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Mar 7, 2024
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Hi working on mild restoration on my recently bought 2000 vmax. Can’t figure for the life of me where I took this plastic panel off of. I’ll put a photo below.

Also when I bought this bike this exhaust was on it. I’m not crazy about the look but boy do they sound sweet. Anyone out there know the name of them and are the any good?

Thanks Paul


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Keen memory Mr. Midnight.
The exhaust looks like a polished Mark’s to me.
If they are in fact a full Marks’s Performance Products exhaust, then they are excellent. Very well constructed and when paired with the appropriate intake mod’s, nets the full performance gain potential. My best friend and I both run a full marks system and Sean’s airbox/carb kit. Sean offers a bunch of different can options specifically for the Mark’s system. You may find one more to your liking. I run Mark’s cans built to my specs. 12”can, 3” opening no downturn. My buddy Steve O runs 14”cans 3” opening no downturn.
That’s my bike


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Thanks for the quick response. I feel kind of dumb now. I was looking much too deep into the bike. Imagine that. The tool kit cover.
Sounds like good news on the pipes. When I rebuilt the carbs I kept all the jets that were in there. It did have a nice k&m air filter. I haven’t actually ridden it yet (doing brake work now) but it sure sounds healthy idling and reving.
If you plan on keeping it, adding an aftermarket ignition box w/a rev-limiter is a good accessory. It will prevent over-revving, and promote engine longevity.


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