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Dec 20, 2023
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Waterloo, Illinois
I’m a gauge guy but know full well too many gauges and it’s just more to keep an eye on when riding.

Also aware that mostly it’s about volume and not pressure with most scooters.

Is there any point to putting one on our Max’s other than personal preference?
Pressure gauge tells you about lurking problems. However, the problems never arise when you are riding nice. They arise when you are punishing the machine. Do you have time to look at the gauges then?

I don't think it is relevant. Preemptive maintenance is the key.
Just got the pressure gauge kit …..took 10 days to get here….geez…ya get spoiled with 2 day Prime delivery. lol

Anyway here it is….Shift light should be here any day.


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So I ordered the shift light from Raptor on the 9th and just received an update that it will be delivered on the 22nd????

WTF are they doing walking it here???

I guess I should’ve checked Amazon first…didn’t even think they’d have it …two days.
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They are custom built to order most of the time. We've stocked them before but I think I am out as well.
So I got the shift light and wired it up….works as advertised….anyone got suggestions on mounting this to the speedo housing? The mounts they sent have a hole in it like you’d screw it into the housing….don’t think il doing that…double sided tape or super glue?

any suggestions welcome
Small screws is common. You could use a custom bracket to that clamps around it. Or, even a bracket to clamp to the handlebar. Pictured was what we used with our GPS Speedo setup we offer. And then a bracket someone else used.


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Thanks for the response Sean….I’m leary of screwing into the housing for the Speedo….I think I’m going to use some type of glue for the plastic the housing is made out of….I tried regular super glue (Gorilla & Loc Tite brands)….wouldn’t hold.

I’ll post pics of the mounting pieces Raptor sent with the light tomorrow.
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