Closed the road here for a few days. Brought in a 300T crane. It took the crane company a day to set it up and install the jib. Reached up to the top of a 300' tower, barely. Couldn't get the crane any closer. It was nearly at the maximum radius. Lift capacity was reduced to less than 1T...
  2. V

    Finally started working mine.

    So I ditched the subframe modification and gas tank swap. Going to make a fiberglass dummy tank, new seat, and a new tail.
  3. V

    Finally started working mine.

    So I ditched the subframe modification and gas tank swap. Going to make a fiberglass dummy tank, new seat, and a new tail.
  4. V

    V boost not working

    I have a 1988 Yamaha VMAX my v boost quit working when i turn the key on servo motor does not cycle is the servo motor bad ?
  5. bkuberek

    Reserve sensor not working

    a couple of days ago I forgot to keep track of my miles and ran out of gas. That's when I realized the reserve never kicked in. I had the switch in the right place and the sensor worked a couple of weeks back. I couple of weeks back I had to fix a burnt connector in my ignition switch, could...
  6. BigJimi

    VBoost working or not??????

    After reading a bunch of threads on this site I got to wondering if my VBoost was working correctly or not:ummm: For starters I have installed a VBoost switch to bring it on a 3000rpm vs 6000rpm, well when I rode the bike it really didn't feel any different no matter which way I had the...
  7. L

    SASY not working!

    Unit is going crazy. Resetting itself, not saving settings, lights flickering/always staying lit. Unable to make contact with manufacturer. Unplugged in an attempt to reset... no dice. Anyone with similar experience?
  8. S

    Vboost not working... how to troubleshoot?

    I recently rescued a 1986 Vmax from some young air force fellow who was moving overseas and more or less dumped it due to "engine problems." The "engine problems" were dirty carbs that were fixed using the shotgun approach listed in these forums (thank you very much), but I think the Vboost...
  9. gentsvmax

    WORKING Gas Gauge (Sneek Peak)

    Ok Guys, here it is. You can go to youtube, "Working Vmax Gas Gauge" for a short developmental video. Ill be posting many more step by step pics and phase 1 and 2 gauges. The low fuel light sender and circuit are still intact, the light is now L.E.D. as are all the rest of the pod lights. That...
  10. CrackerRican

    Speedometer stop working

    Just installed new batt & R1 R/R & took it for a ride, checking on the charging system & all is well now. Noticed the needle on the speedometer started bouncing & just went to 0 mph. Anybody have any suggestion before I tear into it
  11. vmf1200

    v-boost not working

    Hello all, I'm an excited new owner of a 1988 V-max and I absolutely love it! I've fixed a few problems already but I really want to fix the v-boost. I've tested the control module and I get power but I don't get power out of the control module going to the servo motor. I ran power directly to...
  12. F

    Numnber 1 Cylinder Not Working

    My 86 Max with 73K miles has been giving me trouble lately. First I pinched a wire that destroyed my fan switch and also burnt to crisp a ground wire. Got all that sorted out but now my engine runs poorly at all RPM's. I contacted Sean Morley and he sent an electrical test kit along with a...
  13. V

    help t boost stop working!

    need you guys help I install the cop's conversion kit from G,very please but my t boost stop working :bang head: the v boost works but only at 6k it stop working at 3k could any of you please help? :ummm:
  14. WonkoTheSane

    Headlight not working

    Started up to go for a ride for the first time since new battery and new R/R and the headlight is dead but the high beam light on the instrument panel is lit at all times (whether the switch is on low or high beam). All other lights are working (rear, brake, indicators). Have I buggered...
  15. P

    V Boost Working

    Well, After fixing all the brakes in my harness with solder and heat shrink, And testing my harness values afterwards and comparing them with my mates vmax (his was working) I then went on to check the servo motor i did this with the information from rusty and i know my motor was...
  16. cgswss

    What I've been working on for the last week...

    Sorry- nothing to do with X-max Getting my honda ready to sell. New battery last fall, new coils and wires last fall. Sealed gas tank. Upgraded to 44c carbs, Top end job with all new gaskets, fresh paint About 400 mile on hew rings So if anyone knows someone looking for $1200 bike, let...
  17. Vmaxnewfie

    Front left signal not working?

    I figured the bulb was shot. Picked up a new bulb, the old one looks fine. I put new bulb in, but still no flasher:damn angry:. The running light works, and the rear left signal flashes fast just like if the front bulb was out. I recently installed a wind screen and had the forks removed, if...
  18. C

    Signals Stopped Working

    The other day I started up the bike and noticed none of the signals worked. Just the signals, all other electrics worked. I checked the bulbs and fuses, they were fine. What am I missing? And what needs replaced/fixed. I have a 98 V Max.
  19. Y

    V boost not working

    It just stopped working today, ran and operated as usual last night. Now no servo check when i turn the bike on and it looks and sounds like it wants to move backwards and hits the stop. If anybody has ran into this any help would be great. Thanks much, Jeremy
  20. B

    help vboost not working

    New member hope some one can help me I have 93. That vboost works some times can't figure out a pattern is there a way to test servo motor to see if its bad or control box. If control box is bad is there a afttermarket box to replace it thanks for any advise